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Top 10 EMS Electronics Factory in Taiwan

The value of electronics to industrial, manufacturing, excursions and other allied operations prove invaluable. It comes as a crucial enabler in facilitating the activities and operation of man. In Taiwan, the situation proves similar, considering the country’s position in the regional and global electronic scheme of things.  It implies the existence of diverse electronics manufacturers that double up as factories or manufacturing plants. However, selecting the right EMS electronic factory can become problematic due to the high number of such factories. So how can you solve this puzzle and pick the correct EMS electronic company?

How to Pick a Top EMS Electronic Factory

The existence of plenty of electronic manufacturing services companies and their subsequent production plants or factories in Taiwan can make picking a top factory difficult. You need to understand all the aspects that qualify an EMS electronics factory as a top-tier player before you can settle on one. But before you consider these, you have to look at certain baseline aspects to ensure you stay on track in the selection process of a top-tier EMS electronic factory.

The following, some of the crucial background considerations

  • EMS electronic factory rating. The ratings of an EMS electronic factory often consider plenty of aspects such as capacity, facilities, space, technologies deployed, etc. Therefore, an EMS electronic factory ratings act as an excellent indicator of the factory’s capacity to design, prototype, and manufacture electronic products and PCBs.
  • Review from previous clients. Plenty of existing and past clients always leave reviews regarding their experiences with the contract electronic manufacturing company. Therefore, it acts as an excellent indicator of the capacity and reliability of the EMS factory.
  • Recommendation. Trusted allies like close friends, family members, and peers can act as an excellent and reliable source for EMS electronic factories’ insights. Therefore, always consider their counsel when looking for the best EMS electronic factory for your manufacturing needs.

The baseline consideration should act as the foundation for a steeper and extra determination regarding the suitability of EMS electronic factories. Therefore, try and ask yourself the following questions before settling on a top-tier EMS electronic factory.

Questions to Consider in Picking the Best EMS Electronic Factory

  • Are the EMS company finances stable?

The financial health of a potential EMS company proves a critical aspect in determining the company’s suitability in manufacturing your electronic needs. Because of this, you have to ensure the manufacturer’s financial health proves adequate and will secure your company’s financial future. Therefore, besides the manufacturer’s technical competency, service orientation, and price competitiveness, the absence of adequate financial health disqualifies it from an ideal EMS factory for your electronic manufacturing needs.

It all arises because excellent EMS providers need sufficient cash to buy components in advance, as you will always pay them later. Therefore, it falls under the scope of the EMS to cater to all the production costs before getting compensated from your pay, which becomes a possibility with the manufacturer’s healthy financial status.

  • How transparent and open is communication?

The manufacturing process of electronic products often proves complex. It, therefore, requires sufficient and reliable information between both parties to ensure a seamless and quality manufacturing process. All these aspects become possible through proper and honest explanation of the company’s structure, ability to allow visits during the manufacturing process, etc. Openness and honest communication become fundamental in the proper functioning of a relationship. Therefore the contract manufacturer needs to feel more of a partner rather than the supplier.

  • What certifications types does the manufacturer possess?

A top contract manufacturer needs to have the relevant certifications necessary to develop and manufacture the electronic product. Every industry has particularly required certifications like the ISO13485 and ISO9001 of quality management besides the RoHS compliance. Therefore, it becomes prudent always to discuss such certification requirements ahead of contracting the manufacturer to ensure compliance in completing your electronic production process.

  • How does the EMS Company manage information?

The manufacturing process of electronic products often needs quick and accurate management of extensive data. It arises because components constantly undergo revisions besides EOL. Additionally, delivery dates often change regularly, especially when it comes to sub-suppliers. Therefore, the EMS provider will have to determine that they have got the production underway with the correct component revisions of the earlier specified component. Consider aspects such as the management of engineering changes in the event of new product revisions. The production diary is based on the component delivery dates changing—the absence of a sturdy ERP system by the EMS provider. The voluminous nature of such data and information can prove complex to organize. Therefore, it becomes essential to pick an EMS provider with a defined system of controlling and managing such information internally besides sharing it with you.

