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Top 16 High Frequency Material Manufacturers for RF PCB Design

The selection of a material and its integration forms an important aspect of the fabrication of printed wiring boards. Our expertise concerning advanced material combinations and types helps us to deliver customers with the best solution for virtually all challenges related to PCB design.

Whether you desire a better dimensional stability or higher signal integrity, you can trust us to make the best recommendation that suits all packaging challenges.

There are several high frequency material manufacturers for RF PCB Design. We are going to consider 16 of them and the great qualities they possess.

16 High Frequency Material Manufacturers for RF PCB Design


Rogers pcb circuit board

Rogers is highly regarded as a world technology leader having over 185 years of vast engineering knowledge. In addition, Rogers offers advanced elastomer components, DUREL drivers, and elastomeric material, connectivity, and different solutions for power electronics to markets all over the world.

Furthermore, Rogers is involved in the manufacturing of high frequency bondplys, laminates, and prepregs that are engineered to serve your performance requirements. The specialty materials of the company that feature a great dielectric constant control works best for aerospace applications, automotive radar sensors, 5G wireless communication, and satellites.

In addition, these materials are useful in these industries and applications. These include general industrial, connected devices, hybrid electric vehicles and electric vehicles, communication systems, and antennas. You can also find them in wired infrastructure, solar and wind, wireless infrastructure, and thermal solutions.

Rogers also has several bondply, prepreg, and laminate materials. These include 92ML materials, CuClad Series, CLTE Series Laminates, AD Series Laminates, IM Series Laminates, and DiClad Series Laminates. Others are Kappa 438 laminates, MAGTREX laminates, IsoClad Series Laminates, RT/duroid laminates, RO3000 Series, RO4000 Series, TMM laminates, TC Series laminates, and more.


Arlon is a business owned by a veteran, which was established back in 1969. It is a main manufacturer of the specialty high performance prepreg and laminate materials that are used in different PCB applications.

Furthermore, Arlon specializes in some materials. These include epoxy products, low flow products, polyimide products, controlled thermal expansion, and surface mount technology. The company also offers low loss thermoset prepreg and laminate systems as well as controlled thermal expansion.

All these applications need laminates having specialized mechanical, thermal, or electrical, or other related performance features, which surpasses those of the standard FR4 materials. In addition, you can find these resin systems on different substrates. These include non woven aramid and woven glass.

In addition, there are some typical applications that these materials are suitable for. These include advanced military and commercial electronics like avionics, heat sink bonding, semiconductor testing, microvia PCBs, and high density interconnect.

The materials of the Arlon microwave deals in fluoropolymers, ceramic filled fluoropolymers, as well as ceramic hydrocarbon low loss thermoset laminates, which delivers the required electric performance in the circuit applications that are frequency-dependent.



DuPont is a manufacturer or electronics materials having great comprehension of the advanced technology. It also has a huge industry expertise and knowledge, as well as a long innovation history. In addition, DuPont provides the largest high performance electronic materials in the industry and it is also proud to have one of the best manufacturing capabilities. Also, they have a great team that comprehends the best ways of creating solutions for customers.

Also, DuPont deals in the manufacturing of materials and substrates for the flexible and rigid circuits. These include polyimide films, materials for circuit imaging, and different laminates.

Concerning high temperature materials, DuPont is a great leader. This means they are great for high-temperature flex circuits that are useful in the automotive, oil, aerospace, military, as well as healthcare industries.

Using advanced fabrication techniques and equipment coupled with the high temperature materials of DuPont in fabricating the state of the art flex circuits, which has the ability to operate in different temperatures that are higher than 250 degrees centigrade. These solutions offer additional options regarding the solving of challenges of high temperatures.


Evonik is known as one of the world’s largest companies that is devoted to special chemicals. ROHACELL, which is one product manufactured by them, is widely used in the fabrication of printed circuit boards. Furthermore, this ROHACELL is a structural foam, which has favorable transmission as well as very low dielectric constants.

