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0.6mm PCB Manufacturer

0.6mm pcb

0.6mm PCB is middle thickness of printed circuit board,For double sided PCB is normal,Now more 4 layer and 6 layer PCB use 0.6mm thickness to fix smaller and thinner electronic device .

The laminate thickness as per your specifications and needs. Though, our team offers a standard thickness of 1.6 mm (0.063 inch). Sometimes, the circuit board core thickness and soldermask coating must be considered for trace impedance. When computing impedance, the consequences of conformal coating must be taken into account as the circuit boards are usually covered in soldermask. In general, soldermask decreases the impedance on thin traces. The soldermask has considerably less effect when the trace thickness increases.0.6mm pcb is common for our production, We did 4 layer 0.6mm PCB, 6 layer 0.6mm PCB, and 0.8mm PCB manufacturing.

Circuit board finish differs in rates, availability, serviceable life, consistency and assembly processing. As each finish has its individual advantages, product, the procedures, or setting will define the appropriate surface finish that is suitable for the application. We recommend our users and the designer to constantly coordinate with us for selection of ideal finish for the required product design. This will ensure you have better prices for the end product delivery.

Rayming PCB Thickness range :

0.2mm PCB         0.4mm PCB         0.6mm  PCB            0.8mm  PCB

1.0mm PCB         1.2mm PCB           1.5mm PCB             1.6 mm PCB

2.0mm PCB         2.4mm PCB          3.0mm  PCB           3.2mm  PCB

3.6mm PCB       4.8mm  PCB           5.6mm PCB

We accept custom PCB thickness , If you have special requirement on PCB thickness, Welcome to send your design to  .

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