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Top 10 Analog IC Design Companies in China

China is the world’s largest manufacturer, builder, and exporter of electronics and electrical equipment. China has seen a boom in the electronics industry in the last few years. That’s because the United State-China trade war has given China a competitive edge. With tariffs on imported goods and new homegrown companies, Chinese manufacturers can offer attractive products at prices that American companies cannot match.

In this article, we will examine the key factors that influence the success of Chinese analog IC producers. This market will grow to over $80 billion by 2023. However, Chinese analog IC producers are foundries that resell their ICs to electronic systems manufacturers. Foreign firms are still reluctant to build state-of-the-art fabrication facilities in China because of the lack of consistent intellectual property (IPR) protection.

The Chinese analog chip market is booming, but local design houses are still far behind international counterparts. For instance, Chinese analog companies can’t match the parameters of their international counterparts’ products because they don’t have access to advanced process technologies. To overcome this problem, analog companies should work closely with the foundries and develop a relationship with them. The supply chain in the electronics industry is tight and foundries prioritize strategic clients.

Demand for automotive chips has spurred manufacturers to relocate production to the country. The chip industry is highly dependent on China for sales, which has resulted in booming sales in the country. China alone accounts for almost 60% of Qualcomm’s revenue globally. The company also got fined USD 1 billion by the Chinese anti-monopoly agency for overusing its dominant position in the country.

Chinese IC producers are foundries that re-sell their ICs to the electronic system producers

IC production in China may not reach 70% of domestic demand by 2025. IC Insights projects that the country will be responsible for 19.4% of the global IC market by 2025, up from 10.2% in 2010. Last year, Chinese foundries produced a total of $12.3 billion worth of ICs, accounting for a 16.7% global market share. By 2026, this number could reach $183 billion.

China’s foundry sector has made strides in some lagging technologies. In 2018, Chinese foundries fabricated 45 nm and 65 nm semiconductors, which are useful in consumer electronics. Since then, there has been establishment of a few 6-inch and 8-inch fabs. The government also drives demand for these products, prioritizing autonomy over profit. China’s pure-play foundry market grew 41% last year, corresponding to a 19% global market share.

Chinese IC foundries are becoming more competitive in leading-edge technologies

A growing number of Chinese companies are gaining market share in the semiconductor industry. The country is a leader in logic semiconductors, such as CPUs and graphics processing units, but it also produces specialized semiconductors, such as field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs). However, domestic Chinese companies currently hold only modest market shares. More engineers will be required to achieve the Chinese government’s ambitious goals.

The IC industry started like a poker championship, with hundreds of players paying entry fees and making the most money at the advanced nodes and leading edge. The IC industry has winners and losers over the past couple of decades, but now there are only four remaining players. TSMC has several high-end customers for its 7nm process and supports older generation processes, such as 180nm.

SG Micro Corp

SG Micro Corp

SG Micro is a leading company in high-performance and quality analog IC design. The company introduced more than 350 analog IC products globally, including advanced consumer and medical applications, automotive applications, and energy-efficient power management solutions. Its product range includes voltage regulators, op-amps, and monitoring ICs. Besides high-quality products, SGMICRO is also aiming at production of environmentally-friendly products. The company offers the most reliable customer service, thanks to its experience and quality control.

Founded in the early part of this century, the company’s immediate market is the domestic makers of electronic equipment. Nonetheless, it has begun to attract the attention of international players, especially after it claimed that its power management ICs are part of Qualcomm’s reference designs and MediaTek. Other ICs that SG Micro is having success with include audio line drivers, video buffers, load-switch and reset ICs.

The Global Automotive Analog IC Market Report is a valuable industry information source. It offers in-depth analysis and forecast for the Analog IC industry. The report highlights each industry segment’s market size, share, and growth. It also includes detailed product and revenue forecasts by application and type. With this information, you can determine your position in this market. And, once you’re ready to make the necessary moves to take advantage of market opportunities, SG Micro Analog IC has the expertise and the experience to help you succeed.


A COVID-19 outbreak began in December 2019 and spread to all parts in the world. As a result, the World Health Organization declared it a public health emergency. This situation has already had a global impact, and the effects of the outbreak are still in play in 2022. One of the ways that COVID-19 has affected the Automotive Analog IC market is through its impact on the global economy. This outbreak affected the demand for automotive electronic components, supply chains, and the global economy in three ways: disrupting production and demand, supply chain, and the market itself decreasing the business confidence. It has also had a significant financial impact on firms, making the future uncertain.

One of the biggest factors that led to Beijing’s IC industry blueprint was worsening relations between the U.S. and China. In response, the Trump administration initiated Section 301 investigations and imposed retaliatory tariffs on Chinese steel and aluminum, impacting the global IC industry. In December 2021, the U.S. Bureau of Industry and Security blacklisted 611 Chinese institutions and companies involved in chip design.


