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1 OZ Copper PCB

1 OZ Copper PCB

1 OZ Copper PCB is basic thickness for Printed Circuit boards, Special for Rigid pcb Board, Enough copper can ensure the PCB board working well,When your design request 1 copper , Pls make sure it is enough 35 Micron (1 oz) .

1 oz copper (~35µm thick or 1.4 mils) — Standard internal layer copper thickness for “standard construction product for 1 oz and 2 oz finished copper weight selections. This is also the standard starting copper weight on the external layers for PCBs with the 2 oz finished copper weight selection.

General Guideline for Min Spacing by Copper Weight

Cu Weight               Min Recommended Space   between Copper Feature

1 OZ                              3.5 mil (0.089 mm)

RayMing supply thousands of square meters 1 OZ PCB per month,  If you need  1oz PCB Board manufacturing , Pls send your design to , We will give the best quote you .

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