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10 Top-Rated Electronic Manufacturing Companies in Europe

If you can, take a moment and imagine a world without electronics. Not only would I have lacked the ability to write this article, but you would not have had the luxury of reading it at this moment. Electronics play a fundamental role from the entertainment rooms of our houses to the mundane environment of our work offices. In essence, the digital revolution that has swept the globe since the nineties becomes a non-starter without electronics.

The existence of an electronic device becomes impossible without the electronic manufacturing company. Such companies have the technical expertise, the resources, and the equipment to make an electronic product a reality. It, therefore, becomes crucial to understand the diverse electronic companies existing in Europe, especially if you want to acquire a new electronic device for your office or home use. So what makes up the top ten electronic manufacturing companies in Europe, and how can you go about picking one for solving your electronic needs?

How to Pick a Top Electronic Manufacturing Company in Europe


If you want an electronic solutions provider for your devices in Europe, then settling on one might prove an arduous task. Plenty of electronic manufacturers exist, and each differs in the way they price their services and products. Besides the costing, diverse electronic manufacturers will have diverse ways of general operation. Therefore, it becomes vital to pick the right one, as you can easily end up with the wrong electronic manufacturing company. So how can you go about the selection process? Below a criterion that can guide you in the selection of the best electronic manufacturing company.

  • Electronic manufacturer’s ratings. The modern age of computers and the internet implies the ability to get ratings for electronic manufacturers. Ratings often play a fundamental role in getting a feel of the quality of a manufacturer’s service or products. Therefore, look at each manufacturer’s ratings and settle for one with the highest, especially regarding their services, products, and price.
  • Reviews. Currently, no other tool informs potential clients’ decisions on a service or product provider than the available reviews from previous clients. Looking at the electronic manufacturer’s review online can become a powerful tool of understanding their strengths and weaknesses besides gauging their suitability to your electronic manufacturing needs.
  • Recommendations from peers, family, friends, and business associates can prove pivotal. It comes as another incredible way of determining the electronic manufacturing companies that can suit your needs. Therefore, getting advice from close and trusted friends, business associates, family members, and peers can help you lay a glove on the right EMC.

Attributes that Determine the Best Electronic Manufacturing Company

Electronic manufacturing companies often offer their services, and these encompass design, assembly, production, and testing of electronic components, including printed circuit boards (PCBs), to clients. Therefore, if you want to contract such a company, it becomes essential to determine whether the electronic manufacturer has features the following attributes.

  • An up-to-date website. Electronic manufacturing companies should have official and updated company websites to detail everything about them from history, capacity, and service offered. Such a website will provide you with an excellent platform for gauging whether the EMC has the technical capacity, resources, and equipment to meet your electronic device manufacturing needs. Additionally, you can use the information provided to canvass and check out competitors before finally settling on the manufacturer. Further, the presentation of the website will tell you plenty of things about the manufacturer before engaging them physically or virtually. What’s more, you can always engage them and ask questions on areas that seem unclear to you.
  • Company credentials. The best electronic manufacturer for you should have the relevant certifications necessary for the specific manufacturer of your device. A quick background check on their official website can always yield results. It becomes a crucial aspect in determining the capacity of the company to manufacture quality electronic products. If a company has all the certifications but lacks the necessary to manufacture your electronic product successfully, you have to look elsewhere.
  • The design capacity of the electronic manufacturer
  • The best electronic manufacturer for you needs to have all the required design resources to manufacture your electronic device.  Therefore, determine this specific aspect to understand whether the manufacturer can handle your ground-up design needs for your device or can change some aspects of component specifications in delivering quality and efficient electronic devices. Sometimes, all you may need can encompass a deep evaluation of your specifications to get an impartial and informed recommendation before the manufacturing process.
  • Technology and equipment. The electronic manufacturer needs to have the technical know-how besides access to the relevant technology and equipment needed in effecting the successful manufacturing process of the electronic device. Therefore, determine the manufacturer’s ability in this regard before selecting them for your electronic device manufacturing needs. Most top electronic manufacturers possess access to both information and equipment or technology of diverse device manufacturing requirements.      

