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2 OZ Copper PCB

2 OZ Copper PCB is better than 1 Oz , Now more and more PCB design is prefer to use 2oz for their design , 2 Oz cost higher than 1oz , but

2oz copper PCB

performance is better than 1oz pcb , current, Thermal control is much better.  Like  Power Charger,  adapter , .

2 oz copper (70µm thick or 2.8 mils) — Standard internal layer copper thickness for internal layers on 3 oz finished copper selection. This is the standard starting copper thickness on the external layers for PCBs with the 3 oz finished copper weight selection.

Also in the market , flexible PCB start to use 2oz PCB, the most common flex PCB copper weights are 0.5oz and 1oz, however, lighter copper weights are available. 2oz and greater copper weights are also available when manufacturing flexible PCBs but may not allow the required flexibility needed for the particular application that they will be used in.

General Guideline for Min Spacing by Copper Weight

Cu Weight               Min Recommended Space   between Copper Feature

2 OZ                                 8 mil (0.203 mm)

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