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Top 21 Largest EMS companies in World

Electronic manufacturing services are a bridge between consumers and manufacturers. The operations of such firms are mainly integral to the medical sector. All the EMS firms are not constant with their services. 

Different EMS varies in the professional services they provide. Thus, these are important to stabilize consumer demand by increasing the supply. As time passes, the EMS will be dominating major sectors in the near future, as per the reports. 

There are several EMS firms functioning in the market. In this post, we are going to review a few of them for you! Let’s get started without further ado!

What is EMS Manufacturing?

EMS production means designing and analyzing the PCBs and assembling their parts. The core responsibility of an EMS firm is to stabilize these tasks as much as possible. EMS manufacturing is not smooth sailing at all.

 Different factors like equipment and guidelines make EMS manufacturing a critical process in the PCB industry. Due to this reason, a specialized and experienced EMS producer is necessary to make all this possible. 

You already know why PCBs are crucial for different consumer electronics. EMS firms carefully produce their products for OEMS and collaborate with them. All the companies that design and check PCBs are EMS manufacturers. 

Factors to Consider while Choosing the Best EMS Company


Now it’s time to have a look at some factors that make the EMS producers stand out from the rest:

· Extensive experience & history

Every seasoned EMS firm boasts a vast experience in this industry. The company has a broad portfolio and has a big client base as well. It helps them serve new clients and sustain prolonged working relationships in the sector. A company with only 1-2 years of experience might not perform as per your expectations. So always rely on an old player to not compromise your interests at all. 

· Adherence to regulations & certifications

There is an important framework of guidelines for every industry. Similarly, a suitable EMS firm is one that strictly follows industry regulations. One easy way to find out is to look for their certifications and awards. It will help you analyze their performance in the past so that you can invest in a suitable EMS producer.

· Manufacturing capacity

A reliable EMS producer is one that offers impressive production capacity. It means they can deal with any possible complication and never compromise on the manufacturing rhythm at all. In this case, you can rely on an EMS firm that works like this. 

They would always work with eligible staff, precise products, effortless PCB assemblies, and flawless PCB designs. 

· Product testing

It is obvious that EMS providers manufacture PCBs so that they can function with electronic devices. It helps in the regulation of the electronics sector and stabilizes the workflow. Some consumer electronics can also face adverse environmental conditions. Due to this, it is important for EMS providers to test and completely analyze their products for their clients. 

· Communication channels

EMS companies must be active with their communication channels. From their website to social media platforms, the company must be able to address your queries. The customer support of a good EMS provider can reduce a lot of hustle for you at the same time. 

Important announcements, discount offers, changes, and other technical modifications among the products should be the top priorities of EMS providers. 

· Product introduction processes

No EMS can work actively without following a process for production. As technology always keeps changing. A first-rate EMS firm is one that modifies its working process as per the recent trends and client needs. A basic process that most EMS firms follow includes:

  • Brainstorming a perfect design for PCBs
  • Develop a prototype for this design
  • Test and analyze the final product
  • Produce bulk products if needed

Top Biggest EMS Manufacturing Companies in World


Below are some exceptional EMS providers that have been contributing to the industry for many years:

1. Foxconn – $193.72bn

They are another EMS firm that offers remarkable PCB services. They have been able to generate impressive revenue because of their unmatched expertise. They have deep roots in the medical sector, where they offer their products and services.

 The company’s products are helpful for integrating monitoring equipment, scanners, and more. They work to make the functioning of laboratory gear effortless. Devices for identifying cancer also include their products.

2. Wistron – $31.37bn

Wistron is another renowned EMS provider in this sector. The company operates in Taiwan. The company has many competitors, but Apple is its main business rival in the sector. However, the company deeply focuses on supporting the medical sector through its products. 

Their products are beneficial for use in medical equipment to ensure accurate results and precise performance in the longer run. 

3. Jabil – $27.27bn

The company is functional in Florida. However, it has deep roots in several other countries. They boast an impressive workforce of hundreds of employees in different regions. They specialize in designing electronics and prototyping. 

Their products have prime applications in the fields of automation and consumer electronics. They have been offering their solutions for electronics for many years as well. 

4. Flex – $24.12bn

They are a Singaporean EMS provider. It is another considerable EMS firm that specializes in PCB-relevant services. The company has a vast experience in this industry and knows how to deliver the best possible results.

 They can work with clients coming from the automotive industry to develop systems for the communications industry. Not only this, their products go well with medical equipment and provide precise results. 

 They also collaborated with Pillips in 2019 to increase the production of ventilators to save the lives of as many patients as possible during those hard times. 

5. BYD Electronics – $10.59bn

BYD Electronics is a Chinese EMS provider. The company made its greatest contribution of all time in producing Covid masks for the people. It generated itself an impressive amount of revenue during this pursuit. 

They can literally help you build your dream by offering expert services in technical aspects without compromising the quality at all. 

