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TOP 30 Electronic Manufacturing Services Companies in the world

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The Services of Manufacturing Electronics
The Services of Manufacturing Electronics

The electronic manufacturing services (EMS) industry plays a crucial role in the production of electronic components and end products for a variety of industries. EMS companies manufacture electronic components and assemblies for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) based on their specifications.

The EMS industry has grown rapidly over the past few decades, driven by the rising demand for electronic products and the trend of OEMs outsourcing manufacturing to external suppliers. Some key benefits of outsourcing to EMS providers include access to advanced manufacturing capabilities, flexibility, and cost savings.

This article provides an overview of the top 30 EMS companies in the world, based on revenue. The rankings offer insight into the major players in the competitive EMS market landscape. Understanding who the leaders are can help OEMs select the right manufacturing partner for their needs.

Ranking Methodology

The companies on this list were ranked according to their annual revenue from EMS activities. The financial data used is from the most recent fiscal year available for each company.

When available, the revenue specific to EMS was used. For some companies that do not report standalone EMS revenue, an estimate based on percentage of business attributed to EMS was utilized.

This ranking aims to provide the most accurate list of leading global EMS firms available. The rankings will be updated annually as new financial data becomes public.

Top 30 Electronic Manufacturing Services Companies Rankings

1. Foxconn

Headquarters: New Taipei City, Taiwan

2022 EMS Revenue: $172.7 billion

Foxconn, also known as Hon Hai Precision Industry, is the undisputed leader in the EMS industry. The Taiwan-based firm generates over $170 billion in annual revenue from manufacturing services.

Foxconn operates massive production facilities in China and has expanded operations globally. It is best known as the major iPhone assembler for Apple but also manufactures electronic products for many other major brands.

2. Pegatron

Headquarters: Taipei, Taiwan

2022 EMS Revenue: $59.3 billion

Pegatron is another leading Taiwanese EMS provider that spun off from Asustek Computer in 2008. The company focuses on producing computers, consumer electronics, IoT products, and communication devices.

Pegatron is a major assembler of Apple products, including iPhones and MacBooks. Other major customers include Microsoft and Dell. The company has production bases in Taiwan, China, Mexico, and Indonesia.

3. Flex

Headquarters: Singapore

2022 EMS Revenue: $27.7 billion

Flex is among the largest EMS companies headquartered outside of Taiwan. Formerly known as Flextronics, it provides design, engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain services to a range of industries.

Flex operates a global network of production facilities and customer service centers. Some of its major customers include HP, Lenovo, Fitbit, and Nest. Flex acquired Wink smart home products from Flex in 2019.

4. Jabil

Headquarters: St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

2022 EMS Revenue: $32.2 billion

Jabil is a leading American EMS company providing manufacturing, supply chain, and product management services. The company serves major customers across healthcare, automotive, and other industries.

Some of Jabil’s prominent customers include Apple, Cisco, HP, Johnson & Johnson, Siemens, and Samsung. Jabil has production facilities in 29 countries across the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

5. Sanmina

Headquarters: San Jose, California, USA

2022 EMS Revenue: $19.4 billion

Sanmina manufactures components, equipment, and complete products for OEMs in industries such as communications, computing, medical, defense, automotive, and industrial.

The company’s major customers include IBM, Intel, Cisco, Honeywell, and Siemens. Sanmina operates a network of manufacturing sites across North America, Europe, and Asia.

6. Plexus

Headquarters: Neenah, Wisconsin, USA

2022 EMS Revenue: $3.5 billion

Plexus specializes in providing design, manufacturing, and fulfillment solutions to companies in the healthcare/life sciences, industrial/commercial, communications, and defense/security/aerospace sectors.

The company’s customers include GE Healthcare, Philips, Siemens, Liebert, and NordicSemiconductor. Plexus has manufacturing facilities in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

7. Benchmark Electronics

Headquarters: Tempe, Arizona, USA

2022 EMS Revenue: $2.3 billion

Benchmark Electronics is a leading EMS provider focused on high-end products for medical, aerospace/defense, telecom, and industrial applications. Major customers include Medtronic, GE Healthcare, Boeing, and Ball Aerospace.

