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10 Top-Rated US PCB Manufacturers

A global economic leader in many respects, the United States acts as a bedrock in electronics design and manufacturing. Consequently, as a seasoned circuit board enthusiast, I find it unsurprising that it’s also a leader in the printed circuit board domain. Therefore, if you want to purchase quality PCBs for your company or personal electronic needs, it would prove wise to engage a top-quality US PCB manufacturer. Besides getting the best value product, you will also get quality printed circuit boards of your choosing besides world-class customer support while at it.

How to Pick a Top US PCB Manufacturer

Printed circuit boards often prove pivotal in the operation of any electronic device. It ensures the proper transmission of electronic, electrical, and data signals between components in electronic devices. With the digital electronic takeover of the planet witnessed at present, it behooves you to obtain quality PCBs to stay relevant for the present and future. However, plenty of PCB manufacturers in the United States can make it challenging to settle on the right manufacturer.

Suppose you want to swim rather than sink in the arduous task of picking the correct and top PCB manufacturers in USA. In that case, it will help if you considered some fundamental attributes of top PCB manufacturers. Below some of the vital considerations to take into account.


  • Location. The proximity of the manufacturer’s location to your company should influence your decision to settle on a manufacturing company.
  • Ratings. The manufacturing company’s ratings regarding the quality of their printed circuit boards and PCB services offered.
  • Recommendations. It should also play a central role when trying to narrow down to a potential PCB manufacturer candidate. Therefore, consider recommendations from friends, fellow professionals, and enthusiasts, besides family members.

Attributes of a Top US PCB Manufacturer


Plenty of top-rated PCB manufacturers have some standard features that typify their status among the cream in circuit board manufacturing. Therefore, before type-searching phrases like “PCB assembly USA,” “PCB manufacturing USA,” “PCB assembly in USA,” or “PCB assembly services USA,” to get a feel of a top manufacturer of PCB in the USA, consider the following attributes.

  • The quality of the printed circuit board
  • Quality becomes a significant aspect of gauging a PCB manufacturing company’s suitability regarding your PCB needs. While it can imply different aspects such as true-to-type PCB and error-free PCB end-products to the design sent, it should entail the exact board dimensions, perfectly positioned and drilled through-holes. Additionally, there needs to a demonstrated proof of passing the board test successfully.
  • The aptitude of meeting the PCB requirements
  • The best PCB manufacturer needs to stick to the customary PCB specifications. It includes material types (tolerance, explicit requests, etc.,) number of boar layers, etc.
  • The cost of producing or manufacturing the PCB
  • The best PCB (printed circuit board) manufacturer needs to price their manufacturing cost reasonably. While reducing the costs aspect can pass as part of producing successful PCB products, it should never drop to exceptionally low levels. It leads to the production of substandard products (poor quality of raw materials used).
  • Timescale. The timelines a PCB manufacturer takes from receiving the PCB order/design to the time they deliver determine the manufacturing company’s elite status. It, therefore, acts as an important qualifies in determining the capacity and efficiency status of a top printed circuit board manufacturer. Please note that sometimes, the manufacturing period might bear no significance for the PCB manufacturer’s ability to deliver PCB products or services.   
  • Absence of any similarity to aspects of brokerage
  • The best PCB manufacturing company should possess no semblance to brokerage firms. Many such PCB companies exist when it comes to circuit boards, though they often prove unreliable when contracted regarding guaranteeing the PCB needs and standards.
  • Materials sourcing.  The best-printed circuit board manufacturer for you will offer the PCB materials besides the manufacturing services to ensure quick, quality, and consistent printed circuit board manufacturing. What’s more, it will reduce the PCB manufacturing costs.  
  • The capacity of collaborating. A top PCB manufacturer will always strive to develop a working relationship with you. Aspects of collaborations entail the assembly and design processes of the printed circuit boards. Such collaboration will ensure the prompt resolution of problems or any issues relating to the PCB during the manufacturing process.
  • RoHS. The best-printed circuit board manufacturer needs to demonstrate the incorporation of the RoHS regulation in its operations. RoHS regulation limits the deployment of hazardous substances, as manufacturers get allowed a small leeway to deploy such materials or substances.
  • Board testing. Top printed circuit board manufacturers will always test the PCB boards before they deliver them. It comes as an integral process that marks the elite status of a contracted manufacturer. The process often follows a sampling methodology in guaranteeing the conformation of the PCBs to the set-out quality standards.