This specific product is used in PCBs in these industries. These include aerospace, aviation, electronics, antennas, railcars, radomes, military, shipbuilding, automotive, leisure and sport, healthcare and medical technology, wind energy, and more. Furthermore, applications include mammography plates, CT machines, and X-ray and miniature antennas.

Evonik comes with other benefits, which includes a cell structure that is extremely fine, which ensures minimal uptake of resin as well as problem-free compatibility. The processing of fine-cell materials is possible by vacuum, prepreg, or layup infusion techniques, at a pressure of about 0.3 Mpa, as well as temperatures reaching 130 degrees centigrade.

Some companies make use of ROHACELL instead of the air spacer present in-between elements and radomes in the antenna application through the application of ROHACELL to the antenna PCB.


This company was established as a brand new corporation in year 2020. This company is highly regarded as a world leader when it comes to manufacturing chemicals and materials. In addition, the company has three main divisions, which include machinery, defense, and global.

Hanwa offers products and services for different industries, which include finance, solar energy, mechatronics, aerospace, construction, lifestyle/leisure, and finance. Some companies make use of the unreinforced polyimide, flexible laminate, which features copper clad on its two sides. Furthermore, it is useful as the main component of the construction of flex circuits.

In addition, Hanwha materials feature some processing benefits over the other manufacturers. Also, they could be very cost-effective.


This company is a global company that is fully focused on the design as well as manufacture of copper-clad laminates, as well as dielectric prepregs that are used in the fabrication of multilayer PCB. In addition, Isola is known to offer innovative solutions, as well as high quality solutions since the establishment of the company back in 1912.

Furthermore, with its history of great excellence, this company is known as the only provider of laminate with capabilities of research & development in Asia, Europe, and the United States.

The high performance materials of Isola are useful in some industries and markets. These include consumer electronics, storage, computing, and peripherals; medical, instrumentation, and industries; microwave and radio frequency; communications and networking; as well as transportation and automotive.

In addition, this company invests so much in its research & development. This is to develop important products that meet even strict performance requirements demanded from customers, original equipment manufacturers, designers, and PCB fabricators.

The Isola products include 370HR, FR406, FR408, FR408HR, P95/P25, P96/P26, G200, IS680-300, IS620i, IS415, IS410, GETEK, Green Speed, and 185HR. Others include 370HR, FR408HR, I-Speed, I-TERA MT40, I-TERA MT40 (RF/MW), Terra Green (RF/MW), Terra Green, Astra MT77, Tachyon 100G and a new product released in the second quarter of 2019 – IS550.


Another popular material that is useful in the fabrication of printed circuit boards is Megtron. It is manufactured by the circuit board materials of Matrix, which was founded in 1977. Furthermore, Matrix is known to have four divisions, which are imaging products, carbide tools, chemicals, and laminates. Also, its technical team offering support possesses vast experience with all the parts of the manufacturing processes of the printed circuit board.

In addition, companies make use of Megtron 6 due to its low Dk (dielectric constant). It also has a better stability compared to the Teflon material. Furthermore, the Megtron 6 has low loss of transmission, low dissipation factors and a high heat resistance.

The design of these materials is for use in mainframes, high speed equipment, IC testers, as well as measuring instruments of high frequency. In addition, the Megtron 6 features great through hole reliability. Also, it works fine with lead free RoHS soldering.


Nelco is a global entity, which is widely known for offering medical shielding, as well as industrial solutions and products. With respect to printed circuit boards, this company produces better mechanical and thermal performance materials. In addition, the company takes pride in its global leadership. Nelco is over 85 years old, and it has been offering unparalleled innovative solutions.

Nelco materials are all RoHS compliant. Many of these materials also offer CAF resistance and high thermal reliability for lead free assembly compatibility. In addition, this company offers lots of materials for fabrication of printed circuit boards. These include BT, Cyanate ester, Polyimide, as well as high speed and high Tg epoxy.

In addition, the PCB materials of Nelco are designed to serve printed circuit boards with a high layer count. It also includes high speed digital applications like lead-free assemblies, backplanes, automotive, wireless infrastructure and handsets, as well as networking and communications equipment.

