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Top 10 EMS Manufacturing Companies in Germany

Electronics often come in different shapes and forms for different markets. It can entail industrial or home consumer use. However, I find it interesting that electronics often entails similar principles in crucial component compositions such as printed circuit boards, transistors, etc., though the components always differ in specification from one electronic device to the other. The designing, prototyping, and manufacture of these electronic devices thus prove a complicated process and one that can only get handled by EMS manufacturing Companies.

Germany, proving a continental and global leader in the electronic manufacturing sphere, acts as the base for most EMS manufacturing companies. In this article, I will use my extensive experience in the electronics industry, besides the engagement of key industry players, to detail some of the top electronic manufacturing companies in Germany. Therefore, if you are a company or individual interested in getting your electronic devices manufactured, it would help consider these insights besides the top-ranked electronic manufacturers detailed herein.

How to Pick the Best Electronic Manufacturing Service Company in Germany


If you want excellent manufacturing service for your electronic equipment and device needs, picking a top EMS manufacturing company becomes a non-negotiable. Plenty of EMS manufacturing companies exist in Germany, though they often differ in their technical, technological, and production capacity. It all implies that the brand you finally go with will determine the quality of the electronic device, capacity, price, and other crucial electronic device features that you hold dear. If you pick the wrong company, you will have to contend with the outcomes of the manufacturing process similarly to picking the correct EMS Company for your needs. So how can you go about this process?

Firstly, you have to consider some critical guidelines on how to settle on the correct EMS manufacturer. But before considering these guidelines, you will need to consider certain broad-based aspects like the following.

  • EMS manufacturing company rating. It proves a more straightforward task in the world of the internet and access to digital devices. All you have to do entails browsing the company and determining its rating on the different manufacturing and operational aspects. An excellent rating for key areas can indicate the potential suitability of an EMS company.
  • Recommendations. Consult widely from friends, family, and peers whom you trust to gauge the diverse EMS companies and potential suitability to your electronic device or equipment needs. Trusted allies will always provide honest feedback concerning the manufacturers based on their present or previous experiences engaging the companies. From this, you can decide on the best manufacturer to contract for your electronic needs.
  • Reviews. It comes as a crucial market driver for manufacturing companies and a key guide to their capability concerning the manufacture of your electronics. Positive and negative reviews can always provide you with crucial insights on what to expect from an EMS manufacturer. However, it becomes vital to sieve the reviews and only consider genuine ones from genuine clients.

Secondly, you have to consider the attributes of the EMS manufacturing company. All top EMS manufacturing companies have specific and typical attributes. The presence or absence and quality of such attributes have to act as an essential indicator of the suitability of the EMS manufacturer when it comes to your electronic equipment and device solution needs. Here, some of the crucial features you must take into account before picking a top EMS manufacturer.

Features to Consider in Picking a Top EMS Manufacturing Company

  • The depth and range of management of the EMS manufacturer should prove convincing regarding your electronic equipment and device manufacturing needs. A top EMS manufacturer should prove transparent and effective communicators and add value in the design process besides taking care of your needs post the manufacturing process.
  • Available technology. A potential top EMS manufacturer needs to possess a range of modern and cutting-edge technology in designing, prototyping, producing, and assembling electronics. A manufacturer limited in accessing and utilizing the latest technologies available in electronic manufacturing will limit the design and functionality of your equipment or device.
  • Factory cleanliness and manufacturing quality. Top EMS manufacturing companies have large and tidy production plants that ensure high-quality products of the manufactured electronic products. It acts as an essential attribute when selecting a top EMS manufacturer as you would not fancy getting dirty and compromised electronic devices or equipment.
  • Responsiveness to industry changes. A top electronic manufacturing service company consistently demonstrates flexibility and adaptation new and emerging technologies besides changes in client preferences due to the ever-evolving consumer inclinations. It marks the ability to produce quality products besides maintaining long-term work relationships with clients.
  • Value in relation to pricing. Top EMS manufacturers often have reasonable pricing of their services about the quality of electronic products. High costs can prove unsustainable and will drive the price of the electronic product, while very low costs can imply poor quality of the manufacturing process, including the materials used.

It becomes essential to consider these insights before settling on and contracting an electronic manufacturing service provider, especially if you are keen on quality, timeliness, and value for money. So what top EMS manufacturing companies exist in Germany today? Below, some of the canvassed companies in no particular order.

Top-Rated EMS Manufacturing Companies in Germany

Electronic Manufacturing Service Company in Germany

1. BMK Group GmbH & Co. KG

The highly-rated electronic manufacturing service provider got founded in 1994 and has become a leading light in the provision of design and manufacturing of electronic products in and outside Germany.

It has a dedicated and highly trained staff of 1340 with a production area of 30000m2 to cater to your electronic manufacturing needs. The company is a certified electronic manufacturer and is located in Augsburg, Germany.

Company highlights

  • Design and manufacturing capabilities
  • Repair services
  • Enhanced human resource, equipment, and production space capacity

Services provided

  • Electronic development, including embedded security and electronics development
  • Electronics manufacturing, including prototype production and electronics manufacturing
  • Range of repair services covering different components of electronic equipment and devices
  • After-sales services

2. Zollner Elektronik AG

Founded more than five decades ago, the electronic manufacturing service provider aims at catering to your electronic design and manufacturing needs. However, it also covers mechatronics, inductive components, cable assembly, and mechanics.

The company has 11500 highly skilled employees, complete with a large production area, latest technologies, and equipment to cater to diverse sectors such as automotive, data technology, rail technology, aerospace and defense, life sciences and healthcare, telecommunication, etc. It comes as a certified electronic manufacturer with its headquarters in Zandt, Germany.    

