PCB Assembly

    RayMing is capable of providing full turn-key and partial turn-key printed circuit board assembly services.Free DFM checking and Custom Testing

    Layers: SMT,DIP ,FBGA

    Quantity: 1-1Million Pcs

    Quality: IPC Class III

    Build time: 3days-2weeks

    Material: LF soldering

    RF PCB

    Microwave printed circuit boards and RF PCBs is more often used in 5G designs,RayMing provide Rogers,Isola,Arlon,Taconic,Nelco raw material to manufacture high frequency pcb

    Layers: 1-10Layers

    Quantity: 1-1Million Pcs

    Quality: IPC 2/IPC 3

    Build time: 2days-6weeks

    Material: Rogers,Arlon,Taconic....

    Flex PCB

    RayMing manufactures high reliability Flex and Rigid-Flex circuits on most substrates.We specialize in single and double-sided flex circuits as well as multilayer flex PCB

    Layers: 1-8 Layers

    Quantity: 1-1Million Pcs

    Quality: IPC 2/IPC 3

    Build time: 2days-5weeks

    Material: Polyimide

    Multilayer PCB

    Multilayer PCBs and complex PCBs with full features such as High Frequence PCBs,HDI PCBs,high TG PCBs,thick copper PCBs,and halogen-free PCBs.

    Layers: 4-40Layers

    Quantity: 1-5Million Pcs

    Quality: IPC 2 / IPC 3

    Build time: 2day-4weeks

    Material: Fr4,Metal,Cem...

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    PCB Assembly (PCBA Manufacturing)

    PCB Assembly (PCBA Manufacturing)

    RayMing is China PCB assembly manufacturer ,who offers complete PCB assembly services in Shenzhen , RayPCB's capable of providing turn-key and partial turn-key printed circuit board assembly services. For full turn-key, we take care of the entire process, including manufacturing of Printed Circuit Boards, procurement of components (100% original) , PCBA Testing , continuous monitoring of quality and final assembly. Whereas for partial turn-key, the customer can provide the PCBs and certain components, and the remaining parts will be handled by us.


    As an electronic contract manufacturer,we focus on prototype PCB assembly and Low volume PCBA services, Send your Bom List to sales@raypcb.com ,  Get quote now !

    Why us?

    Our Customers tell us that they buy from us because we are RELIABLE . . . that they can count on us to do what we say we will do. It's as simple as that! More than 100 New Company Customers come to RayMing each month. With many coming as referrals from satisfied customers. We now have earned the trust of over 10,000 ENGINEERS and 6,000 CONTRACT ASSEMBLERS who depend on us for their PCB requirements.


    Server More than 10,000 Electronic Engineers


    More Than 6,000 Electronic Contract Customers


    99.5% satisfied Projects from end Customers

    PCB Manufacturer

    PCB Manufacturer

    RayMing Technology is PCB manufacturer in China,over 15 years PCB Manufacturing experience to guarantee deliver the best quality printed circuit boards to you , We can build up to 36 layer prototype PCB, and up to 12 layer mass production PCB ,Check PCB Capacity here, We can provide widely PCB technology support like HDI PCB, Flexible PCB ,Rigid flex PCB,also more PCB material option like Rogers PCB, Teflon ,Arlon , Metal core PCB.....


    If you want to find a reliable PCB manufacturing partner ,RayMing will be your number one choice , Send your Gerber File to sales@raypcb.com , Get the best quote from China PCB manufacturer now !



    Dedicated to provide printed circuit boards that meet your expectations, RayMing company is committed to carry out controls throughout the manufacturing process. This allows us to consistently deliver high quality PCBs that meet your specs. To pursue excellence, we regularly upgrade our production equipment, carry many in-process control and right at the end, before packing, we carry out an electrical test. 100% of all our PCB will go through this procedure. During this simple test, we will check 2 main types of defaults; open circuits and shorts. Depending on customer’s requirement, we are also able to carry out other types of tests; typically a tension of 400V, an impedance control, a dimension CPK, etc.



    RayMing Tech’s dedicated PCBA facility is fully equipped with state-of-the-art testing and verification equipment. Finished PCB Assemblies are checked for proper component placement and functionality with a variety of methods including AOI Inspection, In-Circuit testing, and X-Ray inspection. ICT AND FUNCTIONAL PCBA TESTING ENSURE PCB ASSEMBLY QUALITY RayMing is highly process focused with an adherence to J-STD-001 standards. All PCB assemblies are verified for part-placement accuracy; the use of critical checks such as signal integrity, functionality and performance to test specifications are fully incorporated into our PCBA testing procedures. Comprehensive PCBA testing capabilities include functional PCBA testing equipment and in-circuit testing (ICT).

    To find out more about Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing & PCB Assembly - RayMing services or get an instant quotation for your custom PCB need, please visit https://www.raypcb.com using desktop devices.

    Customer Evaluation

    We chose RayMing Because they offer us one-stop solution from PCB manufacturing to PCB assembly, We revised our design many many times,They helped us with layout suggestions How to save our PCB manufacturing cost, They did great work,Right Now our product start mass production, We will keep using Rayming PCB Assembly services.


    My design is a Hearing aid device,Is difficult for me to find a good PCB Assembly manufacturer to produce my device , Is a sensitive product, Any components issue will cause problem, I gave 5 prototype PCB assembly trail order to Rayming, They deliver high quality job , I am happy they only purchase original parts, This is very very important for us , we failed two times from other PCB assembly manufacturer,But Is a happy order at RayMing, Glad to chose them.