The Top-Rated Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers in the United States

top pcb manufacturers in usa

1. Advanced Circuitry International

The highly-rated PCB manufacturing company got established in 1992 and deals in the manufacture of Hi-reliability rigid, antenna, and RF/microwave printed circuit boards. If you are in the defense, aerospace, medical device, or telecommunication industries, this manufacturing company is for you.

The certified manufacturing company has up-to-date equipment, technologies, and facilities to provide quality PCB products and services. Additionally, it possesses highly skilled and trained personnel to cater to your diverse PCB needs.

The printed circuit board manufacturing company has four world-class production facilities in four different continents, though it has its primary base in Duluth, Georgia, USA.  

PCB services provided

  • Manufacturing diverse types and sizes of high-quality PCBs (as prototypes or in production), including multi-layer PCB with buried/blind vias, low tolerance layer, and layer registration.
  • Collaborative services in finding unique solutions to unique PCB needs
  • PCB materials are stocked in their storage facilities, leading to reduced lead times besides price points.
  • Large format printed circuit boards
  • Incredible around-the-clock customer support
  • Timely PCB delivery services

2. ACT (USA) International LLC.

The highly-rated Florida-based PCB company got established in 1994. It comes as an ISO-certified manufacturer dealing with the manufacture and supply of quality printed circuit boards. Additionally, it adheres to and supports principles as contained in the conflict minerals provisions.

The company provides manufacturing and fabrication services of PCBs that include rigid, flexible, and rigid-flex board types. Additionally, with the diverse material types, board thickness options, and up to twenty-two layers on offer, you can hardly go wrong with this manufacturer. What’s more, you will get your PCB product within a short turn-round time.

The company is based in Melbourne, Florida, USA, and prides itself in commitment and service to its customers.  

PCB services provided

  • Manufacturing of production and prototype PCBs (including rigid, rigid-Flexi, and flexible PCB)
  • Reliable and around-the-clock customer care service
  • Testing (electrical) of the PCBs

3. Active Sales Associates, Inc.

The highly-rated and leading printed circuit board manufacturer got founded in 1990. It comes as a reliable and capable PCB manufacturer dealing in single-sided to multi-layer PCB containing BGA interconnections, blind and buried vias, and metalcore or heatsinks. What’s more, you will get quality PCBs with the latest finishes, solder mask materials, and substrates at a cost-effective price.

The company has up-to-date equipment, facilities, and machines, besides qualified personnel to handle your PCB needs. With a dedicated approach to continuously updating their resources to comply and manufacture top-quality PCBs, it comes among the top manufacturers to rely upon PCB needs. It is located in Largo, Florida, in the United States of America.   

PCB services provided

  • Manufacturing and fabrication services, including quality rigid boards as prototypes or production level PCBs.
  • Quick turn-around time for PCB manufacturing not exceeding three weeks
  • Excellent customer support service

4. Imagineering, Inc.

The company comes as a preferred PCB manufacturing destination for many electronic companies in the USA and beyond. It got founded in 1986 and specialized in the manufacturing or fabrication, and assembly of diverse types of printed circuit boards, including prototypes and production-grade PCBs.

The certified PCB manufacturing and assembly company possesses high-caliber equipment, highly-trained experts, small components, and unique yet highly effective tolerance guidelines to ensure a modern and quality PCB for your needs.

The location of the company is Illinois, in the United States.     

