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Top 10 PCB Assembly Manufacturers in China


Printed circuit board (PCB) assembly involves soldering and assembling electronic components onto fabricated PCBs using surface mount technology (SMT) and/or through-hole assembly processes. As products become more complex and miniaturized, PCB assembly requires advanced technical capabilities, stringent process controls and quality checks.

China has emerged as a global electronics manufacturing hub with an expansive PCB assembly industry catering to diverse end markets and geographies. This article highlights the top 10 premier PCB assembly manufacturers in China based on factors like production expertise, quality systems, capacity, customer service and value.

Overview of PCB Assembly Process


The typical SMT assembly process involves the following key steps:

  • Solder Paste Printing – Solder paste is applied on PCB pads where components will be placed to form solder joints post reflow. Stencils control solder deposition.
  • SMT Pick and Place – Surface mount components are picked from reels/trays by high-speed pick-place machines and accurately placed on target pads.
  • Reflow Soldering – The PCB travels through a convection reflow oven heating the board. The solder paste melts, fuses and solidifies to form solder joints securing components.
  • Cleaning – Flux residues left after soldering are cleaned using systems like batch cleaning.
  • Inspection – Automated optical inspection (AOI) systems check for defects in solder joint quality or component placement accuracy.
  • Testing – Electrical tests validate boards for correct functionality adhering to IPC standards. Common tests include in-circuit (ICT), flying probe, boundary scan.
  • Conformal Coating – A protective plastic coating may be applied on the assembled board surfaces.

For through-hole assembly, leads are inserted into plated holes in boards either manually or by automated insertion, then wave soldered.

Rigorous process controls and testing ensures reliable, high-yield PCB assemblies. Premier manufacturers invest in advanced automation, inspection and quality systems.

Benefits of Outsourcing PCB Assembly to China

Here are some of the major advantages of outsourcing PCB assembly to China:

Cost Savings

  • Lower labor costs compared to Western countries
  • Highly competitive vendor market drives down pricing
  • Reduced logistics costs due to availability of components locally

Production Expertise

  • Skilled engineering workforce adept in assembly processes
  • Extensive experience across diverse, complex product assemblies
  • Technologically advanced manufacturing equipment and processes


  • Many manufacturers certified to IPC Class 2 and 3 standards
  • Rigorous quality control and inspection systems
  • Strong focus on process improvement and quality


  • Massive production capacity across thousands of assembly facilities
  • Ability to scale easily from prototypes to high-volume production

Supply Chain

  • Close proximity to upstream PCB fabricators and component suppliers
  • Local sourcing of passive components, connectors etc.


  • Strong emphasis on customer service and technical support
  • Responsiveness to quote and design turnaround requests
  • Communication and IP protection mechanisms

By selecting the right partner, companies can leverage China’s PCB assembly capabilities, capacity flexibility and cost advantages while ensuring quality standards.

Top 10 PCB Assembly Manufacturers in China

1. RayMing Technology


Founded in 2005, RayMing Technology is a leading technologically advanced PCB solutions provider with over 500 employees globally.

Key capabilities:

  • SMT assembly with components as small as 01005 (0.4mm x 0.2mm)
  • 0201 (0.6mm x 0.3mm) chip components assembly
  • Advanced SMT technologies – uBGA, 0.3mm pitch QFN, 0.4mm pitch CSP
  • 12 high-speed SMT assembly lines with 55,000 CPH capability
  • Double-sided, multilayer, HDI, rigid-flex PCB assembly expertise
  • Through-hole, mixed technology assembly support
  • Full functional/ICT/flying probe testing, x-ray inspection
  • Conformal coating, potting, gluing, heat sinking services

RayMing is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001 standards and provides full turnkey assembly solutions from prototyping through volume production for medical, industrial equipment, telecom infrastructure and automotive customers globally.

2. WT Microelectronics

WT Microelectronics is a technologically advanced EMS company providing SMT, through-hole and mixed PCB assembly services from China.

Key capabilities:

  • High-mix, low-volume SMT assembly capabilities
  • 01005 component assembly with 0.2mm pitch
  • BGA, 0.4mm pitch CSP, 0201 and 0.3mm pitch components
  • 9 high-speed SMT assembly lines with 36,000 CPH capacity
  • Double-sided and multilayer PCB assemblies
  • Functional testing, AOI, X-ray inspection, ICT
  • Box build, coating, precision cleaning services

WT Microelectronics provides full assembly solutions including procurement, turnkey NPI, test development and global logistics. They cater to industrial, automotive, and medical OEMs across the world.

3. Hollison Electronics

Hollison provides advanced electronics manufacturing services including PCB assembly from China for global customers since 2000.

