4 Oz Copper PCB

4 Oz Copper PCB  Is a heavy copper PCB,  Only 2 layer , still many PCB manufacturer can handle it ,if multilayer PCB, inner layer is 4 oz, few PCB factory can fabricate it well . RayMing have rich experience manufacturing 4 oz PCB whatever double side or Multi-layer PCB .4 OZ COPPER PCB


4OZ heavy copper printed circuit PCB. Heavy Copper Board does not have a set of definition in IPC standard. However, peopel generally use this name to identify a printed circuit board with copper conductors 3 oz/square feet- 10 oz/square feet in inner and/or outer layers.


General Guideline for Min Spacing by Copper Weight

Cu Weight               Min Recommended Space   between Copper Feature

4 OZ                                     14 mil (0.355 mm)


If you want to produce 4 OZ PCB , Pls send your design to sales@raypcb.com  , Get quote now !

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