Opportunities for SGMICRO Analog Integrated Circuit Company in China will increase in the coming years, thanks to the growth of the automotive and power management markets. IC dealers in the Chinese mainland have been hoarding consumer MCUs for the past two years, which has resulted in steep price increases and inventory levels. But the IC industry is optimistic and is anticipating stability in the price of car MCUs.

3PEAK Incorporated

If you are looking for a Chinese Analog IC company, you have come to the right place. 3PEAK Incorporate is a fabless semiconductor company that produces analog ICs. These ICs have superior cost performance and high performance. Here we’ll discuss the company’s business model and provide some facts about it. We’ll also discuss 3PEAK’s products and industry.

3PEAK Incorporate is a fabless semiconductor company

If you want an opportunity to trade in the latest hottest tech, 3PEAK Incorporate is the company for you. This Chinese semiconductor company is focusing on designing and manufacturing ultra-precision, high-speed, low-power, low-noise analog IC products. They are also working on several premium prospecting features, like full profile access to their team members.

The company also provides other products including interface and power management. Founded in 2012, 3PEAK headquarters are in Shanghai City.

It offers high performance

The company focuses on high performance analog IC technology and products. Its products include audio and video amplifiers, comparators, and high-speed converters. It also provides interface products and a linear regulator. The company’s mission is to provide customers with superior products with the highest possible performance.

It offers better cost performance

The fabless semiconductor company 3PEAK Incorporate is expanding its global distribution footprint by offering better cost-performance and reliability of analog IC products. 3PEAK’s product line spans diverse markets such as medical devices, automotive electronics, communications systems, and information security. Its CMOS platform allows it to make products 25% smaller than competitors. The company also offers premium prospecting features.

Chipsea Technology

Located in Shenzhen, China, Chipsea Technologies Co. Ltd. has produced analog ICs for various applications. These products include CMOS image sensor chips, OLED display devices, NOR flash modules, TD-SCDMA, and TD-LTE chips. However, what exactly makes them so special? Let’s find out.

Founded in 2003, Chipsea specializes in R&D and design of chips for products including infrared temperature measurement guns and electronic scales. The company is headquartered in Shenzhen City and employs over 1,000 people. After reviewing its company profile, you can view financial values and industry-specific data.

IC design industry’s high-growth path

IC design is one of mainland China’s fastest-growing sectors in semiconductor industry. Approximately 57 percent of the country’s ICs are useful in consumer electronics products, characterized by rapid innovation and intense competition. With a high-growth market in China, fabless design houses are a key component of China’s mobile progress.

IC design resources

One of the leading IC design companies in mainland China, Chipsea has over 100 employees in China and across the globe. With over five years of semiconductor industry experience, the team specializes in design flow and different SPECs. Additionally, the company offers industrial design resources and various styles of design flow. These factors make Chipsea an excellent choice for IC design.

Awinic Technology Company

Awinic Technology Company

As one of China’s leading audio-visual product manufacturers, Awinic is committed to creating audio-visual products that deliver superior sound quality. The company claims six key patents for audio-visual products, including high reliability electrostatic discharge protection design. Its audio-video products are also free from low-frequency electromagnetism interference and sound distortion and use minimal power. Awinic has eighteen unique IC layout designs.

IC design

Shanghai Awinic Technology Co., Ltd. (Awinic) is a Shanghai-based semiconductor design company specializing in high-performance IC and RF design. Among its products are ICs for mobile phones, wearables, AI, and consumer electronics. The manufacture of its products follows a range of quality standards and sold worldwide. The company’s mission is to provide customers with products of superior quality at competitive prices.

IC manufacturing

Awinic Technology Co.,Ltd is an IC manufacturing company. The company specializes in high-quality design and manufacturing integrated circuit products for consumer and automotive markets. Shanghai Awinic specializes in designing and manufacturing mixed signal, analog, and RF semiconductors. Shanghai Awinic Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008 and is on the National Equities Exchange. With a core team of over 20 years in IC design, Awinic has the experience and resources to develop innovative, high-quality products. The team adheres to strict quality management standards


Awinic is a high-quality design company specializing in mobile phones, automotive electronics, wearables, consumer electronics, and AI. It designs chips for these industries and adheres to strict quality management standards. The company has headquarters in Shanghai, China. Read on to learn more about the company and its products. The company combines advanced technology and innovative designs to create innovative products for a broad range of industries.

Analogix Semiconductor

Analogix Semiconductor is a leading supplier of analog chips and other electronic components to the digital multimedia market. The company manufactures chips for high-end graphics cards and large high-definition displays. Its products are good for low-power, high-speed timing applications, and it is one of the industry leaders in mobile display controllers. The company is also the leading supplier of HDMI receiver chips in China.

The world’s leading chip designer, Analogix, moved its global headquarters from Santa Clara, California to the Suzhou Innovation Park in the city’s new district in 2019. The company’s holding company, Jiangxin Zhiben, has already updated its registered address to that of Analogix (Suzhou) Semiconductor Ltd Co.