Benchmark operates advanced manufacturing facilities in the Americas, Asia, and Europe. The company also offers product design, test development, and supply chain services.

8. Celestica

Headquarters: Toronto, Canada

2022 EMS Revenue: $6.2 billion

Celestica is one of the largest Canadian EMS providers. It offers design, manufacturing, hardware platform, and supply chain solutions to deliver enterprise-level and consumer products.

Key customers span the aerospace and defense, industrial, energy, healthtech, capital equipment, and connectivity markets. Celestica has production and design facilities across the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

9. USI

Headquarters: Taipei, Taiwan

2022 EMS Revenue: $6.4 billion

Formerly known as Universal Scientific Industrial, USI is a global manufacturer of electronic components, computer products, and communications equipment.

The company serves customers in the automotive electronics, industrial, healthcare, infotainment, green energy, and IT sectors. USI operates manufacturing sites in China, Mexico, Poland, and Taiwan.

10. Zollner Elektronik

Headquarters: Zandt, Germany

2022 EMS Revenue: $1.8 billion

Zollner is the largest European-based EMS provider on the list. The German company specializes in manufacturing electronic components, devices, and mechanical modules for the automotive, industrial, medical technology and aerospace sectors.

Major customers include Bosch, Siemens, Philips, GE, and BMW. Zollner has over 10,000 employees worldwide, with most of its production facilities located in Germany, China, and the Czech Republic.

11. BYD Electronic

Headquarters: Shenzhen, China

2022 EMS Revenue: $5.2 billion

BYD Electronic is the EMS subsidiary of Chinese company BYD (Build Your Dreams) which specializes in electric vehicles and batteries. The Shenzhen-based provider manufactures smartphones, computers, medical devices, vehicles, IoT products and other electronic equipment.

12. Enics

Headquarters: Zürich, Switzerland

2022 EMS Revenue: $1.4 billion

Enics is an EMS company headquartered in Switzerland that specializes in industrial electronics and embedded systems. It has manufacturing operations across Europe and Asia.

Enics serves over 100 customers in the transportation, industrial automation, energy, and medical technology markets. The company offers comprehensive manufacturing and supply chain services.

13. New Kinpo Group

Headquarters: Tucheng, Taiwan

2022 EMS Revenue: $6.3 billion

The New Kinpo Group, founded in 1973, is one of the early pioneers of the EMS industry in Taiwan. This group provides end-to-end manufacturing services through its subsidiaries including Cal-Comp, Kinpo, and AcBel Polytech.

New Kinpo’s customers span the printer, healthcare, clean energy, and automotive industries. The company has major manufacturing bases in China, Thailand, Mexico, and the Philippines.

14. Sumitronics

Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan

2022 EMS Revenue: $2.2 billion

Sumitronics is one of the leading Japanese EMS companies, especially strong in high-mix, low-volume manufacturing for a range of industries including automotive, industrial, medical, and aerospace.

The company provides services encompassing product design, materials procurement, manufacturing, quality assurance, and global supply chain management. Sumitronics has production bases in Japan, Malaysia, China, and Hungary.

15. SIIX

Headquarters: Mito, Japan

2022 EMS Revenue: $1.7 billion

SIIX stands for Shinko Infra Industrial IXC Corporation. The company provides manufacturing services for semiconductor production equipment, automotive components, industrial robotics, and aerospace products.

SIIX customers include companies like Applied Materials, Panasonic, Canon, Toyota, Honda, and Boeing. The company has manufacturing facilities in Japan, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Mexico.

16. BH Electronics

Headquarters: Davenport, Iowa, USA

2022 EMS Revenue: $550 million

BH Electronics specializes in low-to-medium volume, high-mix EMS for mission-critical defense, aerospace, and industrial applications. The company was founded in 1953.

