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10 Top-Rated EMS Electronics Manufacturing Companies in Vietnam

The consumption of electronics has continued to rise as years pass by. The phenomenon has seen the electronic industry rise and competition build among different EMS electronic manufacturing companies. The market value in 2019 was at $463.2 Billion, and projections of the compound annual growth rate of 7-8% by the year 2022. The majority of EMS end-users hold an estimate of 59%. Many using electronics in the computer and communication hardware sectors.

Vietnam has climbed ranks in electronic manufacturing, playing a vital role in the country’s economy. The state is one of the best places to source electronic products. The state has gained a reputation when it comes to producing high-quality products at friendly prices. However, with the industry growing so rapidly, choosing the best EMS Company becomes vital to get the best products. Different companies manufacture different products. Hence, it is crucial to go for the absolute best in the market.

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Electronics Manufacturing Company

Choosing the perfect EMS Company for your needs is not easy, given the many companies in the Vietnam market offering similar services. The best criteria for selecting a suitable company involves a couple of steps that will guide you and help you narrow down the available option. Not only narrowing down to the perfect fit for you, but also to the best EMS Company in the country. For a state-of-the-art EMS Company, the following factors are crucial to consider.

  • Experience and History. Going for a company that has been in the game for a longer time and has an experienced team is an added advantage because you can rest assured of the best quality products and services. Working with an EMS Company with a reputation is enough assurance that their products are the best in the market. That saves you money and guarantees you a seamless experience while using their product.
  • Well-informed on the Designs. Any reputable EMC (Electronic Manufacturing Company) should be able to fix any PCB problems or at least modify them to suit you. The services they offer should not be limited to manufacturing only. The team must be well-informed and capable of giving their perspective and feedback on what the client requires. Any querries or concerns you might have should be met by the EMC, or at least they should help you get the best and most effective solution.
  • Advanced Technology. With the advancement in technology, every field has absorbed technology in their crafts. EMCs are not left behind. Technology grows faster in the electronic world because that is what they use for advancement. So choosing a company that has top-notch electronic products produced by state of–the art technology assures you exceptional and satisfactory service.
  • Industry Standards Compliance: The best service and products do not promise compliance. You should be well-informed and updated with the compliance standards of the industry. That ensures the EMC you choose complies. The industry standards should be up to date, and the company should be compliant with your company’s quality assurance and standards.
  • Eco-friendly. Any legit EMC is concerned about the environment or at least try as much as possible to make sure their products are disposed of responsibly. Electronic products are toxic to the environment, and hence proper disposal earns the company a reputation. Producing eco-friendly products says a lot about the structure and compliance of an EMC.
  • Product Assessment. Every EMC should test products for their clients before dispatching them. Assessing the products ensures that the client gets what they’re looking for in a product. Assessing the products is a continuous job in any EMC to make sure their products meet the industry standards. Anything that does not meet the criteria must get fixed if possible—product assessment checks for flaws in a product. And also helps the company earn good reviews from the clients.
  • Production Chain Management. Any legit EMC must have a reliable chain of suppliers for their different production requirements. With a reliable chain of suppliers, you can rest assured that the end product is of high quality.
  • After-Production Services. Many EMCs offer their services up until the dispatching of the product. Choosing an EMC that offers assistance even after production is advantageous. The services may include free troubleshooting services in case of faulty PCBs or marketing services. After-production services are like an assurance of legit products and remarkable customer care service.

Top EMS Electronic Manufacturing Companies in Vietnam


VEXOS is a certified and award-winning EMS Company in Ho Chi Minh City founded in 1995. The solutions at Vexos are customer-focused. Its services seamlessly integrate the client’s supply line requirements.

Not only does the company offer some of the best electronic solutions in Vietnam, but the quality of their services and products is also a commitment they strive to achieve every day.

Company highlights

  • Extensive and commendable experience
  • Multi-location
  • Received Circuit Assembly Service Excellence Award 2021
  • Compliant to Industry regulations

Products offered

  • Metal solutions
  • Membrane Switches
  • Display Technology
  • PCB Assembly
  • Medical equipment
  • Lighting equipment
  • Automotive systems
  • Industrial equipment
  • Electro-mechanical assembly
  • Communication Solutions
  • RF/GPS/ Satellite equipment
  • Safety and Security solutions


Established in 1997 to increase competitiveness and capitalize a bit more on novel opportunities in South East Asia promoting investment, the company has grown. Tokin Produces and supplies its products to electrical equipment industries around the world. All these thanks to the great team of skilled and experienced individuals.

Company highlights

  • Diversified product and services solutions
  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Certified and compliant with industry requirements
  • Diverse locations in South East of Asia

Products offered

3. RayMing PCB & Assembly

Established in 2005, RayMing PCB and Assembly Company have earned a reputation for manufacturing, assembling, and fabricating printed circuit boards. It has an international stature with an exceptional presence in Vietnam.

The company has a skilled team, state-of-the-art technologies, and modern industry-leading machines to manufacture, fabricate, and assemble double and multi-layer PCBs. With several industry certifications, it guarantees quality PCB services and products.

Company highlights

  • Quick response service
  • Full-printed circuit board production
  • Prototype to volume PCB assembly services
  • Best delivery times

Products offered

4. SOJI Electronics

Officially established six years ago to commercialize LIGO fuel sensors, SOJI has grown into a leading exporter and manufacturer of fuel level sensors across Southeast Asia, especially the Vietnam market. The team of experienced and professional engineers ensures that the products are of high quality by supervising and optimizing each product at every single stage of production.

