4 Layer PCB

Four Layer PCB Stand Stack UP

Four Layer PCB Stack up


The 4 Layer PCB  – Production Service is designed for multi-layer circuits. These PCBs include the green solder mask layers and a white silkscreen layer. This is our best value when ordering large quantities of 4-layer boards, having a low per-square-meter cost and quantity discounts.

Multi-layer boards have many advantages over double-sided boards. They can be designed more compactly, they greatly improve noise immunity and are much easier to lay out.


Get your Prototype 4 layer PCBs from a trusted  4 Layer PCB Manufacturer  

What are the benefits of  RayMing 4-layer PCB?


4 layer PCB can take just 6 days from ordering to shipping out the door

All orders are produced using our proven standard processes. The same quality you have come to expect from RayMing over more than 10 years is built into these PCBs as well.
Max to 4 oz inner copper, 8 oz outer copper
Stackup: 0.014" Prepreg - 0.028" Core - 0.014" Prepreg or custom PP .
Top and bottom silkscreen
Immersion white tin finish

Thickness 0.4-5.6mm

All PCBs are e-tested

What are the requirements?


In order to provide this service, we need you to supply your PCB design file including 10 files:
Top copper, inner 1 copper, inner 2 copper, bottom copper
Excellon CNC drill files
Top solder mask, bottom soldermask
Top Silkscreen, bottom silkscreen (if req'd)
Profile layer file
All other files are ignored. Please note profiles must be drawn with a continuous line and are routed using a 0.062" diameter router in a single pass.


4 Layer PCB Instant Quote

In terms of a custom printed circuit board, our 4 layer PCB Instant Quote is the fastest turn-time at the best price that we have to offer. For on-demand pricing and ordering for your next printed circuit board project,Get Fast Quote you can contact our online customer support , or send email to sales@raypcb.com


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