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What are the Best Automotive PCB Manufacturers?

Automotive PCB manufacturers and suppliers are doing all they can to produce standard PCBs that ensure the efficiency of all the systems. In addition, the modern standards of the automotive industry include advanced technology. This is one reason why there are lots of questions regarding automotive PCB manufacturers in your mind.

Due to the number of automotive PCB manufacturers in the market, we have done some research and come up with some of the very best. Before that, let’s briefly talk about what an automotive PCB is.

What is an Automotive PCB?

Automotive Car PCB

An automotive PCB is a complex circuit system that can control most of the electronic operations of a car. What this means is that, when using automotive PCBs, you must ensure that it is extremely durable, very reliable, and you can get it at very competitive rates.

This is why it is very important that you work with the best automotive PCB manufacturers

8 Best Automotive PCB Manufacturers

Here are some of the best Automotive PCB manufacturers in different locations across the globe.


This is one of the automotive PCB manufacturers with about 15 years of professional experience. They also specialize in the ic design as well as manufacturing of PCBA. The products they manufacture are used widely in automotive electronics, industrial automation, smart appliances, consumer electronics, security products, RF equipment, IoT equipment, as well as other industries.

PCBANow is known all over the world and has gained the trust of over 2000 customers both abroad and home. With the high quality service, the company avoids unnecessary costs which is caused due to quality issues and helps in saving you some precious time.

RLX Solutions Inc.

RLX Solutions Inc. is a Canadian company and functions as a distributor and manufacturer. This company produces different mechanical/electronic equipment from printed circuit boards, custom mechanical components, and custom cable manufacturing.

With international representation, RLX Solutions Inc stands by their quick-turn and reliable solutions for the production and design. RLX is known as the authorized reseller and distributor for a number of semiconductor and passive components, as well as LED brands. This automotive PCB manufacturer actively offers its services in Canada and also has a very strong sales and manufacturing presence internationally in more than 100 countries.

Rayming PCB & Assembly


Rayming PCB & Assembly is also ranked among the best automotive PCB manufacturers. They are world leaders when it comes to the manufacturing as well as assembly of printed circuit boards. Established since 2005, the company is involved in offering companies of different sizes all over the world with components sourcing, PCB assembly, and PCB fabrication.

Also, Rayming PCB & Assembly offers its services in high end boards like Teflon PCB, Rogers PCB. HDI boards and more. Also, this company has created a reliable team that ensures you get the very best automotive PCB. They are skilled in every aspect regarding PCB Assembly and custom manufacturing.

Rush PCB

Rush PCB is also ranked among the best automotive PCB manufacturers. Since 1997, this company has been actively involved in the serving of the electronics industry with the assembly services and printed circuit boards all over the U.S and around the globe.

Rush PCB majorly focuses on the manufacturing of 2 – 32 layers circuit boards. They also offer complete turn-key assemblies as well as quick-turn consigned assemblies. Their services include PCB assembly, PCB design, PCB fabrication, and PCB manufacturing.

Andus Electronic

Andus Electronic was founded back in 1969, as is well-known among the top automotive PCB manufacturers.  This company is also involved in the production of printed circuit boards of high quality. They specialize in prototypes, as well as orders with small and medium sizes.

As of today, the company has more than 50 employees that are qualified. Their CAM-team is also involved in inspecting and optimizing all the files in an intensive way before it goes in for production.

In addition, their technology consultant as well as sales team helps in the preparation of quotations and answers that are easy to read. Also, with their private production facility situated in Germany, this company can deliver high quality, unrivaled speed, as well as professional service. Here, electronic developers will be able to find system solutions as well as lots of innovative technologies for printed circuit boards.


3CEMS is also included among the top automotive PCB manufacturers. This is supported by over 25 years of professional experience globally. This company keeps driving to be one of the top suppliers of the EMS industry.

3 CEMS virtually integrates the capabilities of their factories, supply chain and know-how management so as to meet even strict requirements of customers. This company offers customers a complete solution including PCBA, PCB, system integration/build and different join design services.

Agile Circuit

Agile Circuit is one of the top automotive pcb manufacturers specializing in offering solutions for different custom circuit boards. Also, they offer services of high efficiency at very competitive prices.

This company also supplies PCB boards for different applications, like consumer electronics, telecommunication, and aerospace. It also serves industrial control, automotive, military, medical as well as other top assembly industries.

This automotive PCB manufacturer started its operations in 2003, and has grown to offer different services to customers. These include PCB assembly, mass production of PCB, PCB prototypes, etc. The goal of this company is to be the best and reliable partner to customers. This they achieve by offering help in the design as well as completion of the PCB.

Bay Area Circuits

Since 1975, this is one of the best automotive manufacturers that has been involved in meeting the needs of PCB manufacturing. They offer services for high technological contract assemblers, electronics manufacturers, and the design engineers. The company’s manufacturing process includes the design, the fabrication, as well as assembly. Also, it offers the best solutions for all projects. This makes sure that there is complete quality and value for customers.


Hope we have been able to review some of the best automotive PCB manufacturers in different areas across the globe. You can do your own research to have more options in your location.




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