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Military & Defense PCBs

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Military Grade PCB

Project Detail:

Material:FR4+Rogers 4350B

10 Layer 1.6mm PCB

Line width/space:4mil/mil

Min hole:0.2mm

Military is one sectors that is highly demanding when it comes to their applications. The systems or devices that are used in these sectors have to be of superior quality. The printed circuit boards developed at RayPCB fulfill such quality requirements and thus they are chosen for various applications pertaining to the military sector.

Military Grade PCB require high reliability with long service times under extreme conditions. We produce military PCBs for aviation, ground activities, defense, naval applications, and space weapons. RayMing provides printed circuit boards that offer a wide range of materials, composites, and construction, that are very effective in military applications.

High temperature laminates, copper and aluminum substrates can perform very well in these challenging environments. Anodized aluminum can be utilized to eliminate the effects heat induced oxidation. Aluminum substrates combined with thermally conductive pre-pregs gives the military designer performance with weight advantages.

military PCB circuit board
Military PCB Circuit Board

The following represents a few military applications:
Over horizon enforcement networks (Cyber counterintelligence systems)
Cross targeting systems (Cryptanalysis systems)
Automation networks (Command and control systems)
Air cartographic photography (Automatic search jamming systems)
Radio communication systems (AMRAAM – Advanced Medium Range Air to Air Missiles)
Radar installations (APU – Auxiliary Power Units)
Power converters (ASRAAM – Advanced Short Range Air to Air Missiles)
Power supplies (AWACS – Airborne Warning and Control System)
LED lighting systems (AEW&C – Airborne Early Warning & Control)
Instrumentation (CIWS – Close In Weapons Systems)
Control tower systems (ECCM – Electronic Counter-Countermeasures)
Temperature sensors (FLIR – Forward Looking Infrared)
Audio interface applications (IADS – Integrated Air Defense System)