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10 Top-Rated Canada PCB Manufacturers to Consider

My love for Canada is undeniable, though this, coupled with my inclination for circuit boards, has stirred an intriguing appraisal of Canadian-based PCB manufacturers. Quality and value for money regarding PCBs become an essential aspect every PCB designer, whether within or outside Canada, has to consider. Therefore, if you want an incredible PCB tailored for your designated device, it would help get your PCB services from a top Canada PCB manufacturer. So how can you go about this?

Picking the Top Canada PCB Manufacturer

If you have a PCB design ready or need a PCB prototype from Canada, settling for the correct Canadian printed circuit board manufacturer becomes vital. But before you start canvassing potential PCB manufacturers in Canada by type-searching words like PCB manufacturing Toronto, PCB assembly Canada or PCB assembly Montreal, you have to understand the role printed circuit boards play in today’s world.

Printed circuit boards play a fundamental role in the digital revolution sweeping across the world. You cannot find any successful app or system software without an operating environment, also referred to as the device. Please note that such devices can only function with the correct PCB, making a printed circuit board an essential component of any electronic or digital device.

PCBs are essential components in transmitting (sending and receiving) electrical, electronic, and data signals in an electronic device. Therefore, it helps to get a reliable, quality, and cost-effective printed circuit board if you want an efficient device. Where better than from a top, trusted, and efficient PCB manufacturer from Canada?

Attributes of a Top Canada PCB Manufacturer


Before we delve into the top ten printed circuit board manufacturers in Canada, it becomes crucial to detail some of the fundamental features you must consider in the best PCB manufacturer before settling on one. Here, some of the vital attributes to consider.

  • Printed circuit board quality
  • Quality often plays a significant role in determining the right PCB manufacturing company, and one you must consider. Quality can imply diverse things though it means getting an error-free and true-to-type PCB as the design sent in the sphere of circuit boards. It includes the correct dimensions of the board, accurately positioned and properly drilled holes, besides proof of successfully passing through the board test.
  • Capacity to meet PCB requirements. A top PCB manufacturer has to adhere to and work with standard PCB specifications, including material types (specific requests, tolerance, etc.,) layer number, among other key specifications.
  • The manufacturing cost of the printed circuit board
  • A top PCB manufacture should have a reasonable manufacturing cost. Though reducing costs can qualify as part and parcel of developing successful products, it should not drop to unprecedented low levels to pass as substandard.
  • Timescale. It acts as a critical element in determining the efficiency and capacity of a top PCB manufacturer. While the manufacturing time might sometimes have no significance, the ability of the contacted manufacturer to deliver the PCB in specific timelines marks their ability as a manufacturer.   
  • No semblance to brokerage. A top PCB manufacturer should not have any semblance to a brokerage firm. Plenty of such companies exist, and when you contract their services, it becomes difficult to get guarantees regarding the standards and needs of the PCB.
  • Capacity to collaborate
  • An excellent PCB manufacturing company will always endeavor to build a relationship with you as a potential client. It often entails collaboration in the aspect of design and assembly processes. It ensures the prompt resolution of any arising PCB issue.
  • Materials sourcing.  A top-rate PCB company for your needs also provides the printed circuit board materials to ensure quality, consistent, and faster PCB manufacturing besides reducing the cost of the manufacturing process.  
  • RoHS. A top PCB manufacturer should have the RoHS regulation implemented. RoHS standard for restriction of hazardous substances, with every manufacturer allowed a specific leeway quota of deploying such substances.
  • Board testing. Top manufacturers of PCB test boards before delivering them to clients. Such a process often takes a sampling approach in ensuring the PCBs conform to the standards set out.
  • Order quantities. The best PCB manufacturer for you needs to have the capacity to produce the required volumes of printed circuit boards.

Top 10  Canada PCB Manufacturers

1. CCI Canadian Circuits Inc.

The highly-rated PCB Company got founded in 1993 and is a leading PCB industry innovator. CCI Canadian Circuits Inc. aims to surpass its customer expectations through its over twenty-five years of refined printed circuit board manufacturing (prototyping and production). It manufacturers quality standard and complex PCB for you ruse besides guarantees a short turn-around time.  

