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Properties, Applications, and Types of MEGTRON PCB Laminates

PCB materials and laminates are available in different types. The MEGTRON PCB laminate was designed by Panasonic. This industry-leading PCB laminate delivers high performance in any application. MEGTRON as a brand of PCB materials provides a suitable range of reliability, quality, and functionality. Also, the MEGTRON series are widely used across industries.

What is MEGTRON PCB Laminate?

MEGTRON PCB laminate is a high-layer count and lead-free PCB material used in high-performance applications. Panasonic developed the MEGTRON series to meet certain demands in the PCB industry. The MEGTRON series include MEGTRON M, MEGTRON 7, MEGTRON 2, MEGTRON 6, and MEGTRON 4. Also, MEGTRON PCB materials come with exceptional dielectric system along side smooth copper to offer low-loss performance.

MEGTRON was specially designed to offer unique properties and features. Due to its excellent thermal properties and high-speed performance, this PCB laminate is highly preferred among PCB manufacturers.

Properties of MEGTRON PCB Laminates


MEGTRON PCB laminates have some main properties that distinguish them from other laminates. These properties are peculiar to MEGTRON PCB materials.

Low dielectric constant (Dk)

Low Dk is crucial for high-frequency and high-power applications since they reduce loss of electric power. MEGTRON laminates features some of the best dielectric properties which help to enhance electrical conductivity. Also, MEGTRON laminates have a range of dielectric constants. For instance, MEGTRON 6 has a Dk value of 3.7.

Heat resistance

MEGTRON laminates feature a high level of heat resistance. Therefore, these PCB laminates can tolerate high heat. When integrating these laminates, you can be sure that they can cope in extreme temperature. Also, due to their high resistance to heat, these laminates are ideal for use in applications exposed to extreme temperatures. These laminated won’t cause any damage to your surfaces.

Low dissipation factors

Dissipation factor describes the extent at which a material can hold energy. It determines how a PCB laminate can function as an insulator. Low dissipation factor means a material is a more efficient insulator. MEGTRON laminates feature low dissipation factors which ranges between 0.001 and 0.005. Therefore, these laminates offers reduced electric current leakage during operations.

Low transmission loss

All MEGTRON products feature low loss transmission. Most circuit boards need low transmission loss laminates as they minimize conductor and dielectric loss. Low transmission loss material is a property usually demanded by PCB manufacturers.

High thermal conductivity

This is one of the unique properties of MEGTRON laminates. MEGTRON PCB laminates can effectively transmit heat and absorb heat from their environment. Poor thermal conductive materials slowly absorb heat and resist the flow of heat. Such materials aren’t ideal for PCBs. MEGTRON PCB laminates feature high thermal conductivity which makes them ideal for use in applications.


The MEGTRON series comprises different laminates. This includes MEGTRON M, MEGTRON 7, MEGTRON 2, MEGTRON 6, MEGTRON 8, and MEGTRON 4. Here, we will discuss some of these laminates.


MEGTRON 4 PCB laminate is a high resistant and low loss material for multilayer PCBs. This laminate shields circuit boards from the effects of dust, water, and excess heat. Also, this laminate comprises extensive and intensive factors that contribute to how it performs in various environments.

MEGTRON  4 offers very low Df and Dk which are 0.05 and 3.8 respectively. These values enhance it performances in applications.  When used in heat applications, this laminate guarantees excellent performance as it resists excess heat. Furthermore, this MEGTRON PCB laminate works with thermal clads. This helps to transfer heat away from an appliance, thereby making it cool.

Furthermore, this laminate features through hole reliability which is much better than FR-4 Tg materials. MEGTRON 4 allows you to drill a hole in a reliable way. Also, MEGTRON 4 doesn’t allow leakage of electric current when used in electronic devices.


This is a high-speed laminate integrated in PCB fabrication. You will find it in different types of PCBs. Also, MEGTRON 6 is an advanced PCB laminated designed for various high-frequency instruments and IC testers. This low loss laminate has a thick layer count and several layers that help to improve high-speed network equipment.

Also, this PCB laminate features unrivaled electrical properties. It has high processability and improves system performance in various fields like router, telecommunication, and computing applications. Also, this laminate features a low Dk value, increased stability, and high heat resistance. It is a PCB laminate that is compatible with lead-free soldering.

MEGTRON 6 comprises conducting materials and insulating materials. It is an ideal laminate for RF printed circuit boards. Also, it has exceptional through-hole reliability which makes it crucial for through hole applications. Its high durability allows this material to withstand physical, chemical, and mechanical reactions. Therefore, this PCB laminate is suitable for high-priority projects.


