What Affect PCB Assembly Cost ?

PCB Assembly Cost , Every electronic engineer or designer want to know , How Do you get the best PCB Assembly quote , and how do you what price will affect PCB assembly cost . Here is some tips to guide you how to control PCB assembly price . PCB Assembly quote


First ,Clear understanding of attributes to the cost of PCB assembly (PCBA). Some of the biggest cost drivers include :


1)  Assembly Type

Surface mount ( SMT)    ( SMD Components )
Through hole                    (DIP )
Mixed (both)

2)  Components Place

Request Only Top Layer assembly

Request  Doulbe sided assembly

3)  Total numbers of components  (SMD + DIP )

4)  Package Size of components



5)  Components Package    ( reel is priority )

Cut strip with or without a leader
Loose in a bag

6) Processes Required
SMT pick and place
Through hole auto insertion
Through hole slide line
Wave solder
Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
Selective solder
Hand solder
General assembly


7)   Quantity and Batch Size(s)

“Keep Panelization Flexible to your manufacturer’s needs.”

ou want to make sure that panelization is optimized to the needs of the PCBA manufacturer.

pcb assembly pannel size

8. Special Part Preparation Requirements (i.e. lead length, height min/max, spacing)

9. Total Cost of the Complete Bill of Materials ( BOM)

10. Bare Board (PCB) Layer Count and Material Used

Flexible PCB Assembly's cost is higher than Rigid PCB board's

11. Coating Requirements (medical or military normally request full coating or selective coating )

Spray or brush
Number of coats
Coverage tolerances
Specified keep out areas

12. Potting Requirements (if any)

13. Assembly Compliance Requirements

RoHS (lead free)
Non-RoHS (leaded)
IPC-A-610D Class I, II or III

14. Test Requirements  ( RayMing prefer to test all PCBA Board before ship , We would like you can show us how to test )

Power up
In Circuit Test (ICT)
Thermal cycling
No test (visual inspection only)

15. Shipping Requirements

Standard ESD (electrostatic discharge) bags
Non-standard/special containers

16. Delivery ( RayMing provide quick turn pcb assembly services )

Standard turn with no expedite requirements
Expedited quick turn (labor and material costs are affected)

PCB Assembly price

Those 16 tips will affect the pcb assembly price , so you can choose the best one to save the cost , When you source parts , You can Provide Multiple Component Sources for Each Component , is easy to control some cost , not only from digikey , some agent also have strong price support one some one components ,


Qualify Lower Cost Sources More Quickly

Set up a process to qualify lower cost sources between your Design Engineering and Purchasing departments. This is easier said than done. Conflicting priorities between Design Engineering and Purchasing can impede the process.

One solution is to set up Material Cost Reduction Committees. Management partners up with Purchasing and Engineering to identify high-value cost reduction opportunities. They also work to determine strategic components that need multiple sources to assure continuous production.


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