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Military PCB Manufacturer

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Military PCB Manufacturing

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The military has always harnessed cutting-edge technology to run successful campaigns and protect our shores. Since the 20th century, that technology has included top-of-the-line military and defense printed circuit boards.

Printed circuit boards for military and defense are often held to a higher standard than ordinary printed circuit boards because their role is so crucial, and they will be subjected to such harsh conditions. Military grade PCBs are the toughest, most efficient and most reliable printed circuit boards on the market.

Applications and Types of PCBs for Military and Defense
Military and defense PCBs can include printed circuit boards for naval operations, aviation, general defense and even space applications. Because military printed circuit board applications are so varied, it’s important to have access to a variety of PCB types so that you can be sure your military and defense PCBs will be appropriate for the electronics that use them.

Applications that use military PCB  can include:
Power supplies for the AWACS-Airborne Warning and Control System — the “Eye in the Sky”
• Auxiliary power units for radar control systems
Radio communications systems
• Control tower systems
• LED lighting systems
• Firearms and explosives testing equipment
• Underwater navigation systems
• Jet instrumentation
• Jamming systems
• Electronic countermeasures
• And many more

These military printed circuit boards will often be subjected to high pressures and stresses, meaning they will frequently require high-temperature substrates like temperature-resistant laminates, copper or aluminum. Military PCB manufacturers must produce PCBs that will resist heat-induced oxidation and effectively dissipate heat in a low-weight design.

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Rayming  has provided high-quality, long-lasting, heat-resistant PCBs for a variety of military and defense applications. Rayming is ISO 9001:2008, UL and RoHS certified, so you know you can rely on these printed circuit boards to perform well in the challenging conditions necessary for military equipment. We also manufacture a variety of types of PCBs for a wide range of military and defense applications.

If you have military or defense applications that require quality printed circuit boards, find out why Rayming is trusted by companies all over the world in virtually every major industry. Unlike many other PCB manufacturers, we do the assembly as well, so there’s no need to waste time trying to find a good assembly provider and transporting your materials between locations. We take care of everything, which means you get your printed circuit boards faster, and your operation can run more smoothly.

We stock many special material for Military use , Like : Arlon ,Taconic Pcb , Teflon PCB Material

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