MEGTRON 7 is a low-loss PCB laminate with very low dielectric constant and dissipation factor. This laminate is ideal for use in high speed and large data applications. Also, you will find them in PCBs used for servers and routers. It is a multilayer PCB laminate. This PCB is lead-free soldering compatible.

MEGTRON 7 is one of the best low loss material you can opt for in your PCB fabrication. Also, MEGTRON 7 is a family of PCB laminate that comprises MEGTRON 7(GN), MEGTRON 7(GE), and MEGTRON 7(N). these laminates are highly resistant to heat. The integration of high density interconnect (HDI) technology in MEGTRON 7 enhances its efficiency and peel strength.


MEGTRON 8 is a multilayer PCB laminate that features low loss transmission. Therefore, it is ideal for high-speed applications. This PCB laminate is the latest MEGTRON laminate. It is a high-layer count PCB laminate based on thermosetting resin. This indicates that MEGTRON 8 features similar processability and manufacturability in standard PCB processes as offered by conventional materials.

 The integration of proprietary resin design helped to achieve the lowest transmission loss in the industry. Therefore, you can integrate standard multilayer PCB processes. MEGTRON 8 features two different glass cloth products which are laminate and prepreg.

Benefits of MEGTRON PCB Laminates

MEGTRON PCB laminates offer various benefits. These benefits are responsible for their popular demand in the electronics industry.

Great electrical properties

MEGTRON PCB laminates have exceptional electrical properties. For instance, these materials feature very low dissipation factors and dielectric constant. Therefore, these help them to provide good electrical connection when used in devices.

Lead-free soldering

MEGTRON laminates are compatible with lead-free soldering. Therefore, it is an environmentally friendly option for PCB fabrication. These laminates are RoHS compliant, hence, they are safe materials for PCBs.

Exceptional thermal properties

MEGTRON laminates have excellent thermal properties. For instance, they have high resistance to heat and are thermally conductive. Also, they have high glass transition temperature. All of these properties contribute to the performance of these laminates.

Through-hole reliability

This is one of the greatest benefits of MEGTRON laminates. For instance, MEGTRON 4, 7, and 8 have exceptional through-hole reliability. Therefore, this makes these laminates a better option. It is highly preferred to FR-4 materials. Also, you can drill the through-hole properly.

Ideal for multilayer boards

Some MEGTRON laminates are suitable for multilayer boards. For instance, MEGTRON 7 is ideal for multilayer PCB fabrication. Also, this laminate features high density interconnection (HDI) technology which makes it ideal for high-performance applications.

Applications of MEGTRON PCB Laminates

MEGTRON PCB laminates feature excellent properties that make them ideal for use across several industries.

Medical industry

MEGTRON PCB laminates are commonly used in manufacturing medical devices like radiology machines. Due to their thermal properties, these laminates perform well in high thermal applications. Many medical devices integrate HDI boards. MEGTRON 7 features HDI, therefore, it is available in high-performance devices like emergency room monitors and infusion pumps.

Telecommunication industry

Printed circuit boards are core parts of telecommunication devices like telecom towers. The telecommunication industry integrates MEGTRON PCB laminates in its devices. Most communication equipment used in offices comprise PCBs. Devices like modems, phone switching systems, and routers. MEGTRON PCB laminates offer telecom PCBs conduction properties that enable data transfer.

Automobile industry

Automobile manufacturers integrate several electronic components in vehicles. MEGTRON PCB laminates feature great thermal and electrical properties which make them ideal for parts of vehicles. Also, these laminates can withstand extreme vibrations and temperatures. MEGTRON laminates perform well in navigation and control systems of cars.

Consumer electronics

Some consumer electronics like smartwatches, tablets, radios, and smartphones need functional laminates. Circuit boards used for consumer electronics need to have low transmission loss. MEGTRON laminates fall in this category. MEGTRON laminates are ideal for some home appliances such as coffee makers, microwave, and refrigerators.

Aerospace components

Aerospace devices are often exposed to harsh environmental conditions. Most times, these devices function under varying temperatures. Therefore, it is important to use high heat resistant and thermal conductive laminates in manufacturing these devices. Furthermore, aerospace PCBs require laminates that can withstand thermal shock, vibration, and extreme heat.

Industrial equipment

MEGTRON PCB laminates play a crucial role in industrial applications like power equipment, manufacturing equipment, and measuring equipment.


MEGTRON laminates are specially designed for advanced circuit boards. These laminates meet the specification and requirements demanded by high-performance applications.




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