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Medical PCB Assembly Contract Manufacturer


Medical devices rely on printed circuit boards (PCBs) as the core platform enabling complex electronic functionality. For medical OEMs developing new products, partnering with an experienced medical PCB assembly manufacturer is critical to ensure reliable, high-quality boards that meet stringent medical requirements. This guide examines key considerations when selecting a contract manufacturer for medical PCB assembly along with an in-depth look at Rayming Technology as a leading choice.

Medical PCB Assembly Challenges

Medical PCBs present a number of unique challenges compared to commercial consumer electronics:

High Reliability Requirements

  • Products involve health and safety considerations
  • PCBs cannot fail and cause patient harm
  • Rigorous design, components, processes for reliability

Complex Mixed-Signal Circuits

Regulatory Approvals

  • FDA and regional regulatory requirements
  • Validation of processes, suppliers, materials
  • Lot traceability and change control documentation

Low to Medium Volumes

  • New product introduction and design revisions
  • Limited production runs for specificity
  • Flexible lines optimized for varying volumes

These factors demand an assembly partner with specialized expertise in medical PCB manufacturing.

Key Capabilities for Medical PCB Assembly

To reliably assemble advanced medical PCBs, the contract manufacturer must offer:

Controlled Processes

  • Environmentally controlled production areas (ESD, temp, humidity)
  • Validated and documented assembly processes
  • Extensive monitoring and measurement at each process stage

Advanced Technology

  • SMT lines capable of fine feature component loading < 0402
  • Automated optical inspection and x-ray for catches faults
  • Specialized packaging lines for sterile sealing

Quality Systems

  • ISO 13485 certified for medical manufacturing
  • Incoming and in-process inspection per IPC class 3 requirements
  • Traceability of components and PCBs by serial number

High Reliability Experience

  • Skilled production team familiar with medical PCB requirements
  • Material selection and design guidance tailored for reliability
  • Extensive defect testing and HAST/ESS environmental stress screening

Regulatory Expertise

  • Support design history file documentation for FDA submissions
  • Compliance with medical standards like IEC 60601 and IEC 62304
  • Assist with risk management, FMEA, hazard mitigations

Very few contract manufacturers can meet all these requirements to produce high reliability, clinical-grade PCB assemblies.

Selecting a Medical PCB Assembly Partner

When evaluating potential partners for medical PCB assembly, key selection criteria include:

Proven Experience

  • Years of demonstrated expertise manufacturing medical boards
  • Case studies and customer references from medical OEMs
  • Evidence of successfully passing medical device audits

Quality Certifications

  • ISO 13485 certification for medical QMS
  • FDA registered and compliant for medical builds
  • Certifications from UL, CSA, TUV SUD, etc.

Technical Capabilities

  • Leading edge SMT lines, inspection tools, packaging automation
  • Skilled engineering team with medical PCB expertise
  • Capacity for volumes required by product

Service and Support

  • Collaborative engineering engagement throughout the project
  • Supply chain services like component sourcing and inventory
  • Post-manufacturing support like warranty repairs or sustaining production

Business Considerations

  • Competitive pricing suitable for medical cost structure
  • Geographic location and logistics chain
  • Willingness to sign NDA and manage sensitive IP

Thoroughly vet potential assembly partners on these criteria before selecting the right match based on specific program needs.

Rayming – A Trusted Medical PCB Assembly Partner

medical-PCB Assembly

Rayming Technology stands out as one of the leading medical PCB assembly contract manufacturing partners. With over 15 years focused solely on advanced PCB manufacturing, Rayming has gained extensive expertise across medical, industrial, automotive, and business machine industries.

Optimized for Medium Volumes

Rayming’s specialty is mid-size runs from 50 to 10000+ units. This aligns well with medical product ramp up prior to higher volume production.

End-to-End Services

Rayming supports the entire electronics production cycle including PCB fabrication, assembly, testing, enclosure/packaging, and cable harnessing.

Mature Quality Systems

Certified to ISO 13485, ISO 9001, and IATF 16949. Strict process controls and detailed documentation.

High Reliability Focus

Their operational mindset centers on controlling variability and faults to achieve the highest reliability.

US Office Support

Sales and engineering staff based in Silicon Valley provide dedicated support bridging language/cultural barriers.

ITAR Registered

Can support defense projects and other export controlled electronics.

Rayming possesses all the major traits of an ideal medical PCB assembly partner:

  • Decades of real-world expertise in medical PCB technology
  • Mature quality systems and rigorous process control
  • State-of-the-art production capabilities
  • Obsessive focus on reliability and zero-defects
  • Complete end-to-end services from prototype through volume production
  • Cultural alignment with Western product development

These strengths enable Rayming to deliver certified, high-quality PCB assemblies for new product introduction through sustained manufacturing. Their balance of cutting edge technical capabilities, cleanroom level process control, and collaborative engineering support makes them widely trusted among medical OEMs.

