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Top 10 EMS Electronic Manufacturing Services In Malaysia

If you think and concern yourself with global issues, then you must know that Malaysia proves synonymous with smelting, palm oil, timber, and rubber processing, besides manufacturing. However, one of the fastest-growing and more significant sectors in Malaysia entails the electronics industry. An industry that not only proves key in the country but beyond. So how does it come about?

Electronics play a significant role in making life more manageable. Consequently, the need for and the emergence of EMS electronic manufacturing services has become more apparent as time passes. So if you had electronic manufacturing needs, which Malaysia-based EMS provider would you consider? How would you go about picking the top electronic manufacturing services?

How to Pick the Best EMS Electronic Manufacturing Services


Picking a top and most suitable EMS electronic manufacturing services provider often comes as the first step in the successful manufacturing process of an electronic product (whether a piece of equipment, system, or device). If you want guaranteed quality and a certified manufacturing process, then a top EMS provider becomes a non-negotiable. However, the growing number of EMS providers in Malaysia can make picking the right electronic manufacturing service provider difficult.

Diverse EMS providers have different capabilities, specialties, manufacturing processes, and history. It implies that picking the wrong manufacturing service provider can lead to dreadful results for your electronic end-products, losses, and regret. However, the converse also proves true when you pick the correct and top-tier EMS to guarantee your company’s financial future.  

So how can we select the best EMS (electronic manufacturing services) provider? To pick the correct and the best EMS option in the market, you have to consider your electronic manufacturing preferences (regarding the location of the EMS provider, brand stature, etc.). It becomes crucial to ensure the absence of regrets post the manufacturing and delivery process.

Secondly, recommendations should also prioritize your decision-making on the best EMS provider in the target EMS location. Here, it becomes vital to rely on trustworthy insights from previous clients of the EMS Company who also double up as your close allies. It can be your family member, close friend, or a trusted ally or peer in the electronic industry.

Thirdly, the EMS provider’s ratings should also account largely for their capability. The best thing about ratings is that you can always access this over the internet. EMS ratings consider numerous fundamental aspects of the manufacturing process, including quality, certification, capacity, after-sales services, customer care, etc.) Therefore, an excellent or poor rating can give you excellent insights regarding the capability of the EMS provider to your electronic manufacturing needs.

Finally, consider the EMS provider’s reviews available online, as it will offer insights to present and past client’s experiences when it comes to the company’s electronic manufacturing services. Excellent reviews often indicate a better equipped EMS provider, while negative reviews act as red flags for a potential EMS provider. It becomes essential to ensure that the reviews prove genuine and from previous and present clients. Otherwise, it will not become a worthy indicator of the manufacturer’s ability.

When you determine all these aspects, you can then get into specifics and begin analyzing each potential EMS provider using special indicators that I will briefly detail below.

Features of a Top EMS Electronics Manufacturing Services Provider

  • Extensive industry experience and history
  • A top electronic manufacturing services provider often happens to possess an extensive history of operating in the industry. It demonstrates their capacity to offer manufacturing services consistently and trust industry players, especially when you consider the period they have stayed afloat. For instance, a company that has operated for only a year or two years might have excellent manufacturing service. However, suppose you pick such a company. In that case, you will risk your company’s financial future as you will not have any independent guarantees of the EMS Company delivering on the contracted services.
  • Adherence to industry regulations and certifications
  • The best demonstration of the adherence of an EMS provider to the industry regulations such as RoHS, etc., will come in the form of certifications. Such certifications demonstrate their commitment to offering electronic manufacturing services within the recommended high-quality standards and their reputation in the industry.
  • Manufacturing capacity. It includes aspects such as the latest technology adoptions in the manufacturing process, production space and state, experience and technical know-how of the workforce, latest and appropriate manufacturing, assembly or fabrication machines, etc. A top EMS provider will have all these and more to cater to your electronic manufacturing needs.
  • Product testing offering. Electronic products get manufactured for different sectors and deployment in diverse settings. Some of these products get deployed in environmentally challenging conditions, which have to be accounted for and the electronic products tested before delivery. Consequently, if an EMS provider has a product testing offering, then it implies comprehensive reach and demonstrable reliability to handle your product manufacturing needs.
  • Communication channels. A top electronic manufacturing service provider should have transparent and open communication channels that will allow you to partake in the manufacturing process actively. Participation implies access to their manufacturing facility, response to potential questions regarding their capability, changes and modifications, etc. Collaboration, consistency, communication becomes important in the electronic manufacturing process and something a top EMS provider needs to possess.
  • Product introduction processes for new electronic products
  • A top-tier EMS operator needs to have a defined pipeline of introducing new products into the market. It should begin from the design phase, prototyping, product testing, and mass production of the electronic product. If a company possesses this aspect, it could indicate their elevated manufacturing level of dealing with your unique electronic manufacturing service needs.