Top Ten Electronic Manufacturing Companies in Europe

Electronic Manufacturing Company in Europe

1. Integrated Micro-Electronics, Czech Republic

The highly-rated electronic manufacturing company, located in Třemošná, Czech Republic, got founded in 1991. It has four SMT lines and engages in the production, development, electronic components sale for diverse industries.

The multi-ISO certified electronic manufacturer offers quality and timely electronic products for your use because of their supreme manufacturing capacity. The company has over twenty thousand qualified staff members besides the latest technologies and equipment to deliver quality electronic devices.  

Company highlights

  • Specializes in PCB mounting for industrial and automotive industries
  • Focuses on medium-sized electronic orders
  • Provision of comprehensive tailor-made electronic solutions
  • Comprehensive target market from automotive, industrial production to renewable energy markets

Services offered

  • Manufacturing of electronic devices
  • Development/engineering and sale of electronic components

2. BMK Group, Germany

The Augsburg-based (Germany) electronic manufacturing company got founded in 1994. It delves into the manufacture, development, and post-production of electronic products. The highly-rated electronic manufacturer proves multi-certified and focuses on establishing long-term relationships with clients, lasting supply relations, controlled organization, and production processes. Additionally, it delves into design optimization through layout and development collaboration besides automated flaw data acquisition.    

Company highlights

  • Electronic development: covering electronic design and development besides embedded security.
  • Manufacturing: covering electronics manufacturing, and prototyping
  • Electronic services that include electronic repairs

Services offered

3. Matra Électronique, France

Established in 1981, the renowned electronic manufacturing company comes as a subsidiary of the MBDA group. It delves into the manufacturing and design of high-tech electronic devices to provide you with quality and timely electronic devices or equipment.

The company is located in Lacroix-Saint-Ouen, France, and manufacture products for aeronautics, defense sectors, space, medical, and oil and gas sectors.  

Company highlights

Services offered

  • Design of electronic devices and equipment
  • Manufacturing of electronic devices and equipment

4. Jabil Circuit, Hungary

The highly-rated electronic manufacturing company comes as an excellent electronics manufacturing solutions provider in Europe. It got established in 2000 and has its headquarters in Tiszaujvaros, Hungary. The manufacturer comes as an ideal fit for the manufacture of complex electronic products, especially in the healthcare, automotive, storage, telecommunication, and industrial sectors.

With a dedicated and highly skilled staff, besides state-of-the-art equipment and technologies, the company manufactures and assembles’ quality electronic products for companies and individuals. What’s more, the facility has around-the-clock operations besides having the largest manufacturing space in Hungary.  

Company highlights

  • Multi-sectoral target market
  • Multifunctional electronic manufacturing and design capabilities
  • Large 232,331 sq. ft. manufacturing space

Services offered

  • Advanced assembly
  • Precision automation
  • Full-range software services, including IoT, mobile and web, wireless networking, and embedded systems
  • Cutting tools
  • Supply chain
  • Material sciences

5. Tonfunk Group, Germany

Established in 1990, the electronic manufacturing company proves a trusted manufacturing solution for electronic devices and modules, including circuit layout and design development, 3D testing and design technologies, THT and SMT manufacturing, installation, and assembly, besides production traceability and encapsulation.

The company is located in Falkenstein, Germany, and endeavors to partner with you as they develop original electronic equipment for you.

Company highlights

  • Structured manufacturing processes to adhere to quality standards and existing regulations
  • Focuses on a blend of tradition and innovation
  • Targets automotive, telecommunication, medical technology, sensors, nautical sciences, and security sectors
  • Over 450 qualified members of staff

Services offered

  • Product development through a series of manufacturing or production steps (including SMT, THT, installation, Traceability, encapsulation and painting, and soldering technologies
  • After-sales services

Company 6. Leesys, Leipzig, Germany

Leesys, alternatively inferred as the Leipzig Electronic Systems or Katek Leipzig GMBH, originally got established in 1925. With more than a hundred years of delivering quality electronic manufacturing services, the company comes as a safe bet for your electronic device needs.