6. USI – $7.45bn

They are Universal Scientific Industrial. A leading EMS firm that has been successful in generating a large amount of revenue over the years. They can easily collaborate with OEMS in different sectors, including the medical and automotive industries. The services offered by USI include:

  • Producing EMS parts for assemblies
  • Developing PCB designs
  • Conducting miniaturization for the automotive sector
  • Devising solutions for the medical sector for regulating sleep patterns and enhancing the hearing ability 

7. Sanmina – $6.96bn

Sanmina is famous since it deeply takes an interest in the medical sector to offer its services. They have successfully developed MRI systems, surgical bots, X-ray machines, scanners, and other small-to-big equipment for their clients.

 They hope to develop critical optical sensors in the future to rule out using extreme surgical procedures that will save time and energy. 

8. Kinpo Electronics – $4.49bn

They specialize in consumer electronics. Their portfolio is impressive as they have worked with several clients from different sectors. In the days of COVID, they were among those EMS providers who produced ventilators, covid masks, and disinfectors. 

Also, they manufactured smart mirror devices that would detect temperature changes to isolate people who needed covid testing. One extension of Kinpo Electronics deals with producing equipment for the medical sector that ensures body fitness and disease management and control.

9. RayMing PCB & Assembly

The firm has been operational for many years. It is famous for its expert services in developing and designing consumer electronics. The company operates in China. It hosts an eligible workforce to deliver desired results to the clients.

 They use the latest equipment for prototyping, fabricating, and producing PCBs. You can rely on them for component sourcing of PCBs as well.

10. Plexus – $3.39bn


Plexus is important to talk about since it has been functioning for several years. It has a spectacular portfolio based on a huge clientele. They have successfully maintained their performance since the 1970s. They are an American EMS provider and offer expert services regarding PCBs and their assemblies. 

Their services are:

  • Supply chain regulation
  • Product designing (PCBs designs)
  • Production for OEMs
  • Manufacturing impeccable consumer electronics
  • Different natures of customer programs that are flexible

The company takes great pride in manufacturing compatible consumer electronics. They have set their own quality standards to ensure each of their products is flawless in nature. They only recruit eligible and adept engineers with an extensive technical background. 

11. Infineon Technologies

Experts mark Infineon as among the most reliable EMS providers. They have deep roots in the Malaysian consumer electronics sector. You can trust them with the durability of their products and the transparency of their services on all counts. 

Due to this reason, they are able to secure a strong position among their competitors. Their electronic solutions are error-free as well. They use the latest technologies to develop semiconductors for many technical applications in different domains. 

12. Keysight Technologies

They specialize in the field of electronics measurement. The company is integral for its remarkable services that cover this broad range. Let’s have a look at their services to understand what are their areas of expertise!

  • They innovate solutions for modular devices
  • The company is best at developing software for technical domains
  • They can easily develop wireless gadgets 
  • Designing complex gadgets 
  • Building prototypes for electronics to ensure 100% efficient performance

13. Venture

The venture is another incredible EMS firm that is on our list. It deeply focuses on designing electronics and their production. Not only this, they are evolving former technologies to meet the future standards of the electronics domain. 

Another attribute of this firm is that they are experts in developing software as well. They rely on their ISO certifications to build trust among their customers. They never compromise the quality of their products. 

Also, Venture makes sure that its products undergo a complex process of quality checks before delivering them to the customers. They are flexible with the payments, and you can easily consult them to discuss your budget. 

They have active customer support that deals with the client’s queries and follow-ups to avoid any sort of problems. 

14. Pegatron

They have no parallel for their after-market facilities. It is a one-stop solution for EMS. They are famous for their impeccable PCB assemblies. Not only this, they handle flawless PCB designs for their clients as well. 

Whether the design is simple or complex, they deliver outstanding results. They are reliable producers of PCBs and electronics. They collaborate with different OEMs to deliver first-rate products to them. 

You won’t have problems regarding after-sale services as they make sure that everything is in place after you buy from them. Its products of Pegatron are useful in the electronics sector. Not only electronics they are reliable for computing.

15. First Solar

First Solar has been functional for about 15 years. They stand among the most reliable EMS providers of all time. The company has roots in global domains. They have an incredible workforce of engineers.

 They boast a convincing portfolio since they have a huge happy clientele. The stature of this company is hard to win over since it produces flawless photovoltaic solar panels. Not just solar panels, they are experts in their assemblies as well. 

Their solar systems work on slim modules to avoid any technical problems. Such a system eventually helps stabilize the economy and is cost-efficient at the same time. 

16. Ryder Industries, Xin Feng

They are another Chinese EMS provider. They specialize in impeccable turnkey solutions for the consumer electronics sector. The company has been active in producing electronics that never go wrong with functioning. 

You don’t have to worry about the efficiency and longevity of your electronics when buying from them. They set things right soon as the process starts and inspect their products through extreme quality check methods. 