Top 10 EMS Electronic Manufacturing Services in Malaysia

EMS Electronic Manufacturing Services In Malaysia

1. Infineon Technologies

The company comes as a highly rated EMS company specializing in providing manufacturing solutions to Malaysian markets and beyond. It focuses on energy mobility, efficiency, and security and thus provides system solutions and semiconductors for industrial and automotive electronics.

It is located in Pulau Pinang, Malaysia, and has a highly skilled workforce, latest technologies, and equipment to manufacture certified and quality electronic products.    

Company highlights

  • Certified and compliant with industry standards and requirements
  • Over 10000 skilled employees globally
  • Multiple locations in the world
  • Manufacture of multiple products
  • Diverse application areas of products manufactured

Products offered

  • Power
  • ASIC
  • Battery Management ICs
  • Automotive System IC
  • Small Signal Transistors & Diodes
  • Clocks & Timing Solutions
  • HiRel
  • Memories
  • Universal Serial Bus (USB
  • Surge and ESD protection
  • Microcontroller
  • Wireless and RF Control
  • SiC/GaN
  • Smart card and security solutions
  • Sensors
  • Transceivers
  • Wireless Connectivity

EMS provider’s website link

2. Keysight Technologies

The highly-rated electronic manufacturing services company comes as an industry-leading entity regarding electronic measurement to revolutionize the experience in measurement. It focuses on innovations like modular, software, and wireless solutions.

The company has a special approach to designing, building, delivering, and engaging in developing viable solutions for your electronic manufacturing needs. It is located in Pulau Pinang, Malaysia, and its latest technologies, machines, and skilled employees will ensure quality and timely deliveries of electronic services.

Company highlights

  • Provides multiple electronic solutions
  • Manufacturers for multiple industries
  • Provides multiple products and services
  • Embraces innovations
  • Customer-centric operations

Services and products offered

  • Meters
  • Oscilloscopes and analyzers
  • Generators, power, and sources
  • Software
  • Modular Instruments
  • Wireless
  • Network Test
  • Network Security and Visibility
  • In-circuit Test Systems
  • Application-specific test components and systems
  • Parametric test solutions
  • Laser calibration and interferometers systems
  • Photonic test and measurement products
  • Microwave and Mmic millimeter-wave devices
  • Monolithic laser combiners and precision optics

EMS provider’s website link

3. RayMing PCB & Assembly

The company got founded in 2005 and comes a well-liked electronic manufacturing services company. It specializes in the fabrication, manufacture, and assembly of PCBs. While the headquarters is situated in China, it also has a presence in Malaysia due to its global presence and nature.

The company has a skilled workforce, cutting-edge technologies, and modern machines to assemble, fabricate, and manufacture double-sided and multi-layer printed circuit boards. Additionally, the company also deals in PCB component sourcing.  

Company highlights

Products offered

EMS provider’s website link

4. First Solar

Established fifteen years ago, the company comes as a credible electronic manufacturing company. It is a global leader in the provision of photovoltaic solar systems that utilize its cutting-edge thin-film modules. Its solutions in integrated power plants deliver an economically attractive alternative.

It is located in Pulau Pinang, Malaysia. It will provide world-class electronic manufacturing services due to its skilled personnel, excellent production facilities, and the latest technologies deployed in the manufacturing process.  

