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Who are the Leading Electrical Coil Manufacturers?

Electrical coils can be described as an electrical conductor. This is usually wound to form a coil, a spiral, or a helix shape. They have a major function, which is the transmission of electricity, heat, or sound.

Furthermore, the electrical coils are also called electromagnetic or magnetic coils. This terminology could cause some form of confusion. This is because the word electromagnet could specifically have to do with electric coils. These coils directly affect any external object via a magnetic field.

How Do Electrical Coils Work?

Although electrical coils serve in many different applications, the majority of electric coils usually share similar electromechanical principles and basic construction.

Furthermore, the electrical coils come to be whenever a specific conductive metal wire is wired around a specific insulator. The whole wire is called the winding, then each of the individual loops present in that winding is called a turn. Also, there is a hole in the coil’s center. We refer to this region as the magnetic axis or core area. Same way, both ends of this wrapped wire are usually changed into different terminals for electrical connection referred to as “taps.”

Furthermore, the creation of power happens whenever there is a link of the taps to a specific electric current that moves via coiled wires and then magnetizes the coil.

This can happen due to the fact that the electric currents flowing creates a form of circular magnetic field. This is present along the entire conductor’s length. Also, the coiled electric conductors help in creating a stronger magnetic force compared to the straight conductors.

This is because they manufacture similar or the same magnetic fields that merge at the loop’s center. Also, the electrical coils that are made up of many electric loops which are wound round that same axis, could yield magnetic fields that are very strong.

What are the Electrical Coil Materials?

Electric Coil

Although lots of conductive metals exist, Copper and aluminum are most frequently used in making electrical coils. Also, these Electrical coils mainly for heating purposes are usually made up of an iron or nickel alloy. Regarding the insulator, you can manufacture it from some non-conductive and diverse materials, which includes air, cardboard, enamel, or plastic.

Furthermore, the insulation of coils are usually done specially; this is majorly to help in preventing the flow of current between the coil turns as well as shielding the coil from long exposure to any corrosion as well as damage-causing conditions such as vibration, oil, moisture, or salt. You can protect your coils in different ways:

First is encapsulation, and this applies just to the coils’ wire. The encapsulated coils are also made up of wire, which is already covered in a specific polymer epoxy. Also, the molded coils have plastic coverings, which seals both the wires and the whole winding.

Who are the Leading Electrical Coil Manufacturers?


Sag Harbor Industries, Inc.

Sag Harbor Industries, Inc. are known to have engineers with great craftsmanship. The products here are usually manufactured in the United States. Also they have made a promise to ensure that the items are usually created from high-quality resources. Furthermore, they have efficient and unique electrical coils.

Classic Coil Company

The Classic Coil Company was founded back in 1973 and they offer contract manufacturing of different electronic coils for different industries; winding the wire gauges from about 4-58 AWG

Also, the company is DFARS Compliant, ITAR registered, and ISO 9001-2015 certified. Furthermore, they are one of the best known electrical coil manufacturers and their engineering services makes it possible for them to offer assistance with cost reduction, designing, as well as increase the efficiency of production. You can learn more about the capabilities of the Classic Coil Company by calling or visiting their website.

Quality Coils, Inc.

The Quality Coils, Inc. is ISO 9001:2015 certified. They are one of the best known electrical coil manufacturers internationally for the manufacturing of high-quality electromagnetic coils. In addition, the company’s goal is offering high-quality products, commits to quick and speedy delivery, as well as competitive pricing. Also, the company understands that all applications are unique, this is why they encourage clients to contact them so as to discuss their specific requirements. Quality Coils, Inc. has over 50 years of professional experience in this field, so they have a lot to offer.

Torelco LLC

Torelco LLC has been existing since 1962, and has been supplying transformers and electric coils of great and superior quality. Furthermore, the company provides solenoid coils, custom coils, toroid wound coils, and ferrite core coils to serve different industries. In addition, Torelco LLC serves different markets including electronics, medical, industrial, and military. If you decide to work with Torelco LLC, you can be sure of them building the same specifications you requested for, as well as need customers’ custom needs.

Precision Econowind, Inc.

Precision Econowind, Inc. is known as one of the major electrical coil manufacturers that comes at very reasonable prices, as well as quick delivery. Also, Precision Econowind, Inc. has been serving the coil industry for more than three decades, and they have vast experience in the production of medical industry coils, loudspeaker, as well as coils that are wound on the tooling/bobbins of customers. They also deal in flat wire, freestanding, edge wound, rectangle, square, and shaped coils. All you need to do is to submit your preferred specs.

Triad Magnetics

Triad Magnetics is known in the electrical coils industry, having been involved for more than 75 years. Furthermore, they are one of the best known electrical coil manufacturers that delivers the best expertise and knowledge in the whole industry. Also present are different inductors and electric coils coupled with their ability to engineer as well as manufacture electrical coils in order to meet the needs of customers. They have met the needs of so many industries for over fifty years and the company has the strong belief that its experience will make the difference.

Johnson Electric Coil Company

This Company is one of the family-owned electrical coil manufacturers, which deals in custom inductors, coils, and transformers. They manufacture three phase isolation and single phase chokes and inductors. Also, they are involved in the careful designing of products so as to meet the right specifications of the customer.


These are our best electrical coil manufacturers. They are involved in manufacturing high quality electrical coils and ensure timely deliveries.

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