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How to Choose the Best Electronic Sensor Manufacturer

Electronic sensors are specially designed to detect any changes in the environment from distance to acceleration and to light. Also, electronic sensors help in sensing anything in our world. These sensors send any information it collects and send them to different electronics.  There is an endless range of them available.

Sensors are available in everyday devices. You will find sensors in lamps with touch sensation and touch-sensitive elevator buttons. They help in measuring real-world quantities and then convert them into an electrical signal. On the other hand, actuators, receive an electrical signal and then convert it into a physical form. Speakers and motors are a good example of actuators.

Sensors are now being used in a wide range of application. Sensors now offer more functions beyond traditional fields of temperature, flow measurement, or pressure. In today’s world, analog sensors like potentiometers and force-sensing resistors are commonly integrated.

The applications of sensors include medicine, cars, airplane, manufacturing, machinery robotics, and aerospace among others. Different sensors are available for measuring the chemical and physical characteristics of materials.

How do Sensors Work?

Sensors respond to any changes in physical conditions by changing their electrical properties. Therefore, the majority of artificial sensors solely depend on electronic systems to relay, capture, and analyze data about the environment. Also, the electronic systems mentioned here work based on the same principles as electrical circuits. Therefore, they must be able to regulate electrical energy flow.

A sensor helps in converting stimuli like motion, heat, sound and light into electrical signals. These electrical signals go through an interface in which they are converted into a binary code and then they pass this to a computer for processing.

A wide range of sensors functions as a switch, thereby regulating the flow of electric current that passes through the circuit. Also, switches are a core part of electronics. This electronic parts change the state a circuit. Sensors have several components which include diodes, transistors, and integrated circuits (chips). These components are included in the sensor circuits and as such, they function as switches. For example, a transistor uses small electrical current in a part of the circuit to help switch on a large electrical current in another circuit.

Most times, sensors make use of radiation like infrared radio waves, laser or light, ultrasonic waves to identify the changes and objects available in the environment. Sensors can do this if there is an energy source that helps them discharge radiation in to their target object.

Classification of Sensors


There are different classifications of sensors. However, we will be discussing the two main types of sensors which are analog sensors and digital sensors. The major difference between these two sensors is in how they output measured data.

Analog sensors

Analog sensors represent a quantity by creating analog signals. These sensors have less features. Also, these sensors offer a more continuous signal. Analog sensors are available in many types. The pressure sensor is an example of analog sensors. This sensor is usually integrated in labs and industries to manage gas or liquid pressure.

Digital sensors

Digital sensors generate a discrete signal which is a digital representation of a measurement. These sensors are known to provide binary output in zeros and ones. They are less expensive than analog sensors. In digital sensors, data conversion and transmission take place. Digital sensors are a better option as they have overcome the limitations of analog sensors. Also, these sensors are less vulnerable to electrical interruption and they feature lower design risk.

Digital sensors can measure ammonium concentration, conductivity, and PH levels. Since these sensors don’t have the limitations of analog sensors, they are widely used in applications like water purification and industrial systems.

Other Types of Sensors

Electronic Sensors board
Electronic Sensors board

Humidity sensors

These sensors measure the amount of relative humidity. They work with temperature sensor since it is important to know the temperature before measuring relative humidity. Relative humidity measures the percentage of water the air is holding when compared to the highest amount the air can hold.

The air will hold more water, when the temperature is higher. This indicates that temperature has a direct influence on relative humidity.

Temperature sensors       

The most commonly used type of sensor is temperature sensors. This is because a lot of microchips have built-in temperature sensors that are capable of shutting down a chip down if it overheats. Also, thermocouples, thermistors, and RTD’s are the commonest types of temperature sensors. Based on requirements, different types of sensors are integrated for measuring temperature in various applications.

Chemical sensors

Chemical sensors detect the different kinds of changes in liquid. Also, these sensors detect the variations in the air chemical. These sensors are usually integrated in commercially atmospheric observation. Chemi resistor, fluorescent chloride type, and chemical FET.

Ultrasonic sensors

These are transducers that estimate the characteristics of the target. Ultrasonic sensors are categorized into passive and active ultrasonic sensors. Active ultrasonic sensors produce high-frequency sound waves which the ultrasonic sensor receives for echo evaluation. Passive ultrasonic sensors are usually integrated for detecting ultrasonic noise.

Top 7 Electronic Sensor Manufacturers

Electronic Sensor PCBA

Rockwell Automation Co. Ltd

Rockwell is one of the oldest industrial automation giant. This company is a world leader in the fields of information, control, and power technology. In 1988, Rockwell automation established a production base in China to offer high-quality products and services. With more than 100 years of experience, this company ventured into the production of different types of electronic sensors.

Its main sensor products include ultrasonic sensors, temperature sensors, proximity sensors, and pressure sensors among others. Their photoelectric sensors are specially designed for applications that require the sensor to sight a target close to a reflective background.

Rockwell Automation offers high-performance and reliable switches and sensors. Their team of workers focuses on tackling the toughest application challenges.

Honeywell International Inc

Honeywell International Inc is one of the leading electronic sensor manufacturers in the world. This company offers IoT-based sensors and other types of sensors. Also, their portfolio comprises over 50,000 products. Honeywell International Inc generated almost 41.80 billion as revenues in 2018.

