6 Layer PCB

Six Lay PCB Stack Up 


6 Layer PCB Stack UP


6 layers PCB is widely used in compact electronics such as wearable devices, communication modules and military equipments. There are high restrict engineering requirements of manufacturing particularly in process of plating, laminating and drilling. RayMing Technology  are very experienced in 6 layers PCB fabrication during past 10 Years . Our internal management of refined SOP processes will highly control quality and production efficiency, due to its complexity.


6 Layer capability 


Prototype 6 Layer PCB to Mass Production

Max to 4 oz inner copper, 8 oz outer copper
Stackup: 0.014" Prepreg - 0.028" Core - 0.014" Prepreg or custom PP .
Top and bottom silkscreen
Immersion white tin finish

Thickness 0.4-5.6mm

All PCBs are e-tested



6 Layer PCB Instant Quote


In terms of a custom printed circuit board, our 6 layer PCB Instant Quote is the fastest turn-time at the best price that we have to offer. For on-demand pricing and ordering for your next printed circuit board project, Contact with online customer support or send your file to sales@raypcb.com , Get the fast quote Now .


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