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How to Do ESD Protection During SMT Assembly ?

1st  ESD ( Electrostatic Discharge ) introduction

ESD Protection at pcb soldering
  • The Generation of Electrostatic

Static electricity is an objective natural phenomenon that can be produced in a variety of ways, such as touch, friction…etc.The characteristic of Static electricity is high voltage, low power, low current and short duration of action.

It could generate static electricity of several thousand volts or even ten thousands of volts by human’s own action or touch, separate, friction or induction with other objects.

  • Harm and Protection of Static Electricity

Static electricity causes serious harm in many fields. Frictional electrification and human body static are two major hazards in the electronics industry. Static electricity is everywhere in our daily life. There is a high electrostatic voltage on our body and around us, thousands of volts or even tens of thousands of volts. Usually, you can’t realize it at all. The static electricity of a person walking through a chemical fiber carpet is about 35,000 volts. Looking at the plastic manual is about 7000 volts. This voltage could be fatal for some sensitive instruments.

The main action for electrostatic protection during production are electrostatic leakage, dissipation, neutralization, humidification, shielding and grounding. The Human electrostatic protection system mainly consists of anti-static wrist straps, ankle straps, overalls, shoes and socks, caps, gloves or finger sleeves. It has functions such as electrostatic leakage, neutralization and shielding.

Electrostatic protection work is a long-term system engineering. Any link of error or omission, will lead to the failure of electrostatic protection.

2ndWear of Electrostatic clothing and use of Air shower Room

Wear electrostatic clothes and cap before entering the clean room (the hair should not be exposed), open the front door of the air shower and enter the inner door. The air shower automatically induces air blow for 10 seconds. After the wind stops, open the back door of air shower room and close it quickly. Note: Be sure to wait until the wind stops before opening the back door of the air shower. During the blowing process, do not touch the internal air outlet and body parts by hand. Do not touch the left and right sides of the air shower room. The internal control panel cannot be adjusted privately.

3rd  Proper use of ESD appliances

How to Do ESD Protection During SMT Assembly

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