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How to Choose the Best Taiwan PCB Manufacturer

I don’t know if you’ve learnt that Taiwan has a large market for different electronic products. PCB manufacturers that offer PCB assembly services in Taiwan are working to see that the demands of the country are met. They also focus on exporting their electronic goods.

Throughout March 2022, the percentage of electronic equipment that Taiwan exported was 33.1%. This is the highest product they shipped out of the country. Globally, PCB manufacturers in Taiwan are ranked among the top. In order to get the best from your electronic products, we will be discussing some important aspects. Let’s begin.

How is the PCB Industry in Taiwan?

In the sector of Printed circuit board manufacturing, Taiwan is a well-known player, presently, the country’s PCB sector has a large share of the global market at 33.9%. With this huge global presence, Taiwan has the ability to stay at the top of the technological world for about 3 – 5 years.

According to the TPCA (Taiwan Printed Circuit Association), in 2020, the production of PCB in Taiwan rose by 5.1%. It has engaged in solid development for four years. This has helped them to achieve a new high in the country’s history. Furthermore, in 20202, the PCB testing and measuring tools market of Taiwan was worth about $4.1647 billion. According to production from the experts, this value could reach US$5.3734 billion by 2026.

Choosing the Best PCB Manufacturers in Taiwan

Taiwan has different PCB manufacturers that offer PCB assembly services. This has made it difficult to choose the best one. Small enterprises and individuals may make use of some PCB makers, while major corporations require electrical experts. Below are some things you need to consider before you choose a printed circuit board manufacturer.

Scale is Necessary

The first thing you should consider is the number of PCBs you want to buy. Go for a pcb manufacturer that provides important services like instructional videos and PCB design software. Also, know if there is a minimum requirement for your purchase.

Spend wisely

As you work, watch how much you are spending on the PCB design. You and your manufacturer will understand the amount needed to complete the job.

Time is very critical

This is for those that need their designs quickly or are working with a tight deadline. You must ask how fast this PCB manufacturer will be able to deliver PCB solutions. PCB designs that are complex may take a longer creating and delivery time than the simple ones. In most cases, the waiting time is 3 – 14 days.

Avoid any intermediary

While searching for a PCB manufacturer, know if they are brokers or genuine manufacturers. PCB brokers are useful for the big firms seeking to rebid their firm’s suppliers regularly. It can be beneficial as well for companies that don’t know much about the industry. They will guide the process easily. However, the most cost-effective option is to work directly with the manufacturer.


It will be disastrous if after receiving your PCB, you discover that the holes were drilled wrongly, or the PCB has an incorrect size. Make sure the PCB manufacturer has a great and well known reputation before giving them your products.

What are the PCB Certificates of Taiwan PCB Manufacturers?

Taiwan has different certifications for PCBs. Also, when you obtain a certification, you can make sure that this PCB manufacturer has been well evaluated and can manufacture high-quality printed circuit boards. Below are the certifications.

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • UL Certifications
  • RoHS

Who are the Best PCB Manufacturers in Taiwan?


This company was established back in 1989. Their approach is retaining dynamic innovations and activities, so as to serve its clients globally. Also, this business has spent 20 years working to ensure product quality and quality PCB assembly services, so as to offer its consumers the best goods ever.

You can visit LM PCB’s website here:

YourPCB Technology Co Ltd

Firstly, YourPCB Technology Co Ltd is a Taiwan-based company focused on technical support and front-end engineering for PCB. Today, they have now become experts in PCB manufacturing.Also, this company is committed to quality, speed, services, and pricing to deliver personalized solutions. Furthermore, the team of CAM designers and popular front-end engineers has more than ten years experience in the printed circuit board sector.

You can visit YourPCB Technology’s website here:

Eastern Electronics Co Ltd

Eastern electronics focuses on the highly reliable Engineering Manufacturing Services of Taiwan. This company has been involved in the development as well as production of quality products in Taiwan for more than 50 years. Also, Eastern Electronics Co Ltd offers testing, manufacturing, DIP hand-insertion, SMT, as well as packing services. To achieve this, they employ quality control and automated technology.

You can visit Eastern Electronics’ Website Here:

Regulus Electronics

This is a manufacturing and engineering business that supports the developing electronics sector. Also, they are professionals in the designing and manufacturing of quality PCB or printed circuit boards. Furthermore, they provide one-stop solutions through the combination of design, molding, workshop, assembly, and manufacture of PCB.

You can visit Regulus Electronics Here:

Glocom Electronics

This company is UL, QS9000, and ISO-9002 certified. Their products are marketed to 15% Australia/Asia, 35% America/Europe, and 50% domestic. These quality products include antennas, telecommunication, computer peripherals, as well as some other industrial boards.

You can visit Glocom Electronics Here:

Frequently Asked Questions

Which country makes the most circuit boards?

China is the country that makes the most circuit boards. Also, this was revealed according to a report from World PCB Production that reveals that over 50% of the PCB in the world with respect to value are now manufactured in China. However, regarding PCB producers or companies, Taiwanese companies are the leaders.

Why is PCB not manufactured in India?

One of the main reasons why PCB is not manufactured in India is due to the inefficient raw materials. Also, other factors include less access to recent industrial and advanced technology, as well as state-of-art facilities for manufacturing.


Here, we have been able to talk about the main aspects of the PCB manufacturers in Taiwan. We have also ensured that things are explained simply. We hope that this blog is useful. Furthermore, RayMing PCB is known to produce standard and high-quality printed circuit boards. Many customers from Taiwan can vouch for our services and support. If you love the possibility of working together, please reach out to us.




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