BH Electronics emphasizes precision machined metals manufacturing combined with complete box-build assembly. It has operations in the U.S. and Mexico serving customers across North America.

17. Saline Lectronics

Headquarters: Saline, Michigan, USA

2022 EMS Revenue: $351 million

Saline Lectronics is an American EMS company providing electronics manufacturing and cable assembly services, including design engineering.

The company specializes in low-to-medium volume, high-mix production runs. Its clients include Fortune 500 companies in the industrial, medical, aerospace, and automotive sectors.

18. MC Assembly

Headquarters: Melbourne, Florida, USA

2022 EMS Revenue: $292 million

MC Assembly focuses on providing low-to-medium volume EMS solutions for industrial equipment, transportation, aerospace/defense, instrumentation, and medical devices.

The company, founded in 1992, specializes in surface mount and through-hole component placement, box builds, and full product assembly. MC Assembly’s manufacturing facilities are located in Florida and Massachusetts.


Headquarters: Dundalk, Ireland

2022 EMS Revenue: $1.1 billion

NOTE is an EMS company providing hardware manufacturing services and solutions with operations across Europe and Asia-Pacific. NOTE’s core industries include industrial, medical, telecom, defense, and automotive.

Major customers include Philips, GE Healthcare, Parker Hannifin, Siemens, Bosch, and Axis Communications. The company has factories in Sweden, Estonia, China, and the UK.

20. TT Electronics

Headquarters: Woking, UK

2022 EMS Revenue: $523 million

TT Electronics provides EMS and manufacturing services for critical applications in the aerospace, defense, transportation, and industrial markets.

The company has capabilities in advanced printed circuit board assembly, component sourcing, precision metal work, electromechanical assembly, and more. TT Electronics operates facilities across Europe and North America.

21. Key Tronic

Headquarters: Spokane Valley, Washington, USA

2022 EMS Revenue: $472 million

Key Tronic is a leading independent EMS provider focused on electronic product manufacturing services for industrial, medical, automotive, and consumer OEMs.

The company operates production facilities in the U.S., Mexico, and China. Key Tronic’s capabilities include PCB assemblies, full system builds, precision molding, and engineering services.

22. Asteelflash

Headquarters: Paris, France

2022 EMS Revenue: $725 million

Asteelflash provides manufacturing services and supply chain solutions for a variety of technology industries including industrial, defense & aerospace, medical, telecom, and automotive.

The company has production facilities across Europe, the Americas, and Asia. Asteelflash emphasizes agility and flexibility in supporting its customers’ needs.

23. VTech EMS

Headquarters: Dongguan, China

2022 EMS Revenue: $580 million

VTech EMS is the manufacturing arm of Hong Kong-based VTech Holdings which produces electronic learning products, telecommunication, and electronic contracting manufacturing services.

The company provides one-stop EMS for a range of consumer, commercial, and industrial electronic devices. VTech EMS operates facilities in China, Malaysia, and Mexico.

24. Compass Electronics

Headquarters: San Jose, California, USA

2022 EMS Revenue: $262 million

Compass Electronics offers advanced electronics manufacturing services focused on aerospace, defense, medical, and industrial applications requiring high quality and reliability.

The company specializes in low-to-medium volume, high-mix assembly. Compass Electronics’ capabilities include surface mount assembly, box builds, cables, and precision machining.

25. Sigmatron

Headquarters: Elk Grove Village, Illinois, USA

2022 EMS Revenue: $259 million

Sigmatron provides EMS solutions from complex circuit boards to complete product manufacturing and testing. The company serves industrial, telecom, medical, defense, and other technology customers.

Sigmatron’s capabilities include PCB fabrication and assembly, systems integration, and global supply chain services. It operates manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and China.

26. SMTC

Headquarters: Toronto, Canada

2022 EMS Revenue: $418 million

SMTC Corporation is a mid-size EMS company providing end-to-end manufacturing services ranging from design to post-production support.

