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Top 10 Electronics Assembly Companies in Turkey

Turkey houses some of the top and household electronics assembly companies in the world. It all happens because the country possesses a strong platform for economic expansion, coupled with a young and technologically savvy workforce. Therefore, the country not only proves appealing to electronic assembly companies but other companies as well.  However, this piece will cover some of the top electronics assembly companies rather than the outlook.

Picking a Top Electronic Assembly Company in Turkey

If you want top-rate assembly services for your electronic products, it becomes necessary to get yourself the best electronic assembly company in Turkey. The country has over 2000 electronic assembly and manufacturing companies, a large number to consider for any average person. Additionally, picking the best electronic assembly company from among this pool can prove arduous even to the best of us.

It requires a carefully considered game-plan and precise execution to ensure the process runs smoothly and with the necessary precision to end up with the most suitable and top-rate electronic assembly company. So what does it entail? How can you go about picking the best electronics assembly company?

Firstly, it would help if you considered the electronic assembly company’s ratings online. Increased digitization and access to the internet make it a possibility. Ratings primarily come as a convergence of multiple considerations, including the company’s reputation, history, and experience, quality of the assembly process offered, cost, etc. Therefore, ratings can become ideal where they prove available as an indicator of the quality stature of a company’s assembly process.

Secondly, your preferences should also pivot your decisions on the best electronic assembly company for your needs. For instance, when it comes to the assembly company’s location. Some people prefer to avoid extra costs with shipping or transportation and would rather an assembly company near them. It, therefore, plays a fundamental role in determining the best solutions provider for your electronic assembly needs.

Further, available reviews can also tell a story about the capability of an electronic assembly company, especially from existing or past genuine customers. Their incredible or bad experiences dealing with the electronic assembly company will become valuable insights in gauging the company’s suitability to your brand and assembly needs.

Lastly, recommendations also play a pivotal role in determining the best and top-rated electronic assembly company. Here, you can rely on close contacts who also double up as past or present clients of the electronics assembly company. It can always prove a trusted family member, an industry peer, close friends, etc.

However, you cannot become content by this stage. You will have to delve deeper and make further considerations, especially to the potential electronic assembly company. Below some crucial considerations, you must take into account.

Crucial Considerations for Picking the Correct Electronic Assembly Company

  • Does the electronic assembly company have sufficiently extensive experience and history dealing in the assembly of electronic products? Experience and history, especially when extensive, act as a major indicator of the pedigree of the electronic assembly company and builds confidence in their capacity to assemble your electronic products with precision and quality.
  • Does the electronic assembly company’s investment in the latest cutting-edge equipment and technologies for the electronic assembly process prove obvious? Plenty of top-rate electronic assemblers deploy the latest state-of-the-art tech and facilities in assembling electronic products. The sheer existence of such assembly infrastructure demonstrates the level of professionalism, quality, and longevity of their electronic assembly services.
  • Does the electronic assembly company comply with the stipulated industry regulations? Most top electronic assemblers have certifications of diverse kinds to demonstrate their compliance with industry regulations. It especially becomes a pivotal aspect considering the difficulty of realizing and maintaining such industry status, especially in the defense, aerospace, and medical sectors.
  • What product testing gets offered, and how comprehensive can it prove during and after the electronic assembly process? It always proves a crucial subject to discuss during the design stage of the electronic product. However, it becomes crucial after assembly to ensure everything works perfectly as you had purposed in the design. The type and nature of product testing should guide you on the perfect electronic assembly company for your electronic assembly needs. It could involve component obsolescence management, component engineering management, product lifecycle support, etc.  
  • Can you term their communication transparent and effective? The electronics assembly company needs to demonstrate consistency, collaboration, and communication in the assembly pipeline of the electronic product. Every top-tier electronic assembly company possesses this attribute.
  • Can the electronics assembly company prove sufficiently flexible in handling revisions and changes in the product designs? Can the company do it in a timely way? The need to demonstrate the capacity of handling assembly services of high-mix low volume should demonstrate dynamism regarding the system.
  • Can you consider the electronic assembly company a perfect cultural fit? It always proves pivotal to speak the same assembly language regarding the electronic product and assembly process. The best assembler will comprehend the needs that have to be addressed to complete the task on time and possess the relevant certifications, besides the legalities of working certain programs or products.
  • What mechanism of handling traceability does the electronic assembly company has in place? In the supply chain process, traceability becomes necessary to track production and assemble numbers, match replacements, and recall faulty products or components.
  • Does the electronic assembly company have a VOC program to monitor the levels of service? VOC describes the feedback from customers, especially in detailing their expectations and experiences when it comes to your assembly services and product outcomes.
  • Can the electronic assembly company align its model of business to suit yours? True partnerships in the assembly and manufacturing of electronic products become pivotal, and executive leaderships must open their minds.

