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How to Choose PCB Thickness in Layout

There are numerous factors playing a role during the process of manufacturing and purchasing of a Printed Circuit Board (PCB). Such factors comprise of components, weight, and profile of the PCB; however, thickness is also one of the major factors to consider. The answer to the question why is that thickness is affecting resistance and conductivity which are key players in considerations for matching the requirements of PCB. Thickness of PCB is playing a crucial role in its functionality. Conventionally, the manufacturer or designer is providing all of the information of how and where the PCB is going to be used. The requirements are helping in accessing the specified thickness for the appropriate environment or application where such PCB is going to be used.

Available Thickness options of Printed Circuit Boards

The customer support staff of RayPCB is intelligent, dedicated, and very friendly who are available 24/7 for serving customers from all across the globe. The customer service staff is helping customers in answering their questions and queries regarding each problem they face including the latest cutting-edge technology. Numerous of customers worldwide are asking our customer support team regarding the thickness options we offer at RayPCB. When customers get to know of the vast variety of options that we offer in thickness and selection of our Standard PCB Stackups, they feel happy and satisfied. The printed circuit board assembly process that we offer is customizable and can be regenerated according to specific needs of customers.

At RayPCB, we are capable to follow any kind of specifications that customer may require for printed and manufacturing their PCBs, right from single to multiple cores to that of the relative thickness of prepreg layers which are separating the current carrying traces. The trust of our customer is because of the extensive customizability that we offer along with our dedicated procedures of quality management. Our customers trust us in both higher quality PCB assembly and higher quality PCB fabrication.

Thickness Ranges

There is an extensive range of thickness of PCB that can be accomplished through combination of various sheet prepreg and core thicknesses. At RayPCB we are offering standard options for the thickness of all layers to be laminated on PCBs which range from 0.008 to 0.240 inches. The standard options are given in table below.

The table above illustrates that at RayPCB we can follow thickness of any requirement and range which is best suitable for a specific PCB project.

Other Services of RayPCB Regarding Thickness of PCBs

With offering flexibility in the sizing options for PCBs we are also providing a vast selection of the materials for lamination to make it sure that we are delivering the high-quality products which are suiting specific needs and requirements. The processes which we offer are covering all of your needs irrespective of the application requirement for the metal core PCBs or high temperature PCBs, for the high-power projects, or consistent and lower dielectric constant for high density interconnect and high frequency applications.

We are offering a selection of standard Printed Circuit Boards options for the PCB projects which don’t have a heavy demand as per convenience of customers which are easily specified for achieving maximum efficiency when it comes to both cost and lead time. The standard PCB size that we offer at RayPCB is about 1.6mm or 0.063 inches.

In a fewer applications for having a controlled dielectric constant or controlled impedance, core thickness of circuit boards along with solder mask coating must be considered. Whereas whenever calculating the trace impedance, the impact of solder mask must not be neglected along with the conformal coating of PCBs wherever applicable. Generally speaking, the solder mask is decreasing the impedance over thin traces, moreover the solder mask is having lesser impact when the thickness of trace is increasing.

The surface finishing of the PCBs is not contributing in a significant manner to the thickness of the printed circuit boards. There are a number of surface finishing options available at RayPCB, any of which can be implemented for giving exact thickness required as per specification of your PCB project. We are capable of customizing the surface finishing of your printed circuit boards which will suit the requirements of thickness, such as full body hard gold, selective gold plating, OSP, silver immersion, tin immersion, ENIG, and HASL etc.

The impacts of all of the above options is varying in assembling process, consistency, serviceable life, availability, and rate only. Each and every surface finishing mentioned above has its own advantages at its place, however the nature of your product is going to define the appropriate surface finishing which is best suitable for application you are targeting. Therefore, we are always recommending our customers that their designer must coordinate with us in a constant manner so that an ideal surface finishing may be selected for the intended printed circuit board. This is also ensuring that you will have better and competitive pricing advantage at the time when PCB is delivered.

The driving ambition of RayPCB is delivering high quality services to its customers with competitive prices. Such offer is valid for all customers belonging to any nation of the world. Our dedicated team is always feeling happy to have coordination and collaboration with customers so as to determine the efficient and cost-effective structure for achieving best performance and reduce overall cost of the PCB project. The willingness and flexibility of our employee team is offering a chance for superior services than our competitor companies. Therefore, if you are in need of Printed Circuit Board manufacturing services, then call us today on our toll-free number or email us. Our customer support representative will contact you shortly and guide you through process. If you are satisfied with our offered services, then get an online quote now by visiting our website.

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