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Antenna PCB

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Antenna PCB is wireless device to receive and transmit signals , has been used in telecommunication widly, As 5G network coming , More and more electronic device need Antenna PCB to communicate , called Internet of things(IoT) .

Types of Antenna PCB :


Wheels antenna pcb

Wheels Antenna PCB


Yagi Antenna PCB             Log Periodic Antenna

Yagi Antenna PCB                                Log Periodic Antenna PCB


Quadcopter Antennas PCB    Flex PCB Antenna

Quadcopter Antennas PCB                       Flex PCB Antenna

Ultra Wide Band (UWB) Antenna PCB

Ultra Wide Band (UWB) Antenna PCB

Patch Arrays antenna PCB

Patch Arrays antenna PCB


Generic MMIC Antenna PCB         Custom antenna PCB

Generic MMIC Antenna PCB                                       Custom Antenna PCB


These antennas PCB are great for expanding your wireless network and improving your broadcasting or receiving stations.


Designing  a PCB Antenna :


Antenna PCB design and RF layout are the two most essential components of any wireless device. You can take two identical RF products, each with a different PCB antenna design and layout and get two vastly different RF performance ranges. What’s the difference between them ? It’s all about quality and consideration taken during the design process.


Many electronic applications into the 2.4 GHz and 915 MHz bands for commercial and consumer use, the demand for compact PCB antennas operating in the ISM bands is ever-increasing. As the name suggests, a PCB antenna is printed directly on the board

Cost-optimized Planar F-Antenna PCB

Cost-optimized Planar F-Antenna PCB


1.  You can use  the free online Web page ( to calculate the Width of the Micro-strip Line we need to designed. you can go to url to check .


2. Use the following formula below to calculate the width of the antenna.

calculate the width of the antenna



3.For Antenna Design

A Meandered Inverted F-Antenna, or MIFA, needs to be length-adjusted to account for antenna radiation impedance and frequency. The tip and length of a MIFA antenna are determined by the thickness of your PCB as shown below:

Antenna Design



Antenna PCB Material :


Antenna PCB material  should be high frequency , Normally fr4 canot have good performance . here we list material that can be used for antennas PCB manufacturing :

Rogers PCB









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