Almost all electronics assembly companies double up as electronics manufacturing companies. So which companies rank among the top ten in Turkey?

Top Electronic Assembly Companies in Turkey

Electronics Assembly Companies in Turkey


Boasting an experience of over forty years, the family-owned electronic company not only comes as a printed circuit board assembler but a manufacturer of PCBs as well. It specializes in PCB manufacture and assembly for diverse target sectors and ensures quality and certifiable electronic products.

The company deploys high-level tech in the manufacture and assembly of PCBs and proves mindful of the environment and human safety. It is based in Istanbul, Turkey.  

Company highlights

  • Multiple ISO certifications
  • Deals with manufacture and assembly of PCBs
  • Over forty years of experience
  • Family-owned

Products offered

  • Socket printed circuit terminal
  • Distance series
  • Modular printed circuit terminal
  • Screw-less (spring) terminal series
  • Card slot series
  • Complementary products
  • Panel thermostat series
  • Special design products

EAC website link

2. RayMing PCB and Assembly

RayMing PCB and Assembly got founded in 2005 and come as a highly rated entity regarding fabrication, manufacturing, and assembly of PCBs. The global nature of the company ensures a strong presence in Japan.

The company possesses skilled personnel, top machines and equipment, and the latest technologies to fabricate, manufacture, and assemble double and multi-layer PCBs. The company possesses multiple industry certifications that boost confidence and ensures quality PCB products and services.

Company highlights

Large support team

Full printed circuit board manufacturing

Prototype to volume printed circuit board assembly services

Quick response service

Best delivery times

Products offered

Aluminum boards

Rogers PCB


Flexible-rigid PCB

High-frequency circuit boards

HDI PCB boards

EMS provider’s website link

3. Inform Elektronik Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.S.

Established in 1980, the electronics company comes as an industry-leading specialist in offering power solutions besides electrical equipment and design and manufacturing services that include assembly. The company prides itself in innovation and proves a global digital and electrical building infrastructure especially. It is located in Istanbul, Turkey.

Company highlights

  • Multi-solutions provider
  • Provision of diverse products
  • ISO certified (EAC, CE, and SONCAP certifications)
  • Distribution spanning five continents

Products offered

  • UPS Systems (Uninterruptible Power Supply)
  • Voltage Regulators
  • DC Power Supply
  • Telecom Equipment
  • Battery chargers
  • Inverters
  • 19’ rack cabinets, etc.

EAC website link

4. Aktifses Electronics

The company was established in 2007 and specialized in designing, manufacturing, assembling, and testing printed circuit boards besides offering PCBA turnkey services.  It targets its operations services and products to medium-sized consumers.

The company has highly skilled personnel, the latest technologies, and equipment to ensure quality manufacture and assemble diverse PCBs. It is located in Mutsan, Istanbul, Turkey.

Company highlights

  • Manufacturing of printed circuit boards (Electronic Circuit Production, LED Circuit Production, Product Nationalization, Turnkey Production, etc.)
  • Assembly of PCBs
  • PCBA turnkey services
  • Certified operator
  • Quick-turn prototype

Products offered

EAC website link

5. Bolsa Madeni Esya Ve Kapsol San.Tic.Ltd.Sti.

Established in 1982, the company comes as a diversified manufacturing service and product delivery entity dealing in electronics, textile, leather goods, shoes, and stationery. The over forty years of refining their capacity to produce and assemble electronics come in handy when delivering products for their clients.     

