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Thin 0.2 MM PCB Manufacturer

0.2 mm PCB thickness is not usual for printed circuit board , is very thin , easy to break , special when  PCB manufacturing process, should be taken care .

0.2mm pcb

Minimum thickness PCB is a term used to describe that the thickness of a printed circuit board is much thinner than normal PCB. The standard thickness of a circuit board is currently 1.5mm. The minimum thickness is 0.2 mm for the majority of circuit boards. Due to the market demand for continually thinner devices, there is a demand for minimum thickness PCB boards such as 0.2 mm, 0.4 mm, 0.6 mm ,0.8board, etc. These circuit boards can be used in sensor cards, SIM cards, and so on.

0.2 mm PCB is normal for flexible PCB, The production process is different, so flex PCB 0.2 mm or 0.1mm is easy to produce , Japan  lamilate company also start to supply 0.1mm rigid PCB raw material , that most use in camera or some special sensor components .

Choosing a very thin PCB thickness may limit the choice of surface finishes available. Each surface finish has a different manufacturing process based on the material properties and production method. Our standard immersion gold surface finish does support 0.2mm minimum thickness PCB, while Lead Free HASL can only be applied for a minimum thickness of 0.6mm. Immersion Tin and Silver have a minimum thickness of 0.4mm.

Rayming PCB production Thickness range :

0.2mm PCB         0.4mm PCB         0.6mm  PCB            0.8mm  PCB

1.0mm PCB         1.2mm PCB           1.5mm PCB             1.6 mm PCB

2.0mm PCB         2.4mm PCB          3.0mm  PCB           3.2mm  PCB

3.6mm PCB       4.8mm  PCB           5.6mm PCB

We accept custom PCB thickness , If you have special requirement on PCB thickness, Welcome to send your design to  .

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