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Why You Should Choose the Best Custom Electronic Design Service

Electronic engineering is one very fast growing field. Why is this so? It is not possible to find a business or an industry that doesn’t benefit in a specific way different from the electronic circuits.

The application of recent innovations to designs is a major key to success. A top electronic design company is creative and innovative. These companies also specialize in the creation of prototypes from the ideas customers present and electronic design and development.

Why you should choose the Best Electronic Design Service for your electronic design services

Latest Technology

When you work with a top company like Rayming PCB, you will enjoy two main benefits. First, is the vast number of years that the engineers have spent in the development of electronic design projects as well as enjoying the benefits of the changing innovations and technologies.

The designers also work with recent trends in the electronic circuit design market. Furthermore, they understand the best practices, which industry experts know.

Experienced Experts in Electronic Design

Rayming PCB & Assembly has improved and refined their solutions and processes to make sure that they provide electronic design services of high standard onto their clients. With this experience, we can clearly say that we are professional electronic designers and will be able to deliver and provide high-quality services. Also, we continue to put in great efforts to get better, like clients seeking innovation.

Rayming also works across different sectors, which includes entertainment, military, telecommunications, commercial, medical, sport, and industrial sectors.

On Scope, On Budget, and On Time

Quick delivery of projects within a specific budget will play a huge role in a business’ success, most especially for complex and large tasks. Also, top companies offering electronic design services deliver completed products quickly, working with the budget and your specifications.

Furthermore, they offer in-house production and electronic design capabilities that allows users to create appropriate and accurate results for clients. If it is necessary, the company will need to carry out feasibility studies. This is to ensure that the project is viable both financially and practically. These companies will also conduct their work and operations associating closely with their clients. Also, the eventual electronic product will always bear the name of the client, with confidentiality.

Proven Performance

There can be no better proof of a company’s performance than it having a good client base. Over the years, top companies will have built a large client base. These businesses rely on these companies to deliver their electronic design needs. Their personalized experience, diligence to function and work, as well as efficient outcome are things that keep clients.

What is the Process of Electronic Design?

The circuit design process can cover different embedded systems, including complex electronic systems, and individual transistors having integrated circuits. When we talk of simple circuits, one person can achieve the process of design without the need for a structured or planned design process.

However, for designs that are more complex, electronic designers work with a systematic approach with a computer simulation that is intelligently guided.

A business of today works with some dynamics, which include technology that changes continuously, and at times, it becomes difficult for the companies to remain updated. One major reason is the way each organization is different from the other and complex in nature. For this case, companies will always require manufacturers that can meet their needs rather than building just standard lab equipment.

For integrated circuit design industrial automation, electronic circuit design usually refers to three different steps. These steps include physical design, schematic design, and logic design.

What are the Different Categories Involved In Electronic Design?

The categories here include hardware architecture, embedded software, and electronic design. The company deals with writing low-level firmware in order to interface the hardware directly with readable, highly efficient, and portable practices for electronic design.

Furthermore, the company configures and interacts both the microcontroller and architecture platform. Also, making use of the layout software, the company brings the customer’s electronic circuits into life. The process of PCB design combines the component routing and component placement so as to define the electrical connectivity on a circuit board that is already manufactured.

In addition, a top electronic design company also specializes in EMC testing and Test engineering. The FPGA design is now more common, known as a major technology for building electronic systems. When you integrate the hardcore and soft-core processes, the devices become complete embedded systems on the chip, thereby displacing the general purpose ASICs and processors steadily.

Rayming PCB & Assembly is a professional in FPGA design and is always set to meet the demands of customers in FPGA design that has been set by a customer or client. DSP design is the most and last important technology.

DSP, also called digital signal processing, is using digital processing like by computers, as well as digital signal processors to deliver different operations of signal processing. Analog signal processing as well as DSP (digital signal processing) are different subfields or aspects of signal processing.

Applications of Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

The applications of digital signal processing (DSP) include:

  • Control systems
  • Seismology
  • Digital image processing
  • Spectral density estimation
  • Speech and audio processing
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Telecommunication signal processing
  • Statistical signal processing
  • Radar, sonar, as well as other different sensor array processing

Applying digital computation to the signal processing offers many benefits compared to analog processing in different applications, like error correction and detection in data compression and data transmission. You can apply DSP to stored (static) data and streaming data.

What are the Stages in Electronics Design Services?

Specification of the design requirements

Here, the client will provide details concerning the design requirements or design specifications. At times, the company suggests amendments and improvements to the customer’s design to ensure it comes out better.

At times, some clients may need to sign a non-disclosure agreement. This is to allow them to disclose the design details. In order to prevent wasted efforts, then prospective customers are required to provide some information regarding their requirements, which will allow users to offer a rough and quick cost estimate.

Offering a price quote for your design

When you are done studying the specifications of the design, the company then analyzes the quantity of work necessary, the number of engineers that they should engage, estimated time for completion, and the resources needed, etc.

After considering this, the company comes back with the price quote for their analog electronics design services. Once the client accepts the quote, the company begins the analog electronics design service.

Standard deliverables

Some companies include these standard deliverables for their electronic design services. These include:

  • Schematic diagram including the part values
  • Files of the PCB layout in Gerber format. These include files of the drill information in the Excellon format.
  • The source code in the assembly language or C (well commented) and hex or binary files. This is necessary for the microcontroller in areas where it is used.
  • Executables and source code of the developed PC embedded software as a part of the design, where there is
  • The project’s complete documentation
  • Completely working prototype and ready for the demonstration

The deliverables are usually enough to start mass design production through the company or through a 3rd party manufacturer.

Final modifications/changes to the design (this happens rarely)

Once you are done examining the prototype, on some rare occasions it may be important to make a few additions or changes to your device before it enters the production phase. For small changes, you can do a firmware upgrade which is usually done without extra costs. However, for changes that are more elaborate, there may be a need to redesign the PCB design or hardware.


Customers must understand that to market a specific electronic device in a country, it has to satisfy some requirements in that country. Meeting these requirements isn’t necessary if the client doesn’t intend to sell or market it.

Testing of small quantity production

This is optional. Some companies offering electronic design services can support their customers with testing of small quantity productions. They assist in mass production. This they achieve by managing the whole process of production with the manufacturing companies that they have formed a food understanding with.

Electronic Manufacturing Service in Large Volume

Companies also supplement their circuit design services. This they achieve by offering end-to-end project management of the large volume manufacturing of that designed electronic product. Here, the company manages the procurement of the component, inspection, testing, assembly, and packaging, working with strict procedures for quality control. With this, customers will have a perfect solution from the electronic product concept to the mass production.


Rayming PCB & Assembly is a top company to deliver consumer electronics design services. We have been in the business for over a decade. So, if you wish to discuss how our company will assist you in your PCB design, hardware design, and custom electronics design services, please contact us as soon as possible. Let us know your requirements and be rest assured that we will design as well as manufacture a solution which fits your desires and needs.




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