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Factors to Consider Military Electronics companies

In the military world, electronics play a vital role. There are several electronics that serve military purposes. The military industry is a mission-critical and highly-rigorous one that requires high-quality electronics. Military electronics are becoming a form of electronic systems engineering.

Military electronics are required for most activities in the military. For the production of military electronics, different electrical components are required. It also requires the skills and expertise of engineers. In this article, we will be discussing everything you need to know about military electronics.

What is Military Electronics?

Military electronics are the electronic systems and components meant for technological superiority in defense. Simply say, military electronics are specifically designed for military use. These electronics are designed by teams of engineers in partnership with academic and commercial counterparts.

Military electronics need advanced and enduring electrical components. These types of electronics are designed to resist vibration, transient electrical noise, moisture, and extreme temperatures. The circuitry of these electronics is shielded from sand, dust, and dirt.

Since the lives of military personnel depend on this equipment they are designed with quality and safety in mind. In military electronics production, electronic computers and large-scale integrated circuits are important.

There are several military manufacturing companies in the world. These companies see to the needs of the military industry. They produce light machine guns, computers, rifles, sniper, etc. PCBs serve as the core aspect of military electronics.

Military PCB

A military PCB is a printed circuit board used for the production of military electronics. This board is utilized in connecting electrical components via copper tracks. Since military electronics are manufactured with precision and efficiency, a high-performance circuit board is needed.

One can simply say military PCBs are designed to meet the requirements of the military. These boards are used in various fields like electronic warfare and communication services. Military PCBs are available in different types which include multilayer and single layer PCBs.

Military printed circuit boards feature high-quality properties and capabilities that help them resist the rigors of defense applications. PCBs are a major military electronic component. Military PCBs are important for the production of military and aerospace electronics

PCBs for military electronics are highly specialized due to the requirements of these electronics. Also, the requirements of military electronics are much more demanding than electronics for other use. Military electronic components are robust, rugged, and more reliable than other types of electronics.

Features of Military Electronics

Military electronics come with high-quality features that allow them to withstand varying temperatures, moisture, and vibration. These electronics are built to meet the requirements of military applications.

Quality materials: Quality materials are used for the manufacturing of military & aerospace electronics. When fabricating electronics for military purposes, reliability and quality are very essential. Good military electronics comprise military-grade materials.

These materials should have good thermal, chemical, and electrical properties that make them fit for this purpose. Materials like high-grade PCBs, aluminum, capacitors, etc are required for military electronics.

Ability to withstand environmental factors: Military electronics are exposed to varying environmental conditions. This is why they are designed to withstand any type of temperature. Good military electronics must have these features.

Defense electronics are known to be exposed to high temperatures, harsh environments, harsh chemicals, and humidity. To ensure reliable performance, a good military electronic must be able to withstand these things.

Military components: Military electronics must make use of military components instead of commercial components. This makes the electronics more rugged and reliable. These components include PCBs, military grade capacitors, etc.

Conformity to quality standards: Military electronics are designed for rigorous use. Before these electronics are put up for sale, they undergo inspection and testing. These electronics are also produced in accordance with international standards.

Typical military electronics can take more time to design. All military electronics must conform to the standards of the industry. This indicates that the product has been tested for reliability, safety, and quality.

The Role of PCB in Military Electronics


Printed circuit boards play a significant role in the production of military electronics. PCBs for military purposes are often more crucial than ordinary PCBs. Military PCBs are the most reliable and the toughest PCBs available in the market.

Military PCBs can include circuit boards for defense, aviation, aerospace, and naval operations. Since military PCB applications vary it is vital to know applications that utilize military PCBs. Applications such as;

  • Control tower systems
  • Underwater navigation systems
  • Radar installations
  • LED lighting systems
  • Electronic counter measures
  • Jet instrumentation
  • Control tower systems
  • Firearms and explosives equipment
  • Temperature sensors
  • Automation networks

These printed circuit boards are often exposed to high temperatures. This means they need high-frequency substrates such as temperature-resistant copper, laminate, military grade resistors, and aluminum. Improvements in the manufacturing of circuit boards benefit the production of military electronics.

This is how military circuit boards resist some harsh environmental conditions they are subjected to.

Shock absorption

Military electronics are sometimes subjected to mechanical abuse such as extreme vibration and shock. The PCBs used in the production of these electronics must withstand these conditions.  In some scenarios, PCB engineers combine soldering and pins for extra protection.

Producers can also apply warm compounds to a circuit board. This can help to minimize the impact of fluctuations. By using military capacitors, efficiency and reliability are guaranteed.

Radio frequency

In the military world, military personnel use radio waves to communicate. PCB manufacturers need to position shielding in certain places on the board to ensure radio communications get through. Creating transmission lines can ensure proper transmissions of radio communications.

High temperatures

Military electronics are often exposed to different kinds of temperatures. They could be subjected to temperatures as low as -150°C in outer space. PCB manufacturers utilize high-temperature aluminum substrates, laminates, and copper in military boards. This will help them withstand extreme temperatures. A thermal compound can also help to prevent heat from transferring to other parts of the electronics.


Military electronics utilized in outer space face another kind of challenge. PCB manufacturers try to protect military electronics from radiation by utilizing various materials. They make the components much smaller.

They create backups to ensure that a radiation event doesn’t disrupt an entire operation. Antifuse technology has been found to withstand radiation more. This technology helps to develop permanent routes that allow transistors to conduct electricity between them.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Military Manufacturing Company

There are several military manufacturing companies. As the demand for military electronics continues to increase, more military manufacturing companies continue to evolve. Due to the advanced nature of military electronics, it is important you get the appropriate product that suits your requirements.

Therefore, to ensure you are purchasing the right military electronics, you need to work with the right manufacturer. So, the question is how do I get the right military manufacturing company? Well, you can consider the factors below to choose the right company.

Experience: You have to inquire about the number of years the company has been operating. When it comes to military electronics, you must opt for a company with a great experience. Ensure you work with a military electronics manufacturer that has built a long-standing reputation in the industry.

Code-compliance: Ensure the manufacturer is under code-compliance like QPL, DSCC, etc. Military manufacturing companies like this always have great standards and quality measures for production.

Consistent service: This is another factor you shouldn’t ignore. Be certain if the company will offer engineering support. You need a company that is willing to test its products to avoid errors in the future.

Certifications: Ensure that the military manufacturing company you are opting for has relevant registrations and certifications. Check that the company doesn’t violate any regulations and standards. It is important to verify the background of the company, its method of testing, and the delivery period.

Capabilities: You should also consider if the company can provide you with electronics that suit your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of military PCBs?

There are various types of military PCBs which include rigid PCB, Rigid-flex PCB, high-speed PCB, RF PCB, Aluminum PCB, metal core PCB, etc. The types of PCBs utilized depend on the application requirements.

What is military PCB assembly?

Military PCB assembly is a stage in military PCB production that involves the connection of electronic components to the board. Military PCB assembly utilizes two primary techniques which are the through-hole technique and SMT technique. Both techniques are combined to produce reliable military PCBs.


Electronics produced for military purposes are very much different from the ones produced for commercial purposes. Military electronics differ in terms of production since these electronics are more likely to be exposed to varying environmental conditions. Although all electronics require PCBs, military electronics utilize high-grade and military-grade PCB. This is to guarantee safety and reliability in any application they are used for.

PCBs designed for military use are more likely to be highly specialized. This is because of the special functions required for their applications. For cutting edge capabilities engineers design high-performance military electronics.

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