Their hydrocarbon prepreg and laminates include HB-360, HF-350 FTC, HF-350F, HF-330F, and HF-300F. Also, they have lots of RF/Microwave materials as well as glass reinforced woven PTFE laminates, specialty materials, and prepregs/bond plies.


For over four decades, Ohmega Technologies has been able to manufacture OhmegaPly, which is a material that is useful in the construction of electronic devices. The company also has a well-known history of reliability and is fully focused on product enhancement and innovation.

Some companies make use of OhmegaPly as the resistors layer that are created making use of the standard PCB print as well as etch process. The technology permits the designer to be able to free space on the PCB’s surface through the embedding or buying of the resistor components.

In addition, the material serves as a “blank slate’ offering a PCB designer with the main tool for looking into electronic issues that require passive resistive films or resistors. Also, OhmegaPly is useful in some PCB applications. These include military and aerospace, which includes missiles, space probes, satellites, aerial vehicles, and fighter aircraft. Also, they are applicable in consumer products like microphones and cell phones.


Panasonic MEGTRON M R-5735 PCB

This company is a well-known technology company all over the world. They are also recognized as oje of the leaders in the world of electronics. They offer different services and products. These include smart mobility, industrial devices, tablets, computers, AV solutions, and more.

This company manufactures PCB materials, advanced films, and more. Due to the advance of PCB technologies and semiconductor, this company has met the needs of customers by creating optimum materials that will serve next generation technologies. Among them are technology for the design of compound material, technology for materials evaluation, as well as resin design technology that serves state of the art electronics.

As a result of their high-quality assurance system that integrates the methods of manufacturing management like SPC, this company can supply the multilayer laminates or materials, which satisfies the needs of customers by making use of different evaluation technologies.

The materials of Panasonic can be seen in many PCB applications. These include appliances, mobile products, and network antenna.


This high frequency material manufacturer is seen as a leader in the industry in the deposition of thin film on adhesive formulations, flexible materials, patterning, finishing, and laminations. All these are produced in completely high volumes and done using the latest technology and equipment.

With over 65 years experience, this manufacturer boasts of being a leader in the industry, which delivers consistently on great quality as well as great customer satisfaction. In addition, the brand materials of Sheldahl are made up of different specialty products. These include flexible laminates, cable tapes, high performance splicing tapes, advanced coated films, and flexible materials for different global markets.

In addition, they can process substrates that are as thin and thick as 1.5 micrometer and 350 micrometers respectively. Sheldahl manufactures circuits and materials for different industries. These include medical, health solutions, defense and aerospace, automotive, heaters, human machine interface, consumer, and industrial.


This manufacturer is a global leader when it comes to the manufacturing and development of advanced composite materials. They manufacture high quality pcb materials for various industries. Taconic is known as a leader in PCB materials supply due to their high commitment to great customer service. This also includes their zeal to deliver reliable and high quality materials. Also, it includes the ability of the company to work in line with the changing needs of the industry.

Having started the production of PTFE coated fabrics, as well as other non-stick and high temperature materials, this manufacturer is now one of the best suppliers for the industry of food processing. Also, they supply many different coated materials, which include belts, fabrics, and tapes for different industrial applications.

Also, Taconic offers advanced materials for high-speed, RF, and microwave digital applications. These include Telecommunications (transmitters, power amplifiers, splitters/filters/combiner/components, base station antenna/antenna) and automotive (monitoring tire pressure, high temperature reliability, cruise control).

Others include military (telemetry, radar, and guidance systems), multilayer (satellite, RF multilayer, digital multilayer, and Chip/ATE testing. We also have mechanical (gasket, Flex PCB assembly, and non silicon masking tape), and medical (medical scanners, and wireless body area network).


Ventec is known as a global leader when it comes to producing high performance and high quality copper clad prepregs and laminates. Through its U.S. and European subsidiaries, this company provides local services to its customers through its global reach. It also delivers complete research & development and development capabilities.