Rayming Medical PCB Assembly Capabilities

Medical Devices PCBA
Medical Devices PCBA

To give a closer look at their technical capabilities, Rayming offers advanced assembly, test, and packaging suited to complex medical PCBs:

SMT Lines

  • 12+ high-precision Fuji NXT SMT lines
  • Capable of 01005 components and 0.3mm pitch QFNs
  • Multiple lines have conformal coating stations

Test and Inspection

  • Flying probe electrical test
  • 2D and 3D automated optical inspection
  • Powered X-ray inspection of solder joints
  • ICT bed-of-nails testing

Functional Test

  • Custom functional test fixture design
  • Automated multi-probe test stations
  • Environmental stress testing

Packaging and Sterilization

  • Medical device packaging including forming, sealing, printing
  • Cleanroom assembly environment
  • Sterilization via ETO, gamma irradiation

These leading-edge production capabilities ensure the highest reliability and performance standards for sensitive medical electronics.

Certifications and Compliance

Rayming maintains internationally recognized certifications required for medical PCB assembly:

  • ISO 13485 – Comprehensive medical QMS
  • ISO 9001 – Quality management systems
  • ISO 14001 – Environmental management
  • IATF 16949 – Automotive manufacturing QMS
  • ANSI/ESD S20.20 – ESD control compliance
  • RoHS – Restriction of hazardous substances
  • REACH – Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals
  • FDA – Registered and compliant for medical device manufacturing

Their rigorous quality framework provides full validation and control over processes, supply chain, facilities, equipment maintenance, change control, traceability, document control, and every other element critical for medical assemblies.

Rayming’s Medical PCB Assembly Experience

Rayming has partnered with dozens of medical OEMs to deliver certified PCB assemblies for a wide range of applications:

  • Patient monitors, AEDs, vital sign measurement devices
  • Endoscopy, laparoscopy, ultrasound, imaging systems
  • Respirators, oxygen concentrators, ventilators
  • Dialysis systems, infusion pumps, robotic surgical tools
  • Hearing aids, cochlear implants, wearable diagnostics
  • Telehealth systems, digital health electronics
  • Diagnostic systems like blood analysis, DNA sequencing
  • Radiation therapy machines, laser surgery tools

These projects demonstrate Rayming’s expertise across high-volume patient care systems, precision surgical devices, implantable products, and leading-edge diagnostic instruments. Their team understands the stringent requirements and sensitivities of medical electronics manufacturing.


For medical device developers seeking a manufacturing partner for PCB assembly, Rayming Technology stands out as a premier choice combining state-of-the-art technical capabilities, rigorous quality control, and collaborative engineering support. Their medical focus makes Rayming an ideal long-term partner for PCB assembly manufacturing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Medical Surgery
Medical Surgery

What key factors make medical PCB assembly unique?

Medical PCB assembly has specialized requirements including:

  • Extremely high reliability – flawless operation for health and safety
  • Strict regulatory compliance – FDA, ISO 13485
  • Medium volumes with frequent ECNs as products enhance
  • High complexity – advanced microcircuits and miniaturization
  • Sensitivity of IP and patient data

What certifications should a medical PCB assembler have?

At minimum, medical OEMs should look for:

  • ISO 13485 – Comprehensive medical QMS
  • FDA registration for medical device manufacturing
  • Other relevant compliance like IEC 60601, RoHS, REACH
  • SMT assembly certifications from IPC

What technical capabilities are most important?

Critical medical PCB assembly capabilities include:

  • Ultra-precision SMT lines capable of micro-scale components
  • Automated optical and X-ray inspection to catch faults
  • Environmental stress testing (HAST, temp cycle, vibration)
  • Sterile packaging assembly and sealing
  • Conformal coating, potting, and other protection

How is component sourcing different for medical projects?

Medical component sourcing requires:

  • Sourcing parts specifically rated for medical use
  • Ensuring component authenticity and anti-counterfeiting
  • Complete traceability for each device in a PCB assembly
  • Controlling revisions and change history
  • Managing much longer lifecycles – 10+ years

What should I look for in a medical CM’s team?

The best medical electronics assemblers have:

  • Extensive specialized expertise in medical PCB technology
  • Engineers experienced bringing medical devices through regulatory approvals
  • A meticulous, zero-defects culture focused on reliability
  • Strong documentation and change control discipline
  • Attention to IP protection and data security




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