The company focuses on the aerospace and defense, industrial IoT, telecom, and medical sectors. SMTC operates manufacturing facilities, engineering centers, and customer service sites across North America, Europe, and Asia.

27. IMI

Headquarters: Huntersville, North Carolina, USA

2022 EMS Revenue: $176 million

IMI specializes in offering one-stop electronics manufacturing services for medical device OEMs such as contract manufacturing, precision machining, cable and harness assembly, and printed circuit board assembly.

The company has in-depth experience supporting the hi-reliability product requirements for the medical industry. IMI has manufacturing operations in North Carolina and the Dominican Republic.

28. Ducommun

Headquarters: Carson, California, USA

2022 EMS Revenue: $553 million

Ducommun provides engineering services and manufactures electronic components and assemblies for the aerospace & defense and industrial technology markets.

The company specializes in small-to-medium size, high-complexity assemblies and sub-assemblies production. Ducommun operates strategically located operations in the U.S. and Mexico.

29. Vexos

Headquarters: Markham, Canada

2022 EMS Revenue: $230 million

Vexos is a full-service EMS provider delivering complete product lifecycle support from prototyping to high-volume manufacture. The company specializes in assemblies for the networking, telecom, industrial, and medical industries.

Vexos provides manufacturing and supply chain solutions tailored to meet each customer’s specific market requirements. The company has facilities in Canada, the U.S., China, and Vietnam.

30. Creation Technologies

Headquarters: Burnaby, Canada

2022 EMS Revenue: $523 million

Creation Technologies is an EMS company providing complete end-to-end manufacturing solutions and supply chain services globally.

The company specializes in serving diverse markets including IoT & wireless, medical, cleantech, telecom, and industrial equipment. Creation has 9 manufacturing locations across North America and Asia.

Key Takeaways and Trends

  • The EMS industry is dominated by Taiwanese electronics manufacturing giants Foxconn and Pegatron which serve as major suppliers to Apple. They lead the ranking by a wide margin in terms of annual revenue.
  • Other top global EMS leaders are headquartered in the U.S., Singapore, and Germany. Most large EMS providers operate a network of manufacturing facilities across the Americas, Europe, and Asia.
  • The world’s leading EMS companies serve a diverse range of industries from consumer electronics to automotive, aerospace, medical devices, and industrial equipment.
  • EMS manufacturing for high-mix, low-to-medium volume production runs remains an important niche served by specialized providers on the list.
  • The EMS industry is highly fragmented with the top 30 companies representing only a portion of the estimated $500 billion global market. There are thousands of smaller EMS providers worldwide.

Overall, the leading EMS providers are positioned to support the continuing rise in outsourced electronic manufacturing services across technology sectors. Understanding the capabilities of the top EMS companies can benefit OEMs seeking an optimal manufacturing partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Electronic Devices Manufacturing
Electronic Devices Manufacturing

Q: What are the typical services offered by EMS companies?

A: EMS companies offer a wide range of services that can encompass the entire product lifecycle. Typical services include:

  • Design engineering, prototyping
  • PCB fabrication and assembly
  • Precision machining, plastics molding
  • System assembly and integration
  • Testing, validation, quality control
  • Supply chain management, materials procurement
  • Repairs, refurbishment, aftermarket support
  • Product miniaturization, optimization

Q: What industries use EMS the most?

A: The top industries utilizing EMS include:

  • Consumer electronics – smartphones, tablets, wearables
  • Computing and networking – servers, routers, switches
  • Telecommunications infrastructure
  • Automotive electronics
  • Medical devices
  • Industrial automation
  • Aerospace and defense

EMS is commonly leveraged where electronic content is increasing in products across sectors.

Q: What are the main benefits of outsourcing manufacturing to EMS providers?

A: The potential benefits include:

  • Access to advanced manufacturing technologies and processes
  • Specialized expertise outside of OEMs’ core competencies
  • Improved focus on product design, marketing, brand management
  • Faster time-to-market for new product introductions




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