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Quick Turn PCB Assembly

Quick Turn PCB Assembly  offer Quick Turn PCB Assembly and Rapid PCB Prototype for your research projects . As one stop PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly provider , RayMing Technology provide high quality Quick Turn PCB assembly service solution that can assemble your PCBs as per your specifications in as little as 72 hours .

1. Quick turn PCB prototyping in as little as 24 hours

At RayMing  we understand that speed is an essential part of the modern business equation. Quick Turn PCB fabrication and PCB assembly services are the foundation of our business. Our highly experienced manufacturing personnel are ready and willing to do “whatever it takes” to serve your New Product Introduction (NPI), PCB Prototyping, Bread Boarding and Modeling & Engineering needs.

If you have a electronic project that needs to be done rushly , look no further than RayMing. We have the quick turn PCB capabilities to meet your tough project deadlines. We have procedures in place to assure your PCB order is expedited throughout the entire process, from quoting to shipping. Our quick turn process, like all of our other services, is completed all in under one roof, with no out-sourcing. RayMing is proud to offer our quick turn PCB services to all customers, including full certification for defense ,industry ,automotive products.

Our quick turn PCB circuit boards are processed rapidly, without sacrificing the high level of quality that customers have come to expect from RayMing .

1.PCB fabrication in as little as 24 hours (  single sided PCB / Double Sided PCB ,4Layer PCB )
2.Interactive digital systems in place to assure rapid quoting, order entry, engineering, tooling, fabrication, testing and shipping
3. ALL under one roof of FABRICATION of standard PCB processing
4.Total PCB Manufacturing control of build time and product quality

2. Quick Turn Electronic components procurement for assembly 

Quick Turn Electronic components procurement

Electronic component parts procurement for PCB Assembly on average requires about 10 to 12 purchase orders to be placed with various suppliers.

At RayMing Technology, we have solved this issue by establishing and maintaining strong relationships with key component distributors: Digikey, Mouser, Newark, and Arrow. Our established business relationships assure our customers the highest quality service for the price. What this all means for your business is that your are now free to concentrate on your core competencies like: product development, sales, marketing, supply chain management, etc.

1.Strong alliances with key component distributors
2.Prototype and Production Quantities Welcome
3. Quick-turn Procurement Available
4.Large Volume Discounts
5.Worldwide Network with Access to International Stock
6.In-House Stock – Common values, tolerances and sizes of passive devices in stock
Whether RayMing Technology procures your electronic components (fully or partially), or you provide a consigned kit (full or partial). You will be completely satisfied with our professional electric components procurement service from our material manangement team.

3.Quick Turn PCB Assembly 

Basing on fast PCB manufacturing and Quick turn components procurement support , We can guarantee the pcb assembly production .

Our PCB assembly lead times are the shortest in the industry. For prototype PCBs, we have lead times of 24/48 hours or 5/10 days. For low-volume production orders, you can choose lead times of 10, 15 or 20 days. For mid-volume production orders, we offer 15, 20, or 25 days.

Utilizing the most sophisticated surface mount and through-hole equipment, we can assemble a wide variety of PCBs, including SMT, through-hole and mixed technology. We also do BGA rework and X-Ray testing. We can assemble single-sided or double-sided PCB with surface mount packages.

RayMing  can take on every aspect of your Prototype PCB assembly process, or we can just take your kit and files and get started. We offer custom board fabrication capabilities by ourself  (12 years PCB Manufacturing experience ); we can source some or all of your parts; and we can even help with changing design and layout. In addition, we can move your prototype to short-run production  or volume commitment, or we can pass it on to full-scale production with our volume manufacturing partner.

If you are a niche electronics designers who need short runs of extremely high-end boards, mass market engineers who need very fast, highly reliable prototypes, and designers working on the next big thing. Then you come to right Place , RayMing will be your best partner .