Nelco PCB

nelco pcb materia

nelco pcb materia


Nelco PCB ( Any Nelco PCB Enquiry Pls send mail to )


Nelco PCB Laminate often choose by our Europes customer, so we have prepared a sufficient conventional Nelco PCB laminate stock,that can on time delivery to your Nelco PCB.


Nelco Circuit board materials that provide superior thermal and mechanical performance. All Nelco materials are RoHS compliant and many provide high thermal reliability and CAF resistance for lead-free assembly compatibility. Nelco is a reliable source with 50+ years of global materials experience. There are many material types available including FR-4, High-Tg and high speed epoxy materials and advanced materials such as BT, polyimide and cyanate ester.

Nelco PCB materials are designed for high layer count PCB and high speed digital applications such as lead–free assemblies, high speed / low loss and fine-line multilayers, backplanes, communications and networking services, wireless handsets and infrastructure, automotive and diverse mounting and packaging.


Nelcote7 Advanced Composites




Nelcote7 Digital Electronic Materials

N4000-13 EP
N4000-7 EF


Nelcote7 RF / Microwave Materials

N4350-13 RF
N4380-13 RF
N9000-13 RF

If you want to produce Nelco prototype PCB ,Pls contact use , even high volume is welcome for Nelco material .

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