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RAYMING is Printed Circuit Board Assembly Manufacturer in China, founded in 2005, which is providing some of the most innovative PCB manufacturing technologies and highest SMT assembly quality standards in the industry. RAYMING is capable of providing turnkey and partial turnkey PCB services.

For full turnkey, we take care of the entire process, including PCB manufacturing, component procurement (100% original), PCBA testing, continuous quality monitoring, and final assembly.

Whereas for partial turnkey, the customer can provide the PCBs and certain components and the remaining parts are handled by RAYMING.


Together We Will Drive Your Success

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 Over 6000 Contract Clients 

 From PCB design to mass-production, we understand flexibility and customer relationship are as important as advanced engineering skills. Placing continuous improvement and excellence at the heart of our processes, As a contract manufacturer, we provide high-end engineering & manufacturing services to all industries. Electronics manufacturing company and print circuit board manufacturer for years, we bring PCB assembly, PCB design, prototyping & manufacturing solutions to all our clients, according to their requirements.

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Trusted by more than 10,000 Electronic Engineers

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About Us

18 Years PCB Manufacturer

RAYMING PCB provides the latest printed circuit board manufacturing technologies and highest quality standards for the electronics industry. has cooperated with more than 6000+ high-tech R&D, manufacturing and service enterprises in the fields of communications, industrial control, medical electronics, railway transportation, computers and peripherals, semiconductors, automotive electronics, etc.

Pursuing technological leadership is the unshakable belief of RAYMING, and striving to build an innovation lab and engineering team to overcome new design challenges: High Speed and High Capacity, RF and Microwave, Thermal Management, Miniaturization, Chip Packaging Substrate.

  • Application
  1. Base Station  ( Antenna, Power Amplifier )
  2. Microwave Telecom (   Common ODU, E-band ODU )
  3. Collision Avoidance (24Ghz, 77GHz )
  • Solution 
  1.  Multilayer PTFE PCB
  2. Plane Hybrid and Partial Hybrid PCB
  3.  High Temp Lamination PCB
  4. Embedded Resistor PCB

High Frequency materials options: Rogers Arlon Isola Teflon Dupont Taconic Shengyi ...

  • Wireline & Wireless Networks
  1. Optical Module PCB
  2. High Density Line Card
  3. Backplane PCB
  • Serve & Storage 
  • Enterprise Network
  1. Storage Swithces
  2. Switches routers
  • Solution
  1. High Speed Solutions 
  2. Simulation & Test
  3. Back Drilling PCB
  4. Impedance Control PCB      
  5. Embedded Capacitor PCB
  6. Material application 
  • Power Amplifier 
  1. Metal Core PCB
  2. High Integration PCB 
  • Renewable Engergy
  1. Integrated inverter PCB 
  2. Motor Drive PCB 
  3. BMS PCB 
  4. Charger PCB
  • Solution
  • Power Amplifier Solution
  1. Post-bonding PCB
  2. Sweat-soldering PCB
  • Low Power
  1. Embedded coin PCB
  2. Press fit PCB
  •  Middle Power
  1. Partial heat-sink PCB
  • Electronic Power Solution 
  1. Secondary Power Supply PCB
  2. Bushbarin PCB
  3. Partial Heavy Copper PCB   
  4. Embedded Power Chips PCB
  • Application
  2. SIP PCB
  3. HDI PCB
  4. Embedded PCB
  6. PCBA Bonding
  7. Rigid Flex PCB
  8. Huge Size RF PCB
  9. High Layers RF PCB


  • Package Substrate
  1. Passive Embedded
  2. FC
  3. WB
  • Substrate Key Technologies
  1. Laser hole-filling PCB
  2. PTH through-hole filling
  3. PCB Surface coating 
  4. Solder Resist PCB
  • Embedded Device
  1. Embedded Plane Device
  2. Embedded Discrete Device
  3. Embedded Chip
  • Rigid & Flex PCB
  2. Hi-Frequency RF PCB
  3. Hybrid RF PCB
  4. High Speed FPC
  5. Embedded RF PCB
  6. Semi-flex PCB
  7. Heat-sink RF PCB
  8. Heavy Copper RF PCB
  9. Sip RF PCB


What Clients Say About RAYMING

We chose RayMing Because they offer us one-stop solution from PCB manufacturing to PCB assembly, We revised our design many many times,They helped us with layout suggestions How to save our PCB manufacturing cost, They did great work,Right Now our product start mass production, We will keep using Rayming PCB Assembly services.
RayMing is a best choice for PCB, PCBA fabrication! They not only offer me high quality product, but most important they give me much helpful suggestion when my design step. It help me reduce much cost to design a board most suitable for manufacturing. I will cooperate with them next time, Good work!!
Mohammad Khalifa
The Republic of Kazakhstan
I'm contact Ray Ming 5 years ago because of my pcba prototype, from quote to order,both of us took much time at sample phase,for the OEM work they full respect my design but will aslo provide the production experience to me ensure the perfect work .they give us enough sense of security ,I'm like Ray Ming PCBA service , both of us improve too much at the past 5 years ,we are not partner only ,we are old friend also .I 'm full trust both of two company have a prosperous under the support between each other in coming time .
Viktoriya Rey
It's a pretty awesome experience to work with RayMing Technology! They are a very professional team. And that makes me confident to let them produce our medical devices. Besides, I was impressed by their prompt response and their great suggestions. Our team will not find other PCBA manufacturers, and will keep working with RayMing.
My design is a Hearing aid device,Is difficult for me to find a good PCB Assembly manufacturer to produce my device , Is a sensitive product, Any components issue will cause problem, I gave 5 prototype PCB assembly trail order to Rayming, They deliver high quality job , I am happy they only purchase original parts, This is very very important for us , we failed two times from other PCB assembly manufacturer,But Is a happy order at RayMing, Glad to chose them.
RayMing offer me much satisfied flex PCBs. Good work! It meets our high requirement for bending times more than 4000 times. Its good performance after getting test. My product is medical equipment, such as the parts to monitor the heart, cerebral vessels, etc. Flexible PCB quality is the key point. I really enjoyed working with RayMing and I ensure to refere your business to anyone whom I know is looking for pcb works.
Hans Pette


PCB Testing

We firmly believe the best manufacturing , inspection and test equipments is a top way to ensure the best quality.

PCB Test: Flying probe testing, Fixture test, Impedance test, AOI, Leakage, Solderability, High pot test, Peel test, Microsection analysis, Resistance, Continuity test, Pcb coating evaluation …

PCBA Test: AOI, X-ray, In-circuit testing (ICT/Bed of nails), Functional testing (FCT), Burn-in Testing:, Fatigue Test, Aging Test …

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