Company highlights

  • State-of-the-art Technologies
  • Available in 4 continents and more than 20 countries
  • Occupies over 70% market share
  • Production lines use a connected automated conveyor
  • Compliance with the latest legislations
  • Professional, experienced, and competent team

Products offered

  • LIGO-SP-AF fuel level sensor
  • LIGO-SP-RS232 fuel level sensor
  • LIGO-SP-RS485 fuel level sensor

5. TOA

The company got founded in Vietnam in 2014 to serve the rapidly growing business market in Vietnam. The company does not only pride itself on making the best products in the market. But also on having a knowledgeable team of experts. The company has been in the game for more than 80 years. Hence the quality of their products is unmatched.

Company highlights

  • Over 80 years of experience
  • Supplier for over 150 countries
  • Meticulous product fabrication and designs
  • Multi-locational
  • Team of experienced professionals
  • Cutting-edge technologies
  • compliant with industry requirements
  • Products offered
  • Amplifier power
  • Evacuation sound system
  • Announcement speakers
  • Wired microphones
  • Wireless microphones
  • Conference systems
  • Audio mixers and processors
  • System support devices
  • Megaphones
  • Internal communication systems
  • Network communication systems

6. IFM

Founded in the year 1969. The company has grown from just passion to a powerhouse in Vietnam and over 95 other countries worldwide. Even with its growth and reputation. The company prides itself on maintaining the quality of its products and holding on to its virtues. Always keeping customers at the center of their work, IFM has constantly produced top-notch products and has shown nothing less than excellence in customer service.

Company highlights

  • Guided by principles in a philosophy translated into 16 different languages
  • Certified and compliant with industry requirements
  • Won numerous awards over the years
  • Free service hotlines for any assistance
  • Use customer feedback to better their services
  • Has over 7,300 employees across the world

Products offered

  • Position sensors
  • Power supplies
  • IIoT software
  • IIoT solutions
  • IIoT gateway and appliances
  • Connection technology
  • Systems for mobile machines
  • Process Sensors
  • Condition monitoring systems
  • Identification systems
  • IO-Link

7. Foster

Founded in 1949. The company was established in Vietnam in 2006 and has slowly grown into one of the best acoustic products and its solutions. And true to their slogan ‘Sound to Life,’ they have built a reputation as reliable sound specialists in Vietnam.

Company highlights

  • Compliant with industry laws and ordinances.
  • Promote fairness and impartiality when it comes to service.
  • Established Green procurement standards with the raw materials and chemicals they procure
  • It is based in multiple locations across the globe.
  • A group of an experienced and professional team

Products offered

  • Dynamic speakers
  • Magnetics buzzers
  • Magnetics sounders
  • Micro-Acoustic transducers
  • Audio & visual communication components
  • Automotive components
  • Headphones
  • Speakers

8. Samsung Electro-Mechanics

Founded in 1973, the company set base in Vietnam in 2013, building a production site. The extensive knowledge and experience of the team have seen the company win numerous awards. The most recent one was the 2020 Haedong Technology Award received by the company’s CEO. With the cutting-edge technology, the company has gained popularity and trust across the world with eight production sites, Vietnam as one of them and 16 sale sites.

Company highlights

  • Compliant with industry laws and ordinances.
  • It is based in multiple locations.
  • Manufacture of main electronic constituents around the world.
  • Exceptional Core Values.
  • Numerous Award winners.
  • Global certification on Environmental safety.

Products offered

  • Automotive modules
  • Hard disk drives
  • Computers
  • Displays
  • Mobile phones
  • Solid-state drive
  • Servers
  • Package Substrate
  • Rigid-Flexible Printed Circuit Board
  • Chip Resistor
  • Tantalum
  • Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors
  • Inductor
  • Camera Module

9. Spartronics

Spartronics is well known for its comprehensive services and state-of-the-art technology. Located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, the company provides an array of exceptional services. Including PCB assemblies, high-level assemblies, product testing, product design, and aftersales services to ensure functionality throughout its lifecycle.

Company highlights

  • Top-notch and safe to use products.
  • Team of experienced professionals.
  • Cutting-edge technologies.
  • Compliant with governmental and global industry requirements.
  • It is based in multiple locations.
  • Serve some of the most sophisticated Blue-chip customers.

Products offered

  • Commercial aerospace components
  • Defense equipment components
  • Space modules
  • Life sciences equipment
  • Medical devices
  • Instrumentation and control

10. Amtecor

It currently operates in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The company, established in the year 2014 with a grant capital of 30 billion VND. First built on  ​​20,000 m2, the company has grown to one of the best EMS providers in Vietnam with high standard factories and experienced Engineers. With extensive knowledge and experience. The company hopes to better its understanding of the market and operations as well as better its services.

Company highlights

  • Engineers with over 20 years of experience
  • Clean factory rooms with 10k dust filters
  • Twenty-four months warranty on products.
  • High-standard factories.
  • Two automatic assembly lines.
  • Compliant with industry laws and ordinances.

Products offered


Getting the best EMS manufacturing firm that suits your desired electronic manufacturing requirements is not an easy task, especially in Vietnam, where the industry is rapidly growing. Vietnam has climbed the ranks of having some of the best EMS companies in the world. Most of them have remarkable customer reviews and offering affordable prices for their products. While such process is always tough, you have no choice but to strike  the appropriate deal. The best way to go about it is by choosing one among the best ten reviewed Vietnam-based electronic manufacturing service firms. Lucky for you, this article provides insights that will help you settle for nothing but the best EMS provider for any electrical manufacturing needs you have.




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