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What is Rogers RT/Duroid 5870 PCB

The Rogers RT/duroid series of high-frequency circuit materials consists of PTFE composite laminates. These laminates have high-frequency characteristics, making them ideal for high-reliability applications, such as aerospace and defense. This series has a long history in the industry and provides superior performance. You can read more about the RT/duroid series’ benefits and features below. The high-frequency circuit materials are full of PTFE, which provides superior thermal conductivity.


For high-frequency circuits, high-frequency laminates are essential. This product is a composite material composed of PTFE reinforced with glass microfibers. The product has low dielectric constant and excellent uniformity. These properties make it ideal for high-frequency applications, such as microwaves and microstrip circuits. In addition, because it is highly resistant to thermal expansion, it is a lightweight composite that meets the highest specifications.

The Rogers RT/duroid 5870 PCB is used to fabric antennas, high-speed digital boards, and multilayer RF. The company’s reputation in the RF industry makes it the perfect material for these applications. Because of its high thermal conductivity, this laminate can withstand power cycling. Furthermore, it is ideal for conformal antennas. Therefore, we use it for microwave circuits.

The high-frequency circuit materials are filled with PTFE composite laminates and are commonly helpful in aerospace and defense applications. These laminates offer consistent Dk over a wide frequency range. They are also uniform from panel to panel, reducing the cost of drilling. In addition, they are resistant to all plating reagents and holes. Moreover, they are suitable for copper foil, aluminum, or brass plates.

The low-frequency microstrip antenna consists of non-sustainable materials. This material offers broadband performance and low loss. We can use it in high-frequency networks designed to match transmission lines. The slotted dipole enables long-range transmission while avoiding EMI interference. Moreover, it is easy to design circuits. These materials are widely helpful in telecommunications, microwave systems, and other electrical applications.


The RT/duroid 5870 laminate provides excellent electrical and thermal properties. It is resistant to all reagents, solvents, and acids. Its low thermal conductivity makes it an excellent material for through-hole processes and isotropic, making it an ideal insulator. This material also allows for easy shaping. It is also suitable for various applications, including microstrip and strip lines.

Compared to FR-4, Rogers RT/duroid 5880 offers superior low-frequency performance and low-frequency efficiency. Its dielectric constant is 4.5, and its thickness is 59 mils. In addition, its metallization makes it ideal for high-frequency circuits, as it ensures maximum power transfer. On the other hand, its low-frequency counterpart ensures minimal reflections of the load.

A dielectric constant of 4.5 is compatible with FR-4, but the Rogers material has a higher range of values. As a result, the material’s dimensional stability is greater, while its dielectric constant is lower than that of FR-4. Its low dielectric loss makes it an excellent choice for various circuit designs. In addition, because of its compatibility with FR-4, Rogers is a good choice for temperature-sensitive projects.

Another important consideration when selecting a PCB material is hole quality. The ideal material has no moisture absorption when placed in a liquid. Most substances offer an absorption value of between 0.1 and 20 percent. This value directly relates to the thermal and electrical properties of the material, as the greater the absorption rate, the lower the performance and efficiency. Fortunately, Rogers PCBs have the lowest absorption. Therefore, we can use them in extreme and unstable environments. Whether in a standard switchboard or a military device, Rogers is the ideal material for your circuits.


Unlike PTFE, Rogers RT/duroid 5880 laminates exhibit uniform thermal conductivity, a low dissipation factor, and a low coefficient of thermal expansion. This makes it ideal for applications in high moisture. The material is also highly resistant to etching agents and abrasion. In addition, its isotropic, non-metallic, and lead-free characteristics make it suitable for many applications.

In addition to PTFE, Rogers’ other materials include Arlon CuClad 6700, a specialized FR-4 material. This material possesses superior thermal, electrical, and mechanical performance, among its many properties. These materials are used in sensors, motors, and storage tanks to measure levels. Aside from being highly resistant to thermal shock, the material is also incredibly flexible.

RT/duroid 5870 enables customers to receive various dielectric products in the form of high-frequency components. The combination of high-frequency and low-dielectric-constant properties allows for rapid switching, low crosstalk, and improved sensitivity. These characteristics make them ideal for high-frequency and wide-band applications. In addition, they provide excellent Dk uniformity.

Where they apply

RT/duroid 5870 is commonly helpful in phased-array antennas. RT duroid 5870 PCB offers high thermal conductivity, making it reliable and durable even under power cycling. Additionally, Rogers 5870 PCB features low loss materials and offers reliable performance and low cost.

In addition, Rogers 4003 chips have a 0. 0012″ thickness and 41494 ppm/degC thermal conductivity. Td and Tg are both 340 and 180 degrees Celsius. They also provide the lowest loss at higher frequencies. These properties make them ideal for high-frequency applications. Ultimately, Rogers RT/duroid 5870 PTFE can help you improve your product’s performance.

Advanced Connectivity Solutions (ACS) produces flexible laminates, prepregs, and insulating materials in various sizes and colors. The company has been manufacturing high-performance dielectric materials for 60 years and has a wide range of products. In addition to RT/duroid 5870 PTFE, Rogers RT/duroid 5870 AP series are also available.

The CuClad 250 Cross-Plied Woven Fiberglass Reinforced PTFE is another material that we can use for a PCB substrate. CuClad 250 GX is an Arlon CuClad product with 250 placements. CuClad 250 GX is a Rogers 4003 material that requires surface mount technology. This material is also suitable for radomes and other high-frequency applications.


Applications for Rogers RT/duroid 5870 include pressure sensors, accelerometers, and transmitters. Its circuit boards are also helpful in the aerospace industry and power electronics.

As an industry leader, our markets high-performance products and services to OEMs and EMS providers worldwide. The company develops innovative technologies that include chemical vapor deposition (CVD) for materials fabrication, chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) for process optimization, and direct laser structuring (LDS) for metals.

The company also provides products and services for producing, packaging, processing, and distributing electronic components. This includes analysis of product performance and development of design guidelines. In addition, the company offers Rogers Packaging Services (RPS) to produce a range of multilayer flex packaging products that are cost-effective and provide reliable electrical performance.

One area where Rogers is most active is in the avionics industry. They specialize in producing high-performance materials resistant to thermal shock and flame retardant. One of their products, Rogers Dura-Case, is essential in the operations of Rayming PCB & Assembly. The materials are resistant to high temperatures and low moisture levels. They are also suitable for non-RF applications.

Another area where equipment is involved is in the automotive industry. The company had been a significant provider of copper alloys to this industry for years, especially in the sheet and wire form.


Our company has been at the forefront of the electronics industry for many years. OEMs, EMS providers, technicians, and students use their products and services. The company combines R&D with innovation to provide high-performance materials that we can use in various applications.

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