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Looking Rogers 6002 PCB Manufacturing

Rogers is known for producing high-grade circuit materials that meet the demands of high-reliability designs in our world today. Rogers 6002 is the first laminate with a low dielectric constant (Dk) that offers excellent mechanical and electrical properties needed to build microwave structures. RT/duroid 6002 is reinforced with woven glass which provides more structural support by making the ratio of PTFE to glass high.

RT/duroid 6002 laminates are known to produce microwave structures that are electrically stable and mechanically reliable. These laminates were introduced in the late 1980s and this changed what microwave engineers used for circuit board materials.  Before then, engineers could choose laminates having high or low Dk depending on polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE).

Designers realized that these materials have high coefficients of thermal expansion that could result in dimensional stability issues.  However, duroid 6002 made things better since it was designed to enable mechanical and electrical stability against any type of temperature.

Rogers 6002 laminates gave designers the opportunity to develop a multilayer board and combine it with FR4 to make boards that covered the frequencies required in high-reliability applications. These laminates were designed to offer better benefits and as well as address the disadvantages of PTFE-based materials.

Rogers Corporation designed these laminates with accuracy in mind. These materials don’t only provide great mechanical and electrical properties, but it also helps to build high-frequency multilayer boards with great yields. With duroid 6002, designers can be assured of the long-term reliability of plated through hole (PTH).

Properties of Rogers 6002

Rogers 6002 PCB

Rogers 6002 laminates have many properties which make them the ideal choice in several applications. The properties include:

Dielectric constant of 2.94 ±40: Rogers 6002 laminates offer exceptional dielectric constant which makes it ideal to be used in multilayer constructions.

Low thermal coefficient: The thermal coefficient of Dk is very low in Rogers 6002 and as such, this provides designers the electrical balance required in today’s applications.

Low Z-axis coefficient of thermal expansion: The CTE is very low and this helps to achieve great reliability of PTH. According to the Rogers 6002 datasheet, materials have been temperature cycled for more than 5000 cycles and no failure has been recorded.

Low tensile modulus: The tensile modulus (X, Y) is very low and this decreases the stress used to solder joints, thereby allowing the laminate’s expansion to be controlled by a low amount of CTE metal.

Exceptional dimensional stability: Rogers 6002 offers dimensional stability of about 0.5 mils per inch. This is achieved by linking the X and Y coefficient of expansion to copper. This will get rid of double etching and ensure tight positional tolerances.  

Dissipation factor of .0012 at 10GHz: The dissipation factor of Rogers 6002 is considered very low. The dissipation factor measures the loss-rate energy of mechanical and electrical properties in a dissipative system.

Advantages of Rogers 6002

Rogers 6002 was designed to have better and more advantages. This laminate consists of polytetrafluoroethylene and ceramics. RT/duroid 6002 offers several solutions to the needs of designers.

Low loss: Low loss in Rogers 6002 ensures there is a great performance at high frequency. This also guarantees exceptional electrical and mechanical performances. It features a low-loss dielectric constant that meets most electrical needs.

Thickness tolerance: This laminate has controlled permittivity that ensures an excellent thickness tolerance. Its thickness tolerance makes Rogers 6002 better in some applications.

Outstanding mechanical and electrical performance: Duroid 6002 is known for its great mechanical and electrical performance. This laminate offers both mechanical and electrical balance when it is used in any application.

Low exhaust rate: The low exhaust rate makes it an ideal material for aviation use.  This laminate is an important material in the aviation industry. Rogers 6002 is a remarkable material in building aircraft.

Long-term reliability: Rogers 6002 offers long-term reliability, this benefit gives this laminate an edge over some laminates.  Antenna designers, spacecraft designers, and microwave designers consider reliability when choosing circuit board materials.

Low amount of outgassing: This laminate is a good material for space application because of its low levels of outgassing. This material releases low gas when it is exposed to vacuum or heat. Outgassing is a major concern for spacecraft designers that build electronics used in environments with high vacuum.  Only high-quality laminates like RT/duroid are suitable for spacecraft applications.

Rogers 6002 Application Fields

Rogers 6002 laminates are used in various fields due to their mechanical and electrical performance required to build structures that are stable both mechanically and electrically. These materials are used in the following fields:

Aerospace: Rogers 6002 is used by aerospace designers because of its high reliability. Since 6002 is a high-quality, compact, and reliable material it is used for building electronic equipment used in aerospace. These circuits have high chemical stability, low thermal expansion coefficient, thermal resistance, etc. which make them an ideal option for aerospace electronics.

Beam Forming Networks: Beam-forming networks transform signals from small antennas into a more directional antenna. Beam-formers are utilized in communications. Phased array, active electronically steerable antenna, and passive electronically steerable antenna are possible beam forming networks. Rogers 6002 is used in designing beam forming networks due to its low loss for high-frequency performance.

Phased Array Antennas: Dielectric constant and low loss performance are some of the features of Rogers 6002. Antenna designers choose this duroid because of this feature. Rogers 6002 was specifically designed to be used in fabricating antennas and high-speed digital boards. Designed for great electrical and mechanical stability with low losses, these laminates are ideal for phased array antennas.

Power Backplane: Power backplanes are known to utilize printed circuit boards. These backplanes are used in minicomputers and other applications. Rogers 6002 are laminates useful in designing power backplanes. Its thickness tolerance is another reason this material is used in this application.


Rogers 6002 has been used for non-planar and flat structures like microwave circuits, complex multilayer circuits, and antennas.  These laminates are suitable for use in space, multilayer constructions due to the high reliability of PTH. While there are several laminates available, choosing high-frequency laminates like Rogers 6002 helps to achieve both electrical and mechanical balance.

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