As a diversified multinational company, this company ventures into many technology and manufacturing fields. Honeywell International developed the first STC3000 intelligent pressure sensor in the world. For almost five decades now, the Sensing and Control Department of this company has earned a reputation for its exceptional product reliability and quality. Also, this company is well known for its technological innovation.

Their main sensor products include ceramic capacitive, pressure calibrator, diffused silicon pressure, and more. This company works with a team of professionals who focus on delivering quality products and solutions to their customers. Honeywell International Inc focuses on moving the sensor industry to a higher level with the integration of new standards and advanced technology.

Ams AG

This Austrian based electronic sensor manufacturer was formerly known as Austriamicrosystems AG before it acquired OSRAM. As a world leading company that manufactures sensors and provides sensor solutions, it offers high-quality products. This company partnered with Sunny Optotech to develop and market 3D sensing cameras for mobile and automotive applications.

Ams AG provides a wide range of high-performance sensors which are ideal for use in different applications like automotive, industrial, robotics, and medical. The product portfolio of this company includes interfaces, technology solutions, and sensor ICs.

This Austrian sensor manufacturing company focuses on meeting the demands of their customers. Therefore, it pays attention to delivering quality. As one of the largest sensor and most famous sensor companies in the world, ams AG offers a wide range of sensor products. This reputable sensor manufacturing company stands for high-tech and innovation. It has constantly tried out new things and has been able to advance into new areas.

Sensirion AG

Sensirion AG is a leader in manufacturing and designing high-performance microsensors. The product portfolio of this company includes environmental sensors for measuring temperature and humidity, liquid flow and gas sensors, and C02 sensors among others. This company generated almost 177.75 million dollars as revenues in 2019.

This Swiss sensor manufacturing company has a long standing experience in the design and manufacturing of high-quality sensors. With more than twenty years of offering unparalleled sensor solutions and service, this company has continued to be on top of the table. Also, Sensirion AG offers a wide range of sensors which include humidity sensors, temperature sensors, gas and liquid sensors, etc.

It has its headquarters in Staefa, Switzerland. Sensirion sensors are widely used across different industries such as automotive, consumer electronics, medical, and industrial among others. This company attributes its success to the expertise, dedication, and inventiveness of its employees. Sensirion hires employees who focus on accomplishing the extraordinary.

Keyence Corporation

KEYENCE, is a top leader in the manufacturing of sensors and measuring instruments. This Japanese electronic sensor manufacturer keeps developing and manufacturing more reliable and newer products to meet the increasing demands of different manufacturing industries. Keyence is a reputable company  committed to providing support to the majority of users and as well helping them to enjoy the best-quality product.

This company’s product portfolio includes measuring instruments, digital microscropes, P{H sensors, pressure sensors, and flow sensors among others. Keyence Corporation provides innovative products that meet the demands of customers in every industry. For the past two and half decades, this company has been ranked among the most innovative companies in the world.

Keyence takes pride in offering the best automation technologies to various manufacturers in the world. This company is known for providing a wide range of services. Their technically trained engineers focus on developing high-quality sensors and as well introducing newer and high-quality products in the sensors market.

Henan Hanwei Electronics Co. Ltd

Arduino distance sensor

Henan Hanwei Electronics is a reputable electronic sensor manufacturer in China that majorly focuses on the development, production, and supply of detection instruments and gas sensors. This prominent company ranked among the 100 Henan Province’s high-growth private enterprises. The main sensor products of this company are gas detections systems and gas sensors.

As the largest gas detector and electronic sensor manufacturer in China, this company has a series of gas detection products applicable for personal protection, mining safety, environmental analysis, home business, mining safety, and industrial online monitoring.  Hanwei Electronics is a leading domestic and well-known professional manufacturer of gas detection products.

The company which was founded in 1998 has over 1000 employees. Based on the cross application of other sensors, it is manufacturing different types of sensors like mechanical sensors, thermal sensors, and optical sensors. Hanwei Electronics has continued to improve their production capability by investing on most recent and advanced technology. With its dedicated team of professionals, this company will continue to set a pace for other sensor manufacturing companies in China and the world as a whole.

Raytek Corporation

Raytek Corporation is a giant company that focuses on the production of a wide range of infrared temperature sensors. The American based company is one of the world’s largest producers of non-contact infrared temperature sensors. Raytek Corporation manufactures a wide range of temperature sensors. The infrared temperature sensor produced b Raytek is commonly integrated in heat treatment, food, equipment fault diagnosis, and other fields.

Raytek Corporation works with a team of qualified and professional engineers. This company offers a wide range of sensor products which include infrared sensors, fixed IR sensors, and more. The Raytek’s team has skills and expertise as regard temperature instrumentation and control. At Raytek, the team of engineers strives to design and manufacture instrument that enhance reliability and productivity of their maintenance and processes. With more than 20 years experience in the production of infrared temperature sensors, this company has continued to deliver quality against all odds.


Sensors are available in everyday devices. You will find sensors in lamps with touch sensation and touch-sensitive elevator buttons. They help in measuring real-world quantities and then convert them into an electrical signal.

 Electronic sensor manufacturers are available in every part of the world. Countries like China, U.S.A, Japan, Switzerland, and South Korean among others produce a wide range of electronic sensors. There are different types of electronic sensors. While some companies specialize in the production of some sensors, some companies offer all.




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