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Who is an OEM Electronic Manufacturer?

In addition to creating a well-known name in the installation as well as the entertainment sector, oem electronics takes a portion of contracts in the mechanical, software, firmware, and electronic design for brands that are well established, both outside and inside the entertainment industry.

Also, this broad skill set as well as the vast experience of the research and development team of OEM electronics, has allowed them to become a reliable shop for contract manufacturing, certification, and product design.

Whether you need one of their products in the PCBA format only to help in integrating it in your personal product, or you need a completely bespoke product, which is created completely from scratch, then the OEM electronic have different competitive solutions that help in fulfilling your needs.

What are the Services Rendered by the OEM Electronic Manufacturer?



Teaming up with the project managers of OEM electronic, you will be able to establish the exact requirements. Furthermore, their R&D team could help in adding much value onto the process of product development by getting involved in all the stages in order to suit the customer’s project needs.

In addition, with testing, engineering and end to end design, the OEM electronic team helps in creating high-performance software, mechanical and electronic designs.

Furthermore, making use of their technical and creative problem-solving ability coupled with their vast experience in the industry, OEM electronic takes the concepts of their customers all through to its completion with proven and fully-industrialized engineering to make sure that they are set to launch the perfect product.


OEM electronic has a top-notch factory that can handle high and consistent orders monthly to deliver complete and fully packaged products. This factory has the ability to support your project. Also, OEM electronic has the ability and capacity to offer full assembly services. They have a very dedicated team that makes sure of high detail and attention in all they do.

Furthermore, the operations of board assembly are for great flexibility. This helps in handling all the requirements of different customers. In addition, the OEM electronic makes use of different measuring equipment like integrating sphere and environmental chamber for light calibration and photometric measurements respectively.

Also, OEM electronic makes sure that they are updated with the efficient processes, highly skilled personnel, and advanced equipment, so as to offer reliable and long lasting printed circuit boards. In addition, the broad assembly capabilities of OEM electronic allow clients to have access to different turn-key and PCB solutions.


OEM Electronic product manufacturers usually pass through rigorous certification, testing, and design process before releasing them into the market. This same team of engineers is known to be responsible for different custom products. They make sure that everything leaving their factory has great attention to detail. These include the same amount of care, and a high level of professionalism.

Also, an oem manufacturer can design products having the ability of reaching, as well as surpassing the very strict criteria of the CQC, UL, and CE certification. These include offering the important documentation to go with the product whenever it is sent over for testing.

Who is an OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer?

An original equipment manufacturer is a company whereby their goods are useful as components for products of a different company. This other company then sells the completed items to their customers or users. This second company is called VAR (value-added reseller). This is because they add value to the initial item by incorporating and integrating features as well as services.

The OEM electronic manufacturer and the VAR usually work hand in hand. The OEM electronic manufacturer produces sub-assembly parts to help in selling to the VARs. Though, some of the OEMs manufacture completed products for the VAR to sell or market them, most times, they don’t play a very direct role in the determination of the completed product.

Typically, there is no part that is integrated from a specific OEM. It is seen as playing a very important role in the completed product of the brand name of the VAR.

For instance people building their personal computers help in purchasing processors or graphic cards from Intel, Nvidia, as well as retailers which stock all these products. Also, if anyone wishes to do car repairs, they could purchase OEM electronic parts from a retailer. They can also reach the manufacturer directly from the retailer or manufacturer that sticks all these parts.

An example of the OEM is a relationship formed between the maker and the manufacturer of the auto parts. Parts such as brake cylinders or exhaust systems are usually manufactured by different OEMs.

How do OEMs Use Distributors?

The electronic distributors play a major role in the process of original equipment manufacturing. The large OEMs usually choose to work with the semiconductor suppliers. This helps in the early access and continuous supply to technology.

Furthermore, the small OEMs usually work with distributors to help them with product design, cost reduction, and a lot more. The distributors are usually a very important step to get your products to the market. Handling the marketing through the distributors is a strategy which many OEMs usually use in improving their partnerships and business.

Why are Distributors Very Important to the OEM Electronic Manufacturer?

Through the strategic relationships with the electronic distributors, OEM electronic can open or create additional doors for all their businesses. There are some benefits, which includes more time for testing, payment, and more.

When you partner with the distributors, it usually increases the possibility for it to branch out globally. With this, the OEM electronic manufacturer will ensure higher number of customers within a short time.


At Rayming PCB & Assembly, this relationship is very important. Our team boasts of over 20 years of professional experience working with the OEM electronic manufacturer. This will allow us to anticipate whatever your needs are as one of our partners. We will also help you find answers to your questions before you even ask them. With our years of expertise and experience, we have what it takes to meet your demands and needs.