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Making PCBs & PCB Design Easier with SeeedStudio PCB

To export your PCB design into SeeedStudio, you must create additional files. Then, follow the steps provided by SeeedStudio to export the files. Adding special features, 3D images, and photos are all recommended. Once you create the PCB, you need to upload a ZIP file with all the files. Alternatively, manually upload the parts list or download the sample in Excel format.

HASL surface finish

The HASL surface finish on the Seeedstudio PCB is a relatively low-cost alternative to the more expensive, lead-based ENIG. It serves the same purpose as HASL but is much more reliable and safer. In the past, HASL was the preferred surface finish in through-hole PCB manufacturing, but environmental regulations have made lead-free options more common. The same is true today.

ENIG, or Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG), is a two-layer metallic coating with a gold or nickel barrier. The nickel is a barrier between copper and solder, while the gold protects the nickel during storage. This finish enables components to be soldered flat onto the pad, which is an ideal option for fine-pitch or BGA components. Although ENIG provides superior corrosion resistance, its disadvantages include a higher price of the gold solution and a lack of a pre-tinned surface. Nevertheless, its high-quality surface finish is well worth the price, so HASL is becoming increasingly popular in Rayming PCB & Assembly manufacturing.

In addition to HASL, Seeedstudio PCBs can also be HASL-compliant. The HASL surface finish, which is lead-free, protects copper pads from soldering, while OSP has a longer shelf life. The latter type of finish requires minimal equipment maintenance, but its tarnishing is a concern. Furthermore, it is more delicate than HASL, so handling the board with care is essential.

You can opt for a HASL Lead-Free surface finish for an affordable and high-quality PCB. Seedstudio offers many options, such as HASL surface finish and a wide selection of color options. However, it is essential to know that you can panelize up to five PCBs on one 100 x 100mm panel. Once you’ve done this, you’re ready to order your PCB.

Cost of production

You can get a complete quote from Seeedstudio PCB, a company specializing in custom-designed electronics. They have a global network of component suppliers and can source parts for you quickly. Using the company’s Open Parts Library, you can upload your PCB Gerber and BOM files and receive an exact quote within seconds. With their cost-effective and efficient services, you can produce a custom-designed electronic product at an affordable cost.

You can choose between the stencil and the unstamped boards. In the latter case, the cost of PCB fab is a lot lower. And because Seeed also offers PCB assembly, the cost of the whole project is much lower than that of the individual components. So you will never have to worry about wastage or component cost again. And all this for a much lower price than ever before.

The cost of production with SeeedStudio OPL is higher than the price you would pay through your usual distributor. However, you’ll benefit from the advanced PCBA calculator and the fact that the Seeed team can take care of the whole procurement process. You can even upload an Excel file with your PCB designs, saving you time and money. Aside from that, the cost of production will also include any set up and operational costs.

After deciding on a PCB design and PCB assembly service, you’ll need to upload additional related files related to the product. You can follow the instructions provided by the site to export these files. Some people like to include 3D images or special features in their designs. In any case, you must upload a ZIP file with all these files and information to Seeedstudio. Alternatively, you can manually upload your parts list.

HASL trace widths

PCB HASL trace widths are an essential aspect of net current-carrying, and this can be difficult to determine for your designs. To maximize your circuit’s net current carrying capabilities, you should oversize the trace width. The traces on my previous boards were off-center, and the vias were smashed so hard into the copper that they became out-of-round.

The Seeed Studio PCB service allows you to specify the HASL trace widths but not the exact dimensions and quantity. The Seeed Fusion Advanced PCB service is more appropriate for these types of boards. The advanced PCB service suits more complex requirements, with multiple HASL layers and a specialized team. This PCB service can even help to create custom circuit boards.

In-stock components in the Open Parts Library

Suppose you are in the market for an inexpensive yet high-quality electronic component. In that case, you can save considerable time and money by downloading a SnapEDA CAD model from an Open Parts Library. These libraries are a collection of over 150,000 commonly used parts intended to be cost-effective and design-for-manufacturing friendly. If you are in the market for an electronic component, a SnapEDA model may help you save weeks of time and money. These models are available for download instantly, and you can use them in your projects without waiting for an order to be processed.

Seeed also offers a library of over 600 carefully chosen in-stock components. These parts are guaranteed to be cheaper than the same components purchased externally. You will be able to save time and money by using Seeed’s Open Parts Library, but you will also save money by avoiding the hassle of navigating unfamiliar parts markets. By using an OPL, you can save even more time and money on your next project!

They will manufacture your PCB using the Open Parts Library and order your components simultaneously. Using the OPL, you can start assembly in as little as 8 hours! Purchasing standard PCBA parts takes a long time due to complicated import procedures. OPL parts are always in stock to reduce your lead time on parts procurement and better control your project’s lead time.

In-stock components in the Seeed studio Open Parts Library are available at a competitive price and come from reputable manufacturers. In addition, these components have a one-year warranty. You can even purchase in-stock components and start building your next project in as little as one week.


The Seeed Studio OPL is an excellent option for the DIY community. Seeedstudio makes simple PCB services accessible to everyone. To begin with, it offers the lowest price of all the PCB service providers in this comparison. In addition, its easy-to-use online PCB design tool can be helpful for both professional PCB-level design and quick prototype board building.

If you’re looking for a simple, fast, and affordable way to create custom circuit boards, I recommend checking out Seeedstudio. The OPL makes it easy to find and order the best-fitting component for your next project.

Their advanced in-house PCB service is an excellent option for more complex projects. They have one of the most experienced teams in Shenzhen and can deliver high-quality PCBs at a competitive price. And Seeed Studio operates one of the largest distribution centers in China, enabling them to complete most PCB assemblies within a week.




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