Free of Cost DFM Check

DFM is known as file check and it is basically an added value service that most of PCB manufacturers offer. The services of DFM are related to the checking of PCB design for any possibility of issues which may hinder the process of PCB manufacturing and fabrication. In case if any issues are sorted, customers are got in touch on immediate basis and issues are resolved at higher priority and fabrication of PCBs is arranged accordingly.

The DFM check offered by RayPCB is cost-effective of the system we use for DFM check is an autonomous way for enabling the manufacturing and fabrication system of PCBs hassle-free and sort out issues which cause trouble. The autonomous system of FDA check is known as Valor DFM. The system helps in lowering cost of PCB and saves time as well. The DFM is conducted on the basis of five aspects at RayPCB known as single layer and mixed layer checks, silkscreen checks, drill checks, and ground/power checks. The details are given below.

1. Drill Checks:

The action of drill checks is for finding out the potential defects which may hinder the manufacturing process in different layers of PCB. Statistics are generated on drill layers. The drill checks is supposed to be operated on drill layers only. It is using drill stack, bottom and top layers along with ground or power layer in stack. The checklists are given below.

Items Functionalities
Ground/Power Shorts It reports the drills which are touching copper nets of more than ground or power layer.
NPTH to Route It reports the drills which are having mounting or tool hole and NPTHs which are very close to path.
Missing Holes It reports the holes which are missing drills.
Hole Size It offers list of vias, NPTHs, and PTHs which required drills.
Extra Holes It reports the extra holes which are redundant and are not belonging to any of the Pads.
Hole separation It reports the extra holes or duplicate holes or the holes which are closed.
Thermal Connection It reports the absence of thermals for pin drills and calculates the approximated copper area for each thermal connection via mixed and ground layers.
Stubbed Vias It reports the vias which are not connected to two or more copper layers.

Drill Checks


2. Mixed and Single Layered Checks:

The mixed and single layered checks is designed for finding potential manufacturing defects and generation of statistics in mixed and single layers. The action is dedicated for single layers, however it can also be implemented on mixed and other layers. The main checklist are given below.

Items Functionalities
Size It has information of the size of pads, text, arcs, line neck downs, vias, shaved arcs, and shaved lines.
Stubs It has information of endpoints of unconnected lines.
Spacing It has information of the violations among nets and circuits of pads among text, shorts, and spacing among CAD nets and non-touching features of CAD.
Silver It has information of the silver lines among pads and lines.
Route It has reports of the displacement violations among pads and edge of route.
Drill It has information of the displacement among vias, NPTHs, PTHs, Pads, rings, Circuits, and copper etc.


3. The Ground/Power Checks:

The intentions of the ground/power checks is to have an identification of the manufacturing defects in ground and power in mixed layers. It has utilization of various algorithms for diagnosis of positive and negative power along with ground layer. Checklist is given as follow.

Items Functionalities
Route It has report of the closed spacing among route and copper features.
NFP Spacing It has information of spacing among NFP-planes, and NFP-NFP.
Drill It has information of distance violations among vias to plane, annular rings, clearance, and copper etc.
Plane Spacing It has information of spacing among various features of planes.
Thermal It has information of spoke reduction and width of the connectivity of thermal pads.
Plane Width It has reports of inadequate width of the layer of copper among 2 drills which are connected on copper plane.
Keepout Areas It has information of features of outside and inside as well as keepout and keepin areas.
Plane Connection It has reporting of the detached areas of copper which are utilized as reference planes and are in design which are causing unreferenced net or missing electrical connection.

The Ground/Power Checks


4. The Solder Mask Checks:

This function is for checking layers of solder masks for any potential manufacturing defects. The layers of solder masks are considered negative and the positive features are describing clearance of the solder masks. The function is also checking the solder paste which is deposited on the pads. This function is operating on single layer solder mask and below is its major checklist.

Items Functionalities
Spacing It has information of the spacing among clearance.
Extra It has a reporting of soldering mask features which are lacking copper pads and are not intersecting each other.
Drill It has reporting of close distant to solder mask opening of NPTH annular rings.
Bridge It has information of pads which are there without solder mask.
Silver It has reports of the silvers among clearance and solder mask.
Missing It has reports of the missing clearances.
Coverage It has information of lines which are too close to clearance.
Pads It has reports of the opening of distance to solder mask of pads comprising of undrilled pads. It has information of special group as well such as gaskets, information of width of solder mask etc.



5. The Silkscreen Checks:

This function has an intention of finding potential manufacturing defects present in layers of silkscreen and also generation of statistics. This function is only used for checking silk screen layers because it has a reliance on job matrix related to external copper, layers of drills and solder mask. Below are details of checklist.

Items Functionalities
String Overlap It has information of intersection or touching of silkscreen with various string values.
SMD Clearance It has information about spacing among SMD pads and silkscreen features.
Pad Clearance It has reports of spacing among pads and silkscreen features.
Solder Mask Clearance It has information of spacing among clearance of solder mask and silkscreen features.
Hole Clearance It has information of spacing among drills and silkscreen features.
Line Width It has information of the violations of width and length to its respective ratio.
Route Clearance It has information of spacing among route features and silkscreen features.


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