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Top 25 Led PCB Manufacturers in the World

As a over 18 years Led PCB manufacturer, We understood the importance of Material heat dissipation performance and White Solder Mask Highly  reflectivity


Led PCB Board

LED PCBs contain the specialized printed circuit boards that provide the foundations for integrating LEDs across lighting, display, and indicator applications. Selecting a qualified LED PCB manufacturer is crucial to get boards that meet thermal and electrical performance requirements.

This article profiles the top 25 global manufacturers of LED PCBs based on capacity, capabilities, certifications, and experience serving the lighting, automotive, signage, and display industries. A framework for comparing manufacturers is also provided.

led circuit board
Pic2:Aluminum Led circuit board , 600mm * 30mm 80 Led Chips

Led PCB Materials We support :

Overview of LED PCBs

LED PCBs have unique requirements compared to traditional PCBs:

  • High current traces and robust power distribution
  • Thermal design to dissipate heat from LEDs
  • High density component layouts
  • Reflectors, lenses, and other integrated optics
  • Thermal and vibration reliability testing
  • Conformal coating, potting, and other environmental protection

Common LED PCB applications include:

  • LED lighting – Bulbs, tubes, luminaires, horticultural, architectural
  • Automotive lighting – Headlamps, daytime running lights, interior
  • Signs and displays – Billboards, video walls, advertising
  • Transports – Rail, marine, aerospace indicator lights
  • Emergency lighting – Exit signs, pathway illumination

Choosing manufacturers with proven LED PCB expertise ensures boards that maximize LED performance and lifespan.

cem 1 led pcb board

Top 25 LED PCB Manufacturers

Alphabet Design Mcpcb Led for Shop Sign
Alphabet Design Mcpcb Led for Shop Sign

Here are the top 25 companies manufacturing LED PCBs globally:

1. RayMing Technology

Founded in 2005 and IATF 16949 certified, RayMing produces high-reliability LED PCBs catering to automotive lighting, horticulture, architectural lighting, electronic signs and specialty illumination applications.


  • IPC 6012 Class 3 PCB shop floor processes
  • High current and multilayer power planes
  • Thermal design, thermal modeling
  • LED thermal and vibration reliability testing
  • SMT assembly for LED modules
  • 01005 component capability

RayMing possesses extensive expertise in LED PCB design, thermal management, and quality manufacturing suited for mission-critical applications.

2. AT&S

AT&S is Europe’s largest PCB manufacturer and produces high-end PCBs for automotive modules and lighting.


  • Aluminum PCBs with insulation layers
  • Thermal conductivity optimization
  • Automotive qualifications
  • ATCA-compliant quality processes
  • Thermal management design

AT&S produces complex PCBs for high-power automotive LED modules and headlamps. Key locations in Austria, India, China, and Korea.

3. Zhen Ding Tech

Zhen Ding Tech is a Taiwan based flex PCB manufacturer that also produces rigid LED PCBs for lighting and signage applications.


  • LED PCB design support
  • Thermal analysis and design
  • 2 oz copper layers

  • Flex-rigid integration
  • UL, CE safety certifications

ZD Tech can integrate both flexible circuits and rigid LED PCBs for applications like LED tube lights.

4. Tripod Technology

Tripod Technology is one of the top PCB manufacturers in Taiwan with significant production capabilities for high density LED lighting PCBs.


  • High mix SMT assembly
  • 01005 component expertise
  • Thermal design capabilities
  • Qualification testing – thermal shock, vibration
  • IPC 6012 Class 3 manufacturing

Tripod produces LED PCBs for high density architectural lighting, display backlighting, automotive interior lighting, and other commercial illumination applications.

Led PCB circuit board

5. TTM Technologies

TTM Technologies provides specialized LED PCB manufacturing at facilities in Asia to support global customers.


  • Thermal analysis and modeling
  • High current inner layers
  • FR-4 metal core and thermal clad PCBs
  • Partially populated PCBs for further assembly
  • 0201 component capability
  • UL recognition

TTM produces PCBs for high brightness lighting modules serving industrial, architectural, entertainment, and public infrastructure projects.

6. Unimicron

Based in Taiwan, Unimicron is a major PCB manufacturer with SMT assembly expertise for LED modules and lighting products.


  • Aluminum PCBs
  • LED thermal design
  • High reliability PCB assembly
  • Automated optical inspection (AOI)
  • 01005 component assembly
  • Conformal coating

Unimicron produces fully assembled LED light engines and modules for lighting OEMs and also provides design input to maximize LED lifespan and reliability.