Key capabilities:

  • High mix, low-mid volume PCB assembly expertise
  • SMT lines handle BGAs with 0.5mm pitch, 0201 components
  • 9 high-speed SMT assembly lines with 50,000 CPH
  • Testing services include ICT, AOI, flying probe
  • Conformal coating, potting, gluing, heat sinks
  • UL, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485 certifications
  • Full turnkey assembly with procurement, inventory management

Hollison services diverse industries including industrial equipment, automotive electronics, LED lighting, and home appliances using automated assembly technologies for reliable quality.

through-hole assembly process

4. ChuangLian Electronics

ChuangLian Electronics provides advanced SMT and through-hole PCB assembly in China across 8 plants with over 4000 employees.

Key capabilities:

  • High, medium and low volume PCB assembly
  • 90 high-speed SMT lines with 50,000 CPH capacity
  • Assembly down to 01005 components, 0.3mm QFNs, 0.4mm BGAs
  • ICT, AOI, X-ray testing performed post assembly
  • Conformal coating line for protection
  • UL, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485 certified
  • Full procurement, turnkey assembly and order tracking

ChuangLian services diverse customers globally in computing, medical, industrial, communications sectors using automated processes for consistent quality.

5. Shenzhen geomettry electronics Co.Ltd

Geomettry Electronics provides advanced PCB assembly solutions from China with manufacturing facilities in Dongguan and Fuqing.

Key capabilities:

  • Medium to high volume SMT assembly expertise
  • SMT lines handle 0201 discretes and 01005 passives
  • 0.3mm pitch QFNs, 0.4mm pitch CSPs assembly support
  • Functional test, flying probe test capabilities
  • X-ray inspection, AOI, SPI offered
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 quality certified
  • Full procurement, turnkey assembly services

Geomettry focuses on quality and efficient manufacturing of high-mix or low-to-medium volume assemblies for global OEM customers across industries.

6. Shenzhen Zowie Technology

Zowie Technology is an ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified electronic manufacturing service providing SMT assembly in China.

Key capabilities:

  • Medium to high volume production support
  • SMT lines handle 01005 discretes and 0.3mm pitch ICs
  • QFPs, CSPs, 0201 capacitors assembly expertise
  • AOI, flying probe, X-ray inspection testing
  • Protection using solder mask, silkscreen, conformal coating
  • Full turnkey assembly with procurement
  • UL certified manufacturing processes

Zowie services customers globally in industrial controls, IoT, telecom infrastructure and medical devices segments requiring high-mix, flexible assembly.

smt assembly equipment

7. EpochSensation EMS

EpochSensation provides end-to-end EMS including PCB assembly in China for customers across consumer, industrial, automotive and medical segments.

Key capabilities:

  • Low to medium volume, high-mix assembly
  • SMT lines handle 01005 to 0402 components
  • uBGAs, QFNs, 0201 LED assembly expertise
  • ICT, flying probe and functional testing
  • AOI, x-ray inspection and SPI offered
  • Conformal coating and related protection
  • UL, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485 certified
  • Full turnkey assembly with procurement

EpochSensation focuses on flexibility in efficiently assembling highly complex, low to medium volume products for reliability.

8. Shenzhen Depue Technology

Depue Technology offers advanced SMT and mixed PCB assembly solutions from China with over 500 employees.

Key capabilities:

  • High mix, low-mid volume assembly expertise
  • SMT lines handle 01005 passives and 0201 actives
  • Optical inspection and X-ray capabilities
  • Rigid, flex, rigid-flex PCB assembly support
  • Functional testing expertise
  • Supply chain and logistics management
  • UL, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485 certified
  • Full box build, precision cleaning assembly

Depue Technology provides full turnkey and new product introduction (NPI) assembly services for industrial, medical and communications segments.

9. Shenzhen Enkson Electronics

Enkson provides advanced electronics manufacturing services from China including PCB assembly, testing and box build.

Key capabilities:

  • Medium to high volume SMT assembly
  • SMT component sizes down to 01005 handled
  • uBGAs, QFNs, 0201 and 0402 passives assembly
  • Triple inspection process – AOI, X-ray, ICT
  • Rigid, flex and rigid-flex assemblies
  • Potting, gluing, heat sink assembly services
  • UL, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, IATF 16949 certified
  • Full procurement, inventory, kitting services

Enkson specializes in quality focused Automotive, Industrial and Medical PCB assemblies.

10. Shenzhen Seaory Technology

Seaory Technology offers high mix PCB assembly solutions from China to customers globally.

Key capabilities:

  • Low to medium volume, high mix assemblies
  • SMT lines handle 01005 to 0402 components
  • uBGAs, 0201 LEDs, QFN components assembly
  • Functional test, flying probe, boundary scan testing
  • X-ray inspection and AOI capabilities
  • Conformal coating, boxing, heat sinking services
  • UL, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485 certified
  • Complete turnkey assembly with procurement

Seaory provides flexible, high-quality assembly solutions catering to Industrial Controls and IoT market segments.