The company is headquartered in Leipzig, Germany, and deals with manufacturing quality and certified electronic devices. It caters to the automotive, industrial electronics, connected homes, healthcare, and telecommunications sectors.

Company highlights

  • Multi-sectoral target markets
  • Multi-service provider when it comes to manufacturing, prototyping, and other allied services
  • Impressive manufacturing capacity
  • Certified

Services offered

  • Manufacturing of electronic devices
  • Research and development of electronic products
  • Production
  • After-sales services
  • Customs clearance and logistics
  • Prototyping
  • Materials management

7. Asteelflash, Germany

An established and leading electronics manufacturer with demonstrated experience, the Asteelflash Company aims to deliver quality and certified electronic devices for your use.

Located in Bad Hersfeld, Germany, the company aims to partner with you to handle electronic manufacturing and assembly to produce quality electronic products. What’s more, it has over a hundred thousand square feet of manufacturing space and over two hundred and fifty qualified personnel to ensure quality electronics.

Company highlights

  • Multi-sectoral target markets
  • Multifunctional capabilities including design, system integration, PCB assembly, etc
  • Establishment of working relationships with clients to produce quality electronic products

Services offered

  • Design services
  • Lifecycle management
  • Intellectual property
  • Prototyping
  • Engineering
  • Mass production
  • Novel product introduction
  • Smart supply chain

8. Enics, Elva, Estonia

The highly-rated electronic manufacturing service company got founded in 2004, though it has its roots as far back as the 1960s. It aims to provide quality electronic service solutions to cater to customer needs through designing, manufacturing, and post-production lifecycle electronic services.

The company is located in Elva, Estonia, and mainly concentrates on manufacturing electronic products besides supply-chain activities.

Company highlights

  • Focuses on electronic supply chain and full-range manufacturing activities
  • ODM (original design manufacturing) products

Services offered    

  • Product lifecycle services, including all-inclusive engineering and manufacturing besides after-sales services
  • Electronic test development services, including DFT, set-up, and design of mechanical, software, and hardware test, HVT, boundary scan, etc
  • Supply chain management to diminish complexities  through collaborative approaches and ensuring quality electronic product delivery

9. Kitron, Lithuania

The highly-rated electronic manufacturing company is a leading Scandinavian electronic manufacturing solution provider. Established in 1962, the company entered Lithuania in 2001. It aims to deliver enhanced flexibility, innovation power, and cost-efficiency in the value chain.

The certified EMS Company has over 1800 skilled employees and modern technologies to deliver a range of electronic products from fully-assembled circuit boards (PCBs) to electronic end products. It is located in Kaunus, Lithuania.

Company highlights

  • Multi-sectoral target and supplied market
  • Multiple electronic manufacturing services
  • Skilled and dedicated workforce (over 1800)

Services provided

  • Development
  • Sourcing and procurement
  • Industrialization
  • Redesign, maintenance, and repair
  • Logistics and distribution
  • Product deployment
  • Manufacturing
  • Field service
  • Augmented Reality Manufacturing

10. FlexFlex, Zalaegerszeg, Hungary

Located in Zalaegerszeg, Hungary, the highly-rated EMS Company serves the energy, automotive, computing, consumer, networking, enterprise storage, and industrial sectors. It got established in 1969 and aims to satisfy clients in engineering and design services, NPI, PCB assembly, CTO/BTO for low-volume assembly.

Company highlights

  • Over fifty years of manufacturing experience
  • Manufacturing, design, and engineering services

Services offered

  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Assembly

Final Thoughts

Electronics act as vessels for the digital revolution and an important aspect for diverse industries and home use. Because of this, you not only have to identify the correct electronic manufacturer in Europe, but the top ones to have your electronic devices and equipment manufactured promptly, with quality, and at a cost-effective price.

The article has provided some of the top-rated electronic manufacturing companies in Europe, besides crucial aspects of identifying an incredible manufacturer outside the list. Consider the insights and the companies highlighted to realize your electronic equipment and devices dreams.




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