7. Wus Printed Circuit

Wus Printed Circuit, one of the largest PCB makers in China, manufactures LED PCBs for lighting and display applications.


  • 0402 component assembly
  • FR-4 and metal core PCB materials
  • Thermal modeling services
  • Double-sided assembly
  • Flexible circuit integration
  • Volume production capacity

Wus produces high reliability LED PCBs and assemblies for lighting brands catering to smart lighting and horticultural sectors.

8. Multek

Multek, a division of Singapore-based manufacturing services provider Venture, provides specialized PCBs and value-added assemblies for LED lighting products.


  • Thermal design and analysis
  • IPC-A-610 assembly standards
  • Automated optical inspection
  • Conformal coating and potting
  • Supply chain services – components, enclosures
  • Inventory management

Multek supports LED luminaire customers with optimized PCB fabrication through final finished product assembly.

9. Chin Poon Industrial

Taiwan based Chin Poon Industrial manufactures specialized PCBs for high brightness LEDs used in automotive modules and lighting.


  • Aluminum PCB expertise
  • LED thermal design
  • Quality certifications – ISO, IATF 16949
  • Component sourcing
  • Functional testing

Chin Poon fabricates LED PCBs optimized for thermal performance in demanding automotive and high power lighting applications.

10. Tripod Technology

In addition to their dedicated LED PCB production capabilities, Tripod offers strong LED thermal design and heat dissipation expertise.


  • Thermal modeling and analysis
  • Thermal conductivity enhancement
  • MCPCB metal core boards
  • Thick copper inner layers
  • FR4 and IMS substrate materials
  • 0201 component assembly

Tripod provides comprehensive support from LED thermal design through manufacturing of optimized PCBs for lighting brands.

1200mm long led PCB
1200mm long led PCB

11. Aurora Circuits

Aurora Circuits, located in China, manufactures rigid, flex, and metal-core PCBs designed for LED lighting applications.


  • MCPCB and FR4 thermal boards
  • High current carrying capacity
  • Thermal design capabilities
  • Quick-turn prototypes
  • 01005 component assembly
  • Supply chain and procurement

Aurora Circuits caters primarily to LED luminaire and lamp OEMs based in China requiring quality metal core LED PCBs.

12. Shengyi Technology

Shengyi Technology is one of the top PCB manufacturers in China and fabricates LED boards for lighting and display customers.


  • LED thermal design experience
  • Standard and custom MCPCB materials
  • Quick-turn prototypes
  • 0201 component assembly
  • Automated optical inspection
  • UL certification support

Shengyi produces high-quality LED PCBs in a variety of custom materials including FR4, aluminum, and ceramic substrates.

13. Shennan Circuits

Shennan Circuits, headquartered in China, offers advanced LED PCB manufacturing capabilities tailored for high-density LED display and lighting applications.


  • LED thermal design expertise
  • FR4, IMS, and metal core material PCBs
  • 5 mil line/space tolerances
  • 01005 component assembly
  • First pass yields exceeding 99%
  • Fast cycle time – 5 day avg

Shennan Circuits delivers high density, thermal performance, and quality needed for LED display and lighting PCBs.

14. Amitron

Amitron Corporation based in the USA provides fabrication of heavy copper LED PCBs tailored for thermal demands of high power lighting.


  • Heavy copper PCBs – 4 oz+
  • FR4, CEM, polyimide materials
  • Thermal analysis and modeling
  • Quick-turn prototyping
  • HD solder mask for LED reflector integration
  • Supply chain management

Amitron produces specialized LED PCBs engineered for luminance intensity, thermal dissipation, and reliability in extreme conditions.

15. PADT

Precision Analog Design & Test (PADT) located in Arizona provides design, rapid prototyping, test services and fabrication tailored for LED lighting boards.


  • Prototyping and short runs
  • FR4 and thermal substrates
  • Thermal design expertise
  • Environmental stress testing
  • HD solder mask and carbon prints
  • Conformal coating and potting

PADT supports lighting brands with LED optimized PCB design reviews, prototyping, test, and quick-turn fabrication services.

led PCB Price


EOSDA Corporation provides design, assembly, and testing of LED lighting modules and PCBs from their manufacturing sites in Arizona.


  • LED board thermal analysis
  • MCPCB and ceramic materials
  • 0201 component assembly
  • Automated optical inspection
  • Supply chain management
  • Functional testing and burn-in

EOSDA produces LED light engines combining thermal design, PCB fabrication, component assembly, and testing for lighting OEM customers.

17. Victronix

Victronix located in China offers specialized LED PCB fabrication catering to horticultural lighting applications.