The company’s location is in Istanbul, Turkey, and it comes as a certified manufacturer and supplier of diverse products.

Company highlights

  • Certified
  • Excellent customer care
  • Convenient location
  • Low-cost pricing
  • Multiple product manufacturing and assembly (electronics)

Services offered

  • Rings
  • Hooks
  • Capsules
  • Klikitlar
  • Oval Scaly Capsules
  • Studs
  • Patterned Capsules
  • Zamak Products

EAC website link

6. OME Electronics

The Istanbul-based electronics company specializes in electronic component and electrical equipment manufacturing. It has qualified personnel, modern equipment, and the latest technologies to ensure certified and quality electronic products.

The company was established in 1995, and it serves diverse sectors with electronic and electrical components besides design and software services. It is located in Istanbul, Turkey.   

Company highlights

  • Flexible operations
  • Quick delivery timelines
  • Multiple target markets
  • Certified
  • Quality service and products

Products offered

  • Electronic Cards
  • Design and Software products
  • PCB

EAC website link

7. Volrad Elektronik

Established in 2014, this highly-rated electronics company manufactures and assembles electronic products for the medical, industrial, and telecommunications sectors. Volrad provides solutions on the custom control system and hardware and software automation, control interface, and other allied services.

The company is located in Ankara, Turkey, and proves a certified and reliable electronics’ service and product assembler, manufacturer, and provider for your needs.   

Company highlights

  • Certified
  • Different targeted application areas
  • Multiple electronic products
  • Over six years of operation

Products offered

  • Battery management systems
  • Motor controllers
  • Custom solutions
  • Accessories

EAC website link

8. EEC Electronics

The highly-rated electronics company comes as certified electronic manufacturing, assembly, and product solutions provider for diverse sectors. The company got established over thirty-five years ago and aimed to partner with clients to manufacture and assemble electronic components for your satisfaction.

The company has skilled staff, quality equipment, and machines, besides the latest technologies to manufacture and assemble top electronic products. It is located in Istanbul, Turkey.

Company highlights

  • Over seventy-five skilled staff
  • Multiple certifications ISO 9001, EN ISO9001
  • Competitive prices
  • Over thirty-five years of operation
  • ODM/OEM manufacturing
  • Assembly

Products offered

  • Emergency conversion kits
  • Emergency luminaires
  • Emergency exit signs

EMS provider’s website link

9. Istanbul Elektronik Anahtar

The company got founded in 1997 though it changed its operational name in 2003. It comes as a highly rated company specializing in automotive key programming and deals with the manufacture and assembling of transponder key cloning besides programming devices.  

The company has capable personnel, the latest technologies, and equipment to manufacture and assemble quality and certified electronic products, especially for the automobile sector. It is located in Istanbul, Turkey.   

Company highlights

  • Several electronic product solutions
  • Over 21 years of industry experience
  • Quality products

Products offered

  • Zed-FULL
  • Zed-BULL
  • MB Test-kit
  • MB IR-Prog

EMS provider’s website link


The company got established in 1915, though it began producing freezers and coolants in 1969. It comes as a certified electronics manufacturer and assembler that will ensure quality electronics for different applications.

The experience coupled with the well-equipped modern manufacturing facility, equipment, and machines, besides the highly skilled workforce, will ensure quality electronic products besides customer care service.

It has its base in Manisa, Turkey.   

Company highlights

Annual production capacity surpassing 550000 units

Integrated manufacturing strategy (targeting low lead times, high-quality products, and waste elimination)

Products offered

  • Beer and beverage coolers
  • Ice cream cabinets
  • Wine coolers
  • Freezers
  • Supermarket cabinets

EMS provider’s website link

Final Thoughts

The rapid emergence of the electronic industry bodes well for electronics assembly companies besides indulging in electronic manufacturing. However, for you as a potential client to electronics assembly companies, you have to understand how to choose the cream of the crop for your electronic assembly needs. The top ten electronic assembly companies provided act as a perfect starting point; however, you can always go beyond this list using the guidelines issued in the article.




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