It is better to have a look at the services offered by Ryder Industries to have a vivid review of them:

  • Developing firmware
  • Programming software solutions for the healthcare sector
  • Offers component sourcing 
  • PCB designing and prototyping

17. Fuji Electric

EMS Electronics Manufacturing Companies

They have been operational since the 1990s. There are some major areas that Fuji Electric specializes in. Due to this, you get an edge over your competitors while working with them. The three key types of major areas that they specialize in include:

  • Consumer electronics
  • Electrical solutions and energy regulatory devices
  • Retail systems

Following are the products and services that they offer:

  • Producing turbines
  • Developing power modules
  • Devising electronic solutions
  • Offers refrigeration services

18. Benchmark Electronics Inc

They are an EMS provider in Arizona. They work with the contract-based design of consumer electronics and production. Their integrated expertise has no parallel. There are several customers that have procured huge advantages from them. Their technology solutions are applicable to different domains as well. The applications of their products are:

  • Medical/healthcare sector
  • Aerospace and defense

It is important to know how this enterprise mainly differs from the rest of its eight factories active in different regions around the world. The services offered by this sole factory are:

  • Complete component inspection
  • Implementing precision technology for production
  • PCB design engineering
  • Impeccable computing
  • Critical data storage
  • Designing RF and high-speed products
  • Order completion 

19. Celestica Inc.

Celestica is another famous EMS firm. However, it operates in Canada. The company has offices in other regions around the globe. Its major clientele comprises Asian countries. They emphasize evolving consumer electronics through their expertise.

 Their engineers are adept at understanding the demand of their clients and performing with excellence. The products of Celestica are crucial for defense and aerospace applications. They also ensure the complete satisfaction of their clients by all means possible.

 You can also ask for supply chain services, as they are happy to help you with that as well. They never fail to impress with the after-sales services in case of any mishap or emergency. You can reach out to them through active customer support. 

20. EE Technologies

It is another American EMS provider. They operate in Nevada. They have a huge base of OEMs that they have worked with. Their expertise includes designing and producing futuristic electronics for their customers. 

These electronics never fail in their performance and promise efficiency on all accounts. No one can beat them with their style of PCB assemblies. They make this process easier by just helping you out with the problems.

 So that you can use these PCBs in complex devices later, all this is possible because they are well-familiar with using remarkable technologies to develop products of the future. 

21. Shenzhen Kaifa Technology

They are among the top Asian EMS providers. They have impressive rankings given by different technical institutes of the world. It helps them win the trust of their customers as well. It is a turnkey EMS firm that never disappoints with the end product. 

They work to develop useful PCBs that can increase the life length of electronics and medical equipment. Thus, this is why many OEMs from different domains are happy to work with them on and off. 

Not only this, consider them for procurement management and logistics control services in case you need them. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Choosing EMS Company

through-hole assembly process

Just like everything has its pros and cons, EMS firms have some downsides and upsides that you need to keep in mind. It will help you in decision-making and will save you from possible complications as well. 


  1. Expertise: One benefit of hiring an EMS firm is that they will handle technical aspects like production, design, and inspection of your desired products. 
  2. Flexibility: EMS providers are flexible with their services and can devise ways to help you with your requirements that alleviate a lot of hustle and saves time. 
  3. Cost-effective: Their services are mostly cost-efficient, which means you don’t have to invest extra money in redundant services. Just consult them for a pricing package, and they will let you know about offered expertise based on the chosen package. 
  4. Time-to-market: EMS firms are crucial to increase the turnaround time, which eventually stabilizes the time-to-market. In case you are in a hurry, just outsource all the tasks to an EMS provider, and they will handle the rest for you.
  5. Supply chain management: EMS providers will source the production materials and ship them to their clients on their own. It means you don’t have to worry about the shipping hustle and material sourcing at all since it’s one of the main duties of an EMS provider. 


  1. Loss of control: EMS firms can slightly miss out on quality inspection, which can lead to faulty product designs. It usually happens when they are dealing with bulk production.
  2. Communication: You have to be able to actively respond to the EMS provider to ensure they understand your requirements and needs. Sometimes the clients don’t respond in time which can complicate the process on the EMS provider’s side. 
  3. Dependency: If you always rely on such agencies, it can compromise your business values and can tarnish your reputation in the market with time. 
  4. Intellectual property risks: When hiring an EMS provider, it cannot guarantee to protect your substantial data, designs, and ideas. It means you are at risk of facing data theft since not all EMS firms are good at encrypting your data. 
  5. Price competition: There is no doubt that EMS providers are affordable to hire. However, sometimes illegitimate EMS firms can compromise on the quality of your products. As they will use cheap materials, it will create a negative impact on the final product later. 


EMS firms are significant in regulating the PCB sector. Their purpose is to transform the laborious part of the process into an easy one by offering their services. However, you need to make sure that your preferred EMS provider meets all the quality standards. 

You can now evaluate different EMS firms on the basis of some factors. It will help you choose the perfect fit for you every time. Keep in mind there are some definite cons to hiring an EMS provider. Make sure you don’t fall prey to an imposter EMS firm! 




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