  • Thermal design expertise specific for horticultural lighting
  • Standard and custom MCPCB materials
  • Component assembly – 0402, 0201
  • Conformal coating and potting options
  • Modular LED sub-assemblies

Victronix supports LED grow light brands with optimized PCBs designed for electrical and thermal performance.

18. Best Proto

Florida based Best Proto provides fast PCB prototyping catering to LED lighting brands and manufacturers.


  • 24 hour fabrication available
  • FR4, IMS, thermal boards
  • 0402 component assembly
  • Stencil design
  • Thermal design reviews
  • Small batches

Best Proto enables accelerated LED PCB prototyping using their online instant quoting and fabrication system.

19. Cistelaier

Cistelaier, founded in 2005 and headquartered in Austria, delivers LED PCB and module manufacturing.


  • Thermal management and MCPCB design
  • Aluminum core and ceramic substrates
  • 0201 component assembly
  • Automated optical inspection
  • Supply chain management
  • Functionality and burn-in test

Cistelaier provides end-to-end manufacturing services for high-power LED modules serving architectural, entertainment, medical, and industrial equipment applications.

20. Quick Turn Circuits

Based in Georgia, Quick Turn Circuits provides fabrication of short run LED PCB prototypes within 24 hours.


  • 24-hour fabrication available
  • FR4, IMS, thermal boards
  • Printed carbon options
  • QuickTurn assembly services
  • Stencil design support
  • Small quantity focus

Quick Turn Circuits specializes in fast prototype delivery of rigid and thermal LED PCBs in low volumes.

Comparison Criteria for LED PCB Manufacturers

Here are key selection criteria when evaluating LED PCB manufacturers:

Technical Capabilities

  • Thermal analysis – Do they model thermal performance?
  • MCPCB expertise – Metal core boards with insulation
  • Material options – Aluminum, FR4, ceramic, epoxy
  • Fine line PCBs – For high density LED layouts
  • Assembly – SMT component production capability


  • Certifications – UL, CE for lighting. ISO, IATF 16949 for auto.
  • Testing – Thermal shock, vibration, luminosity, electrical
  • Process controls – For thermal reliability
  • Traceability – For automotive LED applications


  • Prototyping offered – Low volume capabilities?
  • Manufacturing capacity – For production volumes
  • Experience – Years manufacturing LED PCBs

Design Support

  • Thermal modeling expertise
  • DFM analysis – Review designs early
  • Design for reliability – Ensure robustness
  • Custom materials – Match PCB materials to LEDs

Customer Support

  • Technical expertise – LED application insights
  • Response time – Quick feedback is key
  • Communication – Clarity in discussions
  • Continuous improvement – Use metrics to improve

Carefully qualifying LED PCB manufacturers on these factors simplifies selection of the ideal partner.


LED PCB technology balances electrical connectivity for powering LEDs with thermal management to dissipate heat, maintain luminous efficiency, and ensure product reliability. Partnering with manufacturers possessing technical experience catering specifically to LED applications enables lighting brands to improve product performance, lifespan, and differentiation. This article provided an overview of the top 25 global LED PCB manufacturers along with a framework to match your specific requirements – from prototyping to high volume production – with the ideal supplier. Investing upfront in thermal modeling analysis and design reviews will ensure your LED PCB design is optimized to maximize LED intensity and service life.

Also, we must point out that these materials are mostly based on LED. So, you are not overly concentrating on the circuit board material, but on the type of material that the LED is made of.


80 LG G5 chips Led PCB Assembly
80 LG G5 chips Led PCB Assembly

What are the most important design factors for a quality LED PCB?

The most critical LED PCB design factors are thermal analysis to determine sufficient heat dissipation, electrical design to distribute power evenly, high current handling capability, and component/material selection to maximize LED efficiency and lifespan.

What key testing is recommended for LED PCB reliability?

Critical reliability tests for LED PCBs include thermal shock, vibration, humidity/temperature cycling, electrical stress tests, solder joint integrity inspection, and luminosity validation over expected product lifetime.

What certification is required for automotive LED applications?

Automotive LED PCBs demand certifications like IATF 16949 and AEC-Q006 together with rigorous process controls and traceability.

How are LED PCB costs optimized?

Key ways to optimize cost include: thermal design optimization to minimize layers, higher utilization panelization, specifying standard off-the-shelf materials, and integration/DFM analysis to simplify assembly.

What is the best way to source an LED PCB for a new product?

The ideal approach is finding a manufacturer suited to your volumes early in the design phase to get thermal design input, material guidance, DFM analysis, and prototyping to ensure the PCB design meets performance and reliability goals prior to release.

Led LIGHT Circuit board