Aluminum Printed Circuit Boards

Aluminum PCB Advanced Circuits Specification

Printed circuits boards (PCB) is one of the most important components for manufactu

ring any electronic product. Several types of PCBs are manufactured based on specific specifications and the area where that particular circuit operates. This article covers the utilization of metal core PCB such as aka MCPCBs which are famous for their efficient dissipation of heat in electronic products. The most common type of metal core PCBs is the Aluminum core PCB that consist of Aluminum core along with FR4 standard. This type of PCB is very good for thermal dissipation of thermal clad layer in an effective manner and cools rest of the circuit components with increase in the performance of the products. Nowadays, to tackle the high power and tight tolerance applications, Aluminum backed PCBs are used for better endurance and high heat dissipation abilities in electronic circuits-based products. Figure 1 shows a general structure of an Aluminum PCB.

Aluminum PCB

Aluminum PCB Advantages

There are several advantages of Aluminum PCB. Some of them are discussed below:

Firstly, Aluminum is an environment friendly element with no toxics and ability to recycle back in the atmosphere. It is very easy to assemble Aluminum and due this reason the manufacturing of Aluminum is highly energy efficient. The PCB manufacturers should use this metal because Aluminum has no hazards and can help in maintaining the human health and life.


Secondly, Aluminum has high heat dissipation capacity and can be used in electronic circuit from damage in high temperature conditions. It can usually transfer heat away from different components and ultimately reduces harmful effects if implemented circuit boards with this metal.


Thirdly, Aluminum has the ability to provide durability and strength to the product as compared to products developed from ceramics, fiberglass or any other material.

Lastly, Aluminum is light in weight and due to high durable nature, it can add strength and resilience without adding any extra weight.



Aluminum PCB Applications

Aluminum is used in the manufacturing of audio devices such as input/output amplifiers, balanced and audio amplifiers, pre and post amplifiers, and other power application purposes.


Aluminum has great applications in power supplies such as switch regulation, converters, SW regulation, etc.

Equipment for electronic communication can also be constructed from Aluminum such as high-frequency filters, appliances for filtering and circuits for transmission and receiving of electronic signals.


Applications such as office automation motor drives show significance of this metal.

Aluminum can be applied in automobile industry. For example, electronic regulators, ignition, controller for power supply are some important applications of Aluminum.

Computer applications such as CPU boards, floppy disks, power supply devices can be manufactured from Aluminum PCB.

Aluminum can be applied in lambs and lighting of several devices. For example, energy saving lambs, various range of colored LED lights and PCB based LED lights are important applications of this metal.  An application of Aluminum LED is given in Figure 3.

Aluminum PCB Applications

Raypcb: An Experienced MCPCB Manufacturer

Raypcb is the most leading company in manufacturing Aluminum PCBs for more than ten years. This company is also famous in making blind or bear or stacked or micro type PCBs and their future goals include high-speed aluminum circuit boards that allows free DFM under a cost-effective budget. The wider applications of Aluminum PCBs are LED lighting, equipment for automotive and power industries. Figure 2 shows Aluminum PCB with soldering mask.


Aluminum PCB Core Materials

The Aluminum core materials are usually explained with respect to items used and their performance index which is actually the measured value of that particular feature. The first important item is the peeling strength which has a measured value of 1.8 n/mm. The insulation resistance is also a significant parameter with performance index of more than 10 g. The breakdown voltage is the greater than 2 kV. Other parameters include soakable soldering, thermal conductivity, combustibility, dielectric constant, and dielectric loss angle respectively.


Capabilities of Aluminum Core PCB Manufacturing

The capabilities of Aluminum core PCB are dependent on features being utilized during the manufacturing process. Some of the important features which are considered during featuring are quality grade, number of layers, frequency of orders of the quantity, manufacturing time, material, size of board, thickness of board, weight of copper, minimum tracing space, soldering mask sides, soldering mask color, color of silkscreen, surface finishing,  minimum annular ring, minimum soldering hole diameter, and other techniques. All these features are analyzed in terms of their capabilities which ultimately results in better quality product.


Get Free Quotation of your Aluminum PCB Project

As mentioned before, Aluminum PCB is the cost-effective among all other PCB types. It is sustainable, durable and handles high temperature environments. Also, variety of applications are provided by this PCB and one can simply order by following the simplest process.


The process of getting free quotation includes few simple steps. First, the user has to login into the website after registering through email. Second, uploading the developed PCB file on the website. Third, check out the preorder checklist after studying terms and conditions. Fourth, selection of fabrication price. Finally, add to cart. It has been ensured that the file uploaded for PCB fabrication is kept completely confidential and will not be shared with any third party. Your project design is completely safe. Also, suggestions can be given by the users to improve our quality, pcb manufacturing process.



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