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PCB Prototype

PCB Prototype
PCB Prototype

Prototype PCB Fabrication & Assembly – Borderless Printed Circuit Boards

Borderless PCBs – PCB Prototyping (Enquiry pls send to )

At RayMing we have developed new and unique PCB solutions, branded as Borderless Boards, meaning boards without borders.

We are now able to offer our customers any kind of prototype circuit boards they require. Whether our customers need single or double-sided FR4 boards or very high technology blind and buried via boards, boards made with unique materials, metal core boards, heavy copper boards, burn-in boards, rigid-flex PCB and flex PCB, they will be able to get them from us.

By developing a portfolio of very strong and fully qualified partners we have established the capability of giving our customers whatever prototype PCB they need and when they need them. We can offer low cost PCB prototypes for the electronics hobbyist for low volume PCB prototyping or a prototype for a high volume run.

Prototype PCB Fabrication & Prototype PCB Assembly Turn Time

We can offer a complete turnkey service for PCB prototyping: PCB Layout Design, PCB prototype fab, and PCB Assembly. Our circuit board prototyping services and turn times are unmatched:

By networking with fully qualified PCB manufacturing and assembly facilities, including HDI PCB, we can provide printed boards as quickly as in 12 – 24 hours, depending on the technologies required, and assemble them in as quickly as 24 hours.

Our staff of experienced professionals is here to serve our customers, assisting them in finding the right printed circuit boards solutions for their specific needs. By using our vast network of fully qualified partners we can offer our customers Borderless Boards providing them with whatever printed circuit board technology and service they require. If you can’t find it anywhere else it’s time to contact the experts at RayMing.

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