Ventec offers different products, which serve the copper clad laminate and prepreg markets. These include a complete range of different polyimide products that includes prepregs that suit hole filling (with no-flow and low-flow options).

Commonly, Ventec’s FR-4 material is very useful for daily PCB fabrication. It is possible to manufacture the high quality epoxy glass prepreg and laminate material in custom as well as standard core thicknesses. Typically, they are useful in high and low power applications and they are well known for their great dielectric properties and high Tg.

Furthermore, these Ventec materials for PCB are very useful in different applications. The common Ventec materials include -5A2, Tec-speed 20.0, VT-901, VT-4B series, VT-47, and standard FR4.


This company is fully focused on conducting research as well as meeting the needs of customers via sustainable processes. Established as the electric cable and wire business, this company supplies electric cables and wires of high performance coupled with functional materials that are used in bonding wires, printed circuit boards, medical products, sensors, etc.

The value materials of the company play a major role in advanced technology. Furthermore, Tatsuta produces many optical components and electronic materials, like FFC application films, EMI shielding film, optical fiber couplers, and conductive paste.

Some companies make use of the CBF300 and AE3030 materials of TATSUTA. Both materials are copper pastes that are useful as a non-conductive or conductive material for via hole fill. In addition, these materials feature a thermal conductivity that is very high. Also, they are highly efficient in constructing thermal vias in many high heat applications.


ThinFlex is another company involved in the manufacturing of high frequency materials. This company is based in Taiwan and is involved in manufacturing and distributing coverlays and FCCLs (flexible copper clad laminates). ThinFlex has gained a wide reputation due to its excellence.

Furthermore, one product from the company that takes the same name, made a great mark on the PCB market. Due to its recognition for its cutting-edge and innovation technology, this company is ranked among the best in the IC and FCCL packaging industries.

ThinFlex manufactures single-sided adhesiveless copper clad laminates as well as double-sided adhesiveless copper clad laminate. This single-sided type is well known for its excellent textural endurance, great dimensional stability, and high tensile strength. On the other hand, the double sided type is well known for its great chemical and heat resistance, etching capabilities, as well as high flexural endurance.

Flexible copper clad laminates are applied during the manufacturing processes of some applications. These include medical equipment, cell phones, cameras, LCD panels, aerospace products, fax machines, printers, computers, photocopiers, scanners, and industrial equipment.

You can apply coverlays during the manufacturing of notebook computers, cameras, printers, household computers, cell phones, scanners, and more.


Ticer technologies was established in 1884. However, back then it was called Gould Electronic Materials. Now, this company has become one of the best manufacturers of the electrodeposited copper foil.

Later in the year 1999, Gould created TCR®, known as the resistor technology. Furthermore, this material which is included among those of the next-generation helps in providing solutions for aggressive, new applications. Furthermore, it meets the demands relating to performance of the advanced PCBs (printed circuit boards). Let’s go on to consider what the Ticer material is, as well as their applications.

Ticer technologies is known to produce high performance, thin film embedded-resistor copper foils for RF and digital PCBs (printed circuit boards).This next generation technology for embedded resistors is best suited to help in meeting challenges that are posed by new materials and designs  and increase the performance requirements both for future and current electronic packages.

Enhanced as a result of the reliability and capability of TCR, the solutions of Ticer make use of the most recent with respect to laminate systems that are advanced.

Asides from its being RoHS-compliant, the TCR works fine with different resin systems, which includes high performance, standard, specialty, and lead-free products. In addition, TCR also increases the space that is available for the components. It also helps in reducing the PCB’s weight, and overall, it improves the performance of the product. Also, regarding the thermal stability, it provides an exceptional one.


The above are the 16 companies involved in the manufacturing of high frequency materials. All the materials these manufacturers produce are of top-quality and they are useful in different applications. If you need assistance and guidance regarding your choice of material, you can contact us. We at RayMing PCB & Assembly will answer all questions and attend to all your needs. Also, we work with the best materials that suit the PCB needs of customers.




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