Company highlights

  • Multiple locations in the world
  • Post-sales services
  • Recycling
  • A sustainable model of operation

Products offered

  • Sustainable solar photovoltaic tech
  • Series 6 module

EMS provider’s website link

5. Flex

Flex comes as a highly rated and progressive electronic manufacturing service provider. It specializes in designing and building products to make the world better. The company adopts a partnership approach to deliver technology innovation, manufacturing, and supply chain solutions to clients.

It has a large and skilled workforce spanning different locations in different countries to produce high-quality electronic manufacturing solutions. It becomes a reality through a combination of the latest technologies and world-class facilities.

It is located in Palau Pinang, Malaysia.  

Company highlights

  • Multiple production locations in different parts of the world
  • Capacity includes manufacturing, supply chain, cross-industry technology, services and solutions, and supply chain processes
  • Complies with industry regulation

Services offered

EMS provider’s website link

6. SilTerra Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

The company has a high global ranking and proves a leading EMS provider in Malaysia and all over the world. SilTerra has the required pedigree to manufacture quality electronic products owing to its extensive experience in the industry. It specializes in the production of 200mm semiconductor wafers. It is located in Palau Pinang, Malaysia.

Company highlights

  • Production of semiconductors to chipmakers
  • Compliant to industry standards and regulations
  • Products for consumer electronics, life sciences, industrial, automotive, and optical data communication sectors

Products offered

  • Design solutions
  • Technology solutions

EMS provider’s website link

7. National Instruments

The Palau Pinang-based electronic manufacturing service company is a leading engineering solution for flexible and powerful electronic components that help scientists and engineers solve problems and innovate.

Company highlights

  • Collaborative approach in offering diverse electronic solutions
  • Provision of multiple electronic products
  • Manufacturing and testing services
  • Compliant with industry regulations and standards

Products and services offered

  • Software
  • Software suites
  • Software services, including calibration
  • Data acquisition and control
  • Electronic test and instrumentation
  • Wireless test and design
  • Accessories

EMS provider’s website link

8. Jabil

Highly rated and located in the Pulau Pinang area in Malaysia, the company provides B2B manufacturing, engineering, design, and supply chain services. It focuses on current trends such as miniaturization, wireless connectivity, mobility, connected solutions, and autonomous systems.

Company highlights

  • Deploys a sustainability approach in their electronic service operations
  • Serves multiple industries
  • Diverse, high-quality capabilities
  • Compliant to industry regulations and standards
  • Deploys a partnership approach to provide quality electronic service and product solutions

Products offered

  • Human-machine interface (HMI)
  • LED lighting
  • Connectivity
  • Optics
  • Robotics
  • Miniaturization
  • Printed OLED
  • Fluidics
  • Sensors
  • Displays
  • Reference software, etc.

EMS provider’s website link

10. Fuji Electric

Established in 1996, the electronic manufacturing service specializes in electronics through three major segments, electronic devices, retail systems, and electrical and energy systems: it manufacturers turbines, power modules, and refrigeration service and product solutions. The company comes as a certified manufacturer to produce quality. It is located in Palau Pinang, in Malaysia.

Company highlights

  • Compliant with industry standards and regulations
  • Manufacturer’s diverse products
  • People-centric in the manufacturing process besides considerations for user safety upon consumption by clients
  • Compliance with environmental regulations besides environmental consciousness
  • Large and skilled workforce in different locations
  • Multiple manufacturing locations  

Products offered

  • Semiconductor (wafer, assembly)
  • Media (media, substrate)

EMS provider’s website link

Final Thoughts

The budding nature of the electronic industry in Malaysia implies the emergence of reliable and industry-beating EMS electronic manufacturing services companies. You will have to pick the most suitable EMS provider for your electronic manufacturing needs, and no better way exists by cherry-picking the reviewed EMS providers. Additionally, you can deploy the methods of picking a top EMS provider detailed in the article to ascertain or pick other companies not detailed in this article.         




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