The company is located in Surrey, British Colombia, Canada, and offers PCB products such a standard, multi-layer, HDI, hybrid, flex and rigid-flex, heavy copper, metalcore, and embedded printed circuit boards. What’s more, you only have to go to their website and fill a form to get all your inquiries addressed by their qualified personnel.

PCB Services Offered

2. RayMing PCB and Assembly 

pcb manufacturing toronto

RayMing PCB is a highly rated global printed circuit board manufacturer and assembly company. Founded in 2005, the company has over fifteen years of PCB manufacturing, fabrication, and assembly experience. While the parent company has its base in China, the manufacturer has another manufacturing base in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The company specializes in multi-layer and double-sided PCBs besides services in PCB fabrication, assembly, and component sourcing. It also provides high-end PCBs such as Teflon, Rogers, and flexible-rigid PCB, besides the HDI boards, high-frequency circuit boards, and aluminum boards.

PCB Services Offered

3. Camptech II Circuits Inc.

The privately-owned PCB Company got established in 1982 with its base set in Markham, Ontario, Canada. It deals with the manufacture and assembly of printed circuit boards, focusing on medium volume production and prototype development.

The one-stop solution company guarantees quality PCB products with a short turn-around time when it comes to delivery.

PCB Services offered

4. RLX Solutions

The highly-rated PCB Company, founded in 2013, deals with the manufacturing and assembly of PCBs besides other functions such as procurement of electronic components and building custom components. The certified PCB manufacturer has its base in Toronto, Canada. It provides high-quality PCB products for your satisfaction.

PCB Services offered

  • Manufacturing
  • Assembly (from building to testing)
  • Electronic procurement services.

5. Candor Circuit Boards

Candor, founded in 1999, is a popular PCB company that manufactures printed circuit boards. It is located in Ontario, Toronto, Canada, and aims to respond to circuit board needs of the 21st century. Additionally, the company produces seven PCB types, created from diverse materials and with up to forty layers through unique technologies.

PCB services offered

6. SMRSUMMIT Technologies

The Quebec-based PCB Company is a popular manufacturer, assembler, and designer of printed circuit boards for diverse applications. The certified PCB Company provides complex and standard quality PCBs within a short turn-around period. What’s more, it collaborates with you as the client in coming up with unique but applicable PCB design solutions.

PCB services offered

  • Manufacturing (fabrication of both production and prototypes)
  • Designing
  • Assembly services

7. Crimp Circuits Inc.

The global PCB manufacturing leader got founded in 1980 with its base in Ontario, Toronto, Canada. It deals with the manufacture of quality and diverse PCBs. It prides itself on quality PCB products and services, MFG capabilities, and dependability when it comes to delivery.

PCB services offered

8. Enigma Interconnect

The largest and highly rated PCB manufacturing company in western Canada got founded in 2012. It deals with the manufacturing and fabrication of quality printed circuit boards to ensure a seamless assembly process. It has its headquarters in British Columbia, Canada, and provides rigid PCB production and prototypes of up to 16 layers for your satisfaction.

PCB services offered

  • Manufacturing (both prototype and production of rigid PCBs using diverse materials)
  • Incredible customer service and quick precision services

9. FPC Express

The company comes as a highly trusted PCB manufacturer located in Markham, Ontario, Canada. It manufacturers quality flexible PCBs with diverse fabrication capabilities based on your PCB needs with a fast time-around time of a maximum of twenty-one days.  The company can provide both prototypes and the production of circuit boards. What’s more, it is a division of the revered Juniper Circuits, Inc.

PCB services offered

  • Manufacturing, including fabrication of both production and prototype scale
  •  A three-week turn-around manufacturing timeline
  • Excellent customer care service

10. AP Circuits

Established in 1984, AP Circuits comes as a reputable PCB company in Alberta, Calgary, Canada. The company prides itself in quick turn-around manufacturing of PCB prototypes and printed circuit boards. It has a high rating regarding the quality of PCB, delivery timelines, pricing, and customer care support services.   

PCB Services Offered


Picking the correct PCB manufacturing company from Canada may prove an arduous task. However, it becomes an essential exercise for any individual or company assembling or manufacturing electronic devices and equipment.  Therefore, consider the insights and the top picks suggested in the article to shorten your PCB search process. Additionally, you will enjoy all the incredible benefits that accrue from contracting such top PCB manufacturers.




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