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Online Quotation: PCB Assembly Quote Vs. PCB Manufacturing Quote

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Obtaining accurate price quotes is essential when sourcing custom printed circuit boards (PCB). Many manufacturers provide instant online quoting tools to estimate costs. However, it is important to understand the difference between getting a PCB fabrication quote versus a PCB assembly quote.

This article explains key distinctions between PCB manufacturing quotes and assembly quotes including:

  • PCB fabrication vs. PCB assembly
  • Factors in PCB fabrication quoting
  • Considerations for assembly quoting
  • Online quoting calculators
  • Comparing quote pricing
  • Optimizing quote accuracy
  • Questions to ask about quotes

Understanding quote requirements for PCB fabrication versus assembly ensures designers budget appropriately and set realistic expectations on pricing.

PCB Manufacturing vs. PCB Assembly

PCB manufacturing refers to the fabrication of bare printed circuit boards while PCB assembly is the process of soldering components onto boards.

PCB Fabrication

  • Bare board manufacturing only
  • Multi-step process to produce bare boards
  • Costs driven by board complexity, size, layer count, tolerances

PCB Assembly

  • Stuffing components on boards
  • Automated SMT pick-place and manual assembly
  • Driven by component types, lead times, quantities

Manufacturing + Assembly

  • Some companies provide turnkey fabrication + assembly solution

Factors in PCB Fabrication Quoting

Key elements considered in bare board fabrication quoting:

Board Specifications

  • Layer count – more layers increases costs
  • Board dimensions – larger areas cost more
  • Board thickness – standard 1.6mm or thicker boards
  • Copper thickness – common 1oz/ft2 or 2oz for heavy copper
  • Material type – FR4, High TG, RF materials, etc.
  • Board complexity – HDI, blind/buried vias, dense routing

Fabrication Details

  • Line width/space – typical minimum 5/5 mil lines
  • Hole size – standard 0.3mm, microvias 0.15mm
  • Tolerances – 8 mil typical overetching
  • Hole plating – through-hole or conductive hole wall
  • Via filling for HDI boards
  • Controlled impedance – additional constraints
  • Pad finish – HASL, immersion gold, ENIG, etc.


  • Volume manufacturing reduces cost per board
  • Low volume batches have high NRE costs
  • Prototyping incurs additional handling

Lead Times

  • Standard 15 days, rush builds increase cost
  • Fast turn prototypes can increase prices

Considerations for PCB Assembly Quoting

Key factors in generating PCB assembly quotes:

Component Types

  • SMT parts – 0201 to large QFP packages
  • Through-hole parts – axial, radial, connectors
  • BGAs – underneath solder ball connections
  • High pin count chips – FPGAs, microcontrollers

Component Quantities

  • Component volumes with pricing breaks
  • Digikey, Mouser, Arrow part numbers
  • Consigned parts vs procurement

SMT Operations

  • Pick-place machine types – high speed, multi-head, etc.
  • Solder paste printer adjustments
  • Soldering – SAC 305, lead-free, etc.
  • Inspection – AOI, x-ray, ICT test cost

Manual Assembly

  • Through-hole insertion
  • Odd form component handling
  • Wire harnessing

Board Quantities

  • Assembly equipment optimization
  • Setup cost amortization over runs
  • Economy of scale savings


  • ICT fixtures for bed of nails testing
  • Functional test system programming
  • Burn-in, environmental tests
  • Automated optical inspection


  • Standard or certified assembly process
  • Box build, coating, potting operations

Online PCB Quoting Calculators

Instant PCB Quote

Manufacturers provide web-based quoting tools:

PCB Fabrication Quotes

  • Enter board size, layers, qty, etc.
  • Material selection like FR4 or high frequency
  • Desired lead time
  • Instant price estimate

PCB Assembly Quotes

  • Upload component BOM list
  • Select packging types like SMT 0805 capacitor
  • Enter parts quantity needed
  • View total assembly price estimate

Comparing Quote Pricing

When evaluating and comparing PCB quotes:

  • Compare quality levels – standard, prototype, high-rel
  • Match requirements for tolerance, line width
  • Consider lead times acceptable
  • Review included services – DFM, testing, etc.
  • Confirm material types meet specifications
  • Compare volume discounts at breakpoints
  • Understand typical NRE costs for low volumes
  • Request customer references and example orders

Optimizing Quote Accuracy

Strategies to get the most accurate quotations:

For Fabrication

  • Provide complete fabrication drawings
  • Call out board thickness, material type
  • Specify finished copper weight
  • Note any controlled impedance zones
  • Highlight tight tolerance areas if applicable

For Assembly

  • Submit detailed component BOM with part numbers
  • Identify odd shape or custom footprint parts
  • Specify lead-free vs leaded solder preference
  • Note any cable harnessing or bracketry
  • Describe production and functional testing needs

For Both

  • Disclose expected order volumes or range
  • Outline quality expectations and requirements
  • Provide as much detail as possible upfront

Questions to Ask About Quotes

Important questions when reviewing PCB quotes:

  • Are all my required specs and options included?
  • Does the quality level match my reliability needs?
  • Are lead times acceptable for my schedule?
  • Are prototyping and NRE costs clear?
  • Are volume discounts reasonable at breaks?
  • What services are excluded or additional add-ons?
  • Is the manufacturer able to produce this design?
  • Can you provide references for similar work?


There are fundamental differences between obtaining PCB fabrication quotes versus assembly quotes. Fabrication cost is driven by board size, layer count, tolerances, and complexity. Assembly pricing depends on component types, quantities, processes, and testing needs. Using online quoting tools provides convenient estimates but optimizing accuracy requires detailed specifications. Asking the right questions ensures suitable budgeting and alignment with PCB suppliers on deliverables.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions on PCB quote comparison:

Q: What key details are needed for an accurate PCB fabrication quote?

Important parameters are dimensions, layer count, material type, finished copper weight, line width/spacing, hole size/tolerance, and quantity.

Q: What are key inputs required for a PCB assembly quote?

A complete BOM with part numbers, packaging styles, lead types, quantities as well as production processes and testing requirements.

Q: Should PCB fabrication and assembly be quoted separately?

Yes, it is best to get separate quotes focused on fabrication and assembly specifics. Some companies can provide combined pricing.

Q: What questions should be asked when evaluating PCB quotes?

Review that all specifications are included, lead times are acceptable, NREs clear for low volumes, and manufacturer capabilities match your needs.

Q: How can PCB cost reductions be achieved?

Higher volumes, less complex design, looser tolerances, standard materials, and increased panel utilization lower cost.

Part I: Total Price for PCB prototyping

LayersS≤0.1M2S≤0.1M2Delivery Time S<1M2
280USD100USD3 Business Days
4180USD200USD5 Business Days
6250USD270USD6 Business Days
8350USD370USD7 Business Days
NotedOSP,LF-HASLImmersion Gold,Tin
Mark:All surface process for FR4,1.6mm,Mini hole>0.25mm,Mini line width >5Mil .

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Part II PCB delivery time

Quick-Turn PCB leadtime
LayersPCB PrototypesMass(≤10m2)
Expedited leadtimeNormal leadtimeExpedited leadtimeNormal leadtime
1layer1 working days3 working days3 working days5 working days
2layers1 working days5 working days4 working days7working days
4layers2 working days6 working days6 working days9 working days
6layers4 working days7 working days8 working days11 working days
8layers5 working days8 working days9 working days12working days