Company highlights

  • Over 20 production locations globally
  • Multi-sectoral targeted market and supply
  • Incredible production factors

Services provided

  • Engineering / NPI Production
  • Research and Development
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Global Procurement
  • Analysis and Materials Technology
  • Traceability
  • Obsolescence Management
  • Material Compliance
  • After-Market Services

3. Asteelflash Germany GmbH

Established in 1999, the electronic manufacturing service provider is a global leader in electronic manufacturing. It provides quality and timely engineering and manufacturing services for your electronic needs.

The company also proves certified and covers all sectors, from aerospace, health, and life science, to any other relevant electronic industry. It has a highly skilled staff, equipped production facilities, and the latest technologies to guarantee quality electronic products. It is headquartered in Bad Herzfeld, Hamburg, in Germany.

Company highlights

  • Eighteen locations spread across the globe
  • Targets all sectors
  • Customer-oriented
  • Provides quality electronic products

Services provided

  • Engineering
  • Design services
  • Intellectual property
  • Prototyping
  • Lifecycle management
  • Novel product introduction
  • Mass production
  • Smart supply chain

4. Neways Deutschland GmbH


The highly-rated EMS Company was founded in 1969 and evolved into the market leader today through acquisitions and quality electronic manufacturing services. The company proves a qualified manufacturer for the semiconductor, automotive, industrial, defense, and medical sectors with multiple electronic manufacturing certifications.

The company has multiple locations in Germany, including Riesa, Neunkirchen, and Erfurt.

Company highlights

  • 30 plus years of experience dealing with hybrid microelectronics
  • Lifecycle partnership
  • Guaranteed quality through multiple certifications
  • Multi-sectoral target and supply markets

Services provided

5. TQ Systems Group

The popular EMS manufacturing company comes as a certified and reliable electronic manufacturing service provider. It got established in 1994 and endeavors to offer solutions to customers in the diverse phases of their product lifecycle.

The company has diverse locations spread globally, though it has its headquarters in Seefeld, Germany.

Company highlights

  • Multi-sectoral target markets
  • Multi-locational operations spread across the world
  • Multiple electronic service provision

Services provided

  • Development
  • Production
  • Logistics
  • After Sales Service
  • Assembly
  • Testing
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Obsolescence Management

6. Katek Leipzig GmbH

Also renowned as Leesys, or the Leipzig Electronic Systems originally got established in 1925. It has a demonstrated experience of delivering quality electronic manufacturing services, and thus, an ideal manufacturer to consider for your electronic equipment and device needs.

The company is certified and thus will guarantee you quality manufacturing. Additionally, it is headquartered in Leipzig, Germany, though multiple production locations exist and are spread worldwide. It designs and manufactures electronic products for healthcare, connected homes, automotive, telecommunications, and industrial electronics sectors.

Company highlights

  • Certified
  • Multi-sectoral target and supply markets
  • A multi-service provider that includes prototyping, manufacturing, and other similar services
  • Remarkable manufacturing capacity

Services provided

  • Manufacturing
  • Production
  • Research and development
  • After-sales services
  • Prototyping
  • Materials management
  • Customs clearance and logistics

7. Sero GmbH & Co. KG

The highly-rated electronic manufacturing service company comes as an EMS leader in providing world-class electronic manufacturing services. It offers diverse certified manufacturing services in the automotive, medical, consumer, building technology, and industrial sectors.

The company has a skilled workforce, latest technologies, and equipment besides over a 6600 square meter production area to guarantee quality and seamless manufacturing capabilities.

Company highlights

  • The multi-sectoral target market for supply
  • Multi-service electronic manufacturing operations
  • Serves medium and large-scale clients
  • State-of-the-art machinery and technologies in the electronics manufacture

Services provided

8. Mectec Europe GmbH

Mectec Europe is a renowned leader in electronic manufacturing service provision, especially as a manufacturer and supplier of printed circuit boards. Established in 1981, the company has the relevant experience, technical resources, and expertise to deliver quality electronic products.  

The company comes as a certified electronic manufacturer and targets the automotive, industrial, medical, and smart electronic sectors. It is located in Weinheim, Germany.

Company highlights

Services provided

  • Manufacturing
  • Supply
  • After-sale services

9. HUF Group GmbH

A global leader, the company manufactures automotive car authorization and secure access. It is a family-owned company with over a hundred years of electronic manufacturing experience. It possesses a highly skilled workforce, complimenting cutting-edge technologies and machines to produce quality electronic products.

The company proves a certified manufacturer and supplier of electronic products and primarily targets the automotive industry. However, the company not only manufactures these electronic devices and components but also adds value to them. It is located in Velbert, Germany.    

Company highlights

  • Family-owned
  • 7800 employees
  • 19 research and development manufacturing sites

Services provided

Design and manufacture remote control keys, electronic control units, phone keys, roof antenna housings, electronic steering column locks, etc.

10. RAFI Group

Established in 1994 as a private enterprise, the company has roots as far back as 1900. It delves into the electronic manufacturing services provider, HMI systems, and key switches solutions. The company prides itself on the setting and definition of the industry’s new standards, which can cater to your electronic design and manufacturing needs.

It is a certified company with its base in Berg, Überlingen, and Bad Waldsee, all in Germany. However, it also has other locations outside of Germany.

Company highlights

  • Multi-locational operations
  • Design and manufacturing services
  • More than 2000 employees

Services provided

Final Thoughts

Germany acts as the cradle for electronics and, by extension, the best EMS manufacturing companies. If you want excellent electronic equipment or device, besides an incredible design and manufacturing experience, then settling on one of the detailed companies can do the trick. However, if you want to explore other EMS manufacturers in Germany but do not exist in the list provided, considering the insights on picking the correct manufacturer will go a long way in taking care of your electronic manufacturing needs.  




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