  • Is the EMS equipment updated?

Electronics get prone to rapid changes due to constant improvements. Therefore, components keep getting smaller, and this allows for closer PCB placement. Additionally, complex multilayer boards have become the norm, with IoT and wireless components becoming prevalent. You have to determine if the EMS Company has adapted to the tech changes and whether the deployed tools and technologies will suit your modern-oriented electronic product.

  • What type of customer base exists?

It becomes vital to consider the position of the EMS provider’s present customer base besides its size. Consider if the manufacturer can handle the electronic product’s requirements, especially when significant volumes get involved. For instance, if you have low production demands, you can get considerable service and attention. You have to ensure that the contract manufacturer can balance between proving sufficiently sophisticated and staying motivated.

So what top EMS electronic factories exist in Taiwan?

Ten Top EMS Electronic Factories in Taiwan

#1. Titoma

Established in 2001, Titoma comes as a leading EMS electronics company or factory. The company focuses in the production of OEM electronic services for overseas companies. It deals with the manufacture of embedded devices, especially those that use microprocessors like PIC32 and STM32. It also provides connectivity solutions for various products and mainly targets the healthcare sector, smart furniture, and other similar electronic sectors.

The company’s location is in Taipei, Taiwan, and got registered in 2001. You can rely on the electronics factory for all your electronic manufacturing service needs due to its skilled personnel, modern equipment and machines, and the latest technologies in manufacturing quality electronic products.   

Company highlights

  • Test reports and certifications: ISO 9001, RoHS, FDA, FCC, CCC, UL
  • Multi-sectoral target market
  • Manufacturing of diverse electronic products  

Products offered

  • Smart furniture
  • Healthcare products
  • Medical devices
  • Telecommunication products
  • Pet products

#2. Parpro

Founded in 2001, the EMS Company specializes in the design and fabrication of turnkey and high-volume PCB, metal sheets, cable harnesses, medical devices, and other electronic equipment and devices. The company provides turnkey ODM and OEM contract services that cover the electronic product lifecycle, including design, prototyping, production, and fulfillment, besides post-sales services.

It specializes in providing services like system design for embedded hardware, firmware design, mechanical design, PCB assembly, SMT assembly, through-hole assembly, high-level electro-mechanical assembly, harness and cable assembly, gaming cabinets’ production, etc.

The company is located in Taoyuan, Taiwan, and got registered in 2001.

Company highlights

  • Certifications include ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001
  • Multi-sector target market
  • Multi-service electronic provision  

Products offered

  • Cables
  • Telecommunication systems
  • Medical devices
  • Multi-core processor blades and cards
  • Gaming machine components and parts
  • Precision sheet metal components

#3. Diamond Digital Corporation

A subsidiary of the US-based Sparqtron Corporation, the EMS company, is based in Taipei, Taiwan. IT specializes in offering integrated turnkey production and manufacturing services of product layouts, material sourcing, prototyping. SMT printed circuit board assembly, product fulfillment, sample running, aftermarket maintenance, etc.  

The company caters to medical devices, telecommunication equipment, information processing servers, devices, etc.

Company highlights

  • Certifications include ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, ISO 9002
  • Multi-sectoral market target
  • Diverse electronic service provision  

Products offered

#4. Printec Circuit Electronic

With thirty years plus of experience, the company exists to supply its clients with electronic manufacturing services that include PCB-related services for the consumer electronic, telecommunication, military, medical equipment, and other similar electronic industries.

Services always center on OEM and ODM and design, fabrication, prototyping, assembly, and all-encompassing functional testing processes. The company is located in Taipei, Taiwan.  

Company highlights

  • Test reports and certifications include UL, RoHS, and ISO 9001
  • Multiple electronic (PCB-related) service provision
  • Production targeted at multiple sectors  

Product offered

  • Metalcore PCB
  • Multilayer and double-sided PCB
  • Impedance control printed circuit boards

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