Key Factors for Selecting a PCB Assembly Partner in China

Here are the most important criteria to evaluate when selecting a PCB assembly partner in China:

Technical Expertise

  • Type of assembly technology – SMT, thru-hole, mixed
  • SMT component sizes handled – 01005s, 0201s etc.
  • Fine-pitch component capabilities – uBGAs, QFNs etc.
  • Number of SMT assembly lines and overall capacity
  • Skill in assembling high-complexity PCBs
  • Testing capabilities – ICT, flying probe, functional


  • Quality certifications – ISO 9001, IPC Class 2 or 3
  • AOI, X-ray inspection and SPI process implementation
  • Process control and monitoring systems
  • Corrective action processes – 8D reporting etc.
  • Quality engineering support and analysis

Volume Flexibility

  • Prototyping to low, medium and high-volume expertise
  • Short-run vs. volume pricing models
  • Changeover process agility between mixed volumes


  • Technical sales engineering support
  • Design for manufacturing (DFM) analysis
  • Procurement and inventory management services offered
  • Programming and test development support


  • Pricing model – per component, operation charge etc.
  • Geographic labor rate differences
  • Total delivery cost – assembly + logistics
  • Value engineering recommendations

Customer Focus

  • Responsiveness to requests and communication
  • Order tracking transparency and tooling
  • Continuous improvement and feedback processes
  • Program management during product lifecycle
  • Information security and IP protection

By thoroughly evaluating partners on these key parameters, product teams can identify the right PCB assembly partner matching technical needs, quality expectations, volume flexibility, cost targets and ease of doing business.

Key Success Factors for High-Quality PCB Assembly

Here are some of the vital factors that PCB assemblers need to focus on continuously to achieve consistent quality and reliability:

PCB Design

  • Well-defined assembly drawings and documentation
  • DFM review of placements for manufacturability
  • Sufficient test points for validation and debugging


  • Rigorous sourcing processes for certified suppliers
  • Handling and moisture sensitivity controls
  • Proper storage conditions and expiration management


  • Documented SMT assembly procedures for repeatability
  • Optimization of solder paste printing
  • Thermal profiling to specifications of soldering equipment and materials used
  • Minimizing placement disruptions e.g. mid-batch component loading


  • Clearly defined AOI inspection criteria and review
  • X-ray inspection focus on hidden solder joints
  • Solder joint criteria aligned with IPC standards


  • Validating test fixtures match design regularly
  • Focusing on functionality testing, not only continuity
  • Debugging capability using flying probes


  • Skills development for machine operators on latest assembly technologies
  • Cross-training staff on multiple functions
  • Process knowledge sharing across production teams

Data Analysis

  • Capture and trending of key process performance metrics
  • Root cause analysis of defects and process deviations
  • Correlating inspection, test and field data

By rigorously focusing on each step of the assembly process and driving continuous improvement, premier partners deliver exceptionally high yields with uncompromising quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What documentation is required from customers for PCB assembly?

Typical documents needed for assembly are:

  • Manufacturing drawings showing component placements
  • BOM listing reference designators, components and sources
  • Gerber, drill, and assembly drawings
  • IPC netlist detailing connectivity
  • Special process instructions e.g. gluing steps
  • Approved vendor lists
  • Test procedures

Q: How is component procurement handled for PCB assembly?

There are three approaches:

  1. Customer supplies components
  2. Manufacturer procures components
  3. Manufacturer makes recommendations, customer procures

Supplying excess component quantities upfront avoids lead time delays. Some assemblers stock common components.

Q: What manufacturing defects can be detected during PCBA inspection?

AOI inspection finds issues like:

  • Missing or skewed components
  • Insufficient or excess solder
  • Solder balls/bridges
  • PCB damage
  • Foreign object debris

X-ray catches phenomena like:

  • Head-in-pillow
  • Voids in QFN/BGA joints
  • Misalignments under components
  • Broken joints and lifts

Q: How is the PCBA prototyping process different from production?

Prototyping involves more close collaboration between engineers on:

  • Design reviews to resolve manufacturability issues
  • Procurement of small component quantities
  • Testing via debug points vs. test fixtures
  • Incremental build approach to check key functions
  • Additional inspection points to characterize assembly
  • Version control of BOMs, drawings, software

The focus is on flexibility, validation, quality characterization and learning.

Q: What key data should be tracked for process control?

Key PCBA metrics to track include:

  • Assembly yields – SMT, thru-hole, box build
  • Workmanship defects from AOI
  • Test yields and failure pareto
  • Process parameters like solder paste volumes
  • Down times
  • Supplier quality ratings
  • Field returns and failure analysis

Data drives continuous improvement.


As products require increased functionality in smaller formats, the PCB assembly process needs to evolve with more precise equipment, smaller component handling capability, better inspection systems and quality focus. China offers a vast range of advanced assembly facilities to address diverse prototyping, low to high-volume PCB assembly needs while delivering quality, service, transparency and program management excellence.

By partnering with the premier manufacturers showcased above, companies around the world can leverage China’s PCB assembly value proposition to achieve technology leadership, quality excellence and cost competitiveness necessary to compete and win globally across many dynamic end markets and applications.




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