PCB services provided

  • Fabrication or manufacturing services of four board types (flexible, rigid, rigid-flex, and HDI) for production and prototyping
  • Fast turn-around manufacturing and delivery times for prototypes and PCB production
  • Assembly services that include thru-hole, surface mount, and mixed, with a lead-free soldering process.
  • Provide non-framework and framework stencil
  • Repair services that include diverse parts of the printed circuit board     

5. RUSH PCB, Inc.

The PCB manufacturer proves a renowned company in the USA. It got established in 1997 and deals in the manufacturing, assembly, design, and fabrication of different printed circuit boards. RUSH PCB, Inc. acts as a one-stop-shop for your PCB needs, whether in PCB prototyping or production or assembly services.

The multi-certified PCB manufacturer comes as the best fit for manufacturing rigid, flexible, and rigid-flex printed circuit boards. Besides this, you can enjoy the unmatched quality, speed, and excellent artistry regarding the PCB assembly. All these, a possibility because of the company’s highly-trained staff, state-of-the-art equipment, and machines.

It is located in San Jose, California, in the United States.      

PCB services provided

  • Fabrication and manufacturing (production and prototypes) of HDI, flexible, rigid, and rigid-flex PCBs
  • Assembly services including thru-hole, surface mount, and mixed, with full turn-key and testing processes.
  • Excellent customer support

6. Advanced Circuits


Established in 1996, Advanced Circuits come as a highly rated manufacturing and prototyping PCB company in the northern territory of America and beyond. It is an incredible solution for your printed circuit board manufacturing needs as it deals with the design, assembly, stencil, and manufacture of diverse types of PCBs.  

The manufacturer has a demonstrated history of delivering both large and small PCB orders with quick turn-around times. Additionally, it comes as a multi-certified manufacturer. What’s more, you can always bank on the company’s excellent and around-the-clock customer support services.

Advanced Circuits is located in Aurora, Colorado, in the United States.  

PCB services provided

  • Fabrication of production and prototype PCB levels, including HDI, flexible, rigid, rigid-flex, and hybrid PCBs
  • Assembly services encompass surface mount, thru-hole, and mixed, with leadless and leader soldering processes.
  • Stencils come as one of either non-framework or framework based on the type you settle on.  

7. Advanced Electronics, Inc.

Founded in 1997, Advanced Electronics, Inc. comes as a highly rated manufacturer of PCBs for commercial, military, computer, and automotive industries. The company has a skilled human resource besides the latest technologies and equipment to deliver top-quality PCBs. It has the relevant certifications and is located in Illinois, West Chicago, in the US.  

PCB services provided

  • Fabrication of rigid PCBs (production and prototypes) with diverse material types, thicknesses, and layers of up to twelve

#8. American Standard Circuits

The PCB manufacturing company prides itself in comprehending and delivering PCB challenges and solutions, respectively.  It delves into the manufacturing of prototypes and production type PCBs of different board types.

The company is located in Illinois, West Chicago, in the United States.  

PCB services provided

  • Fabrication of flexible, rigid-flex, rigid, and mixed dielectrics PCBs of up to thirty-four layers
  • Excellent customer support

9. APCT, Inc.

Acquired in 2008, the company proves a reliable and leading PCB manufacturer in and beyond the US. It prides itself in the latest PCB production technologies and facilities besides its highly trained staff to deliver quality printed circuit boards.

The PCB manufacturer is based in Santa Clara, California, in the US.   

PCB services provided

  • Fabrication of diverse boards types (HDI, flexible, rigid, and rigid-flex PCBs)
  • Excellent customer care besides quality production of PCBs

10. 911EDA, Inc.

Established in 2005, the company proves a popular destination for PCB manufacturing besides the schematic design, reviews, capture, and audit (software, hardware, firmware, and PCB layout) services. Besides high-quality PCB products, you can enjoy the incredible customer care service and timely delivery of PCB orders when contracted. What’s more, it is located in Carlsbad, California, in the US.  

PCB services provided

Final Thoughts

The significance of printed circuit boards in the modern era is never in doubt. However, the manufacturing companies come in all shapes and sizes and determining their ability to manufacture or assemble your PCB design kick-starts the process of obtaining a quality PCB. If you want to get value for your money in the US, consider the above top ten printed circuit board manufacturers for your PCB needs.   

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