Founded in Silicon Valley in 2002, Analogix manufactures high-performance mixed-signal semiconductors for computer, mobile phone, and consumer electronics applications. Its products enable HD Everywhere, enabling mobile devices to display HD content on virtually any HD display. They also enhance battery life, support industry-standard interfaces, and enable end-to-end connectivity. These high-performance semiconductors are present in millions of popular consumer electronics products.

Analogix’s IP licensing business

The company’s IP licensing business in China has grown steadily, exceeding 10% of total revenue. In addition to concentrating on the licensing of DisplayPort technology, Analogix’s IP business has expanded into other sectors, such as the smartphone processor industry, foundry, designers and integrators. Analogix’s IP portfolio has expanded into audio and video processing and software.

Wuhan Juxin Microelectronics

In China, many semiconductor companies are heading toward the IPO route. Many of these companies specialize in analog technology, an IC technology dominated by international players. However, many Chinese startups have been trying to break into analog technology in the past decade. Now, many analog companies are ready to go public, a sign of progress and maturation in the semiconductor industry ecosystem. Wuhan Juxin is one such company.

If you are interested in semiconductors, you may be interested in Wuhan Juxin Microelectronics Co., Ltd. This company started on January 27, 2016, in the Wuhan East Lake New Technology Development Zone. Its activities include R & D, design, manufacturing, sales, technical consultation, and technology transfer. Its focus is on providing semiconductors of high quality and competitive price.

Dependence on national funding agencies

As a Chinese firm, Wuhan Juxin Microelectrics Company heavily depends on national funding agencies. The funding system in China has become increasingly complex and includes various basic research funding options. Although a company can obtain funding from national funding agencies, this is not always the case. Moreover, there is no clear distinction between national research institutes and universities. This results in over-competition among them and wasted resources. To optimize the public funding system in China, it is necessary to establish a clear distinction between the two institutions.

Jiangsu Diao Microelectronics


Jiangsu Diao Microelectronics is a leading analog IC manufacturer in China. Their products include high-performance power management chips, signal chain analog chips, and power management chips. Their products are widely useful in various applications with a focus on speed and accuracy. In addition, their process innovations have enabled them to expand their product matrix and introduce high-integration and high-reliability analog chips to market.

High-performance power management chips

The company has a highly advanced research and development team specializing in high-voltage IC technology. It has successfully developed the first single chip AC-DC integrated 700V and 1200V switching power MOS and 200V SOI MOS/LIGBT power ICs. It has also completed various state-level research projects and won various government awards.

R&D team

A tight talent pipeline characterizes the Chinese IC industry. The IC industry has become a hotbed of innovation, with Chinese companies investing in R&D and seeking overseas partnership to improve their products. In 2021, Zhou Zixue, chairman of the China Semiconductor Industry Association, said the talent shortage is a pressing challenge. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology had estimated that China’s IC industry will require 720,000 talent by 2020.

Product models

The analog semiconductor market is growing, and Chinese companies have made huge strides in this industry. With a variety of product models ranging from low-power, analog-to-digital converters to power management chips, there is something for everyone in this market. However, the challenges remain. To keep up with the demand, Chinese companies must continue to invest in R&D and product model innovation.

As a leading domestic IC design company, Jiangsu Diao is developing a wide range of products. It has more than one hundred product models and more than 400 are revenue-generating. Other cutting-edge products include USB2.0/3.1 components, ultra-low-power operational amplifiers, and high-precision operational amplifiers.

Shanghai Tinychip Limited

In China, many startups in analog technology are trying to break into this field. During the past decade, many of them have tried and failed. However, many of them are now poised to go public. This is a sign of technological progress and the country’s maturation of the semiconductor industry ecosystem. Tinychip is one of those companies.

Many companies make semiconductors, but only Shanghai Tinychip Limited in China is a leading example. These companies have a large footprint in the country and a highly competitive manufacturing environment. These companies manufacture various kinds of semiconductors, including IoT chips and sensors.

The company has headquarters in Shanghai, China. It designs and produces analog integrated circuits for power management semiconductors. The company’s products are useful in many consumer electronics, including mobile phone chargers and televisions. It is a member of the 3M Group, a global semiconductor company. Its stock code is 688798. The company has an annual growth rate of over 20%.

The Shanghai Chipanalog

The Shanghai Chipanalog Microelectronics Co., Ltd., a high-tech company specializing in analog chip design, has existed since May 2016. The company’s corporate values include a focus on customers, quality and innovation. It aims to become one of the world’s top 10 full-class analog chip design companies. The company has a wholly owned subsidiary in Shenzhen, where they develop and manufacture analog chips for various applications.

Investing in R&D and expanding the product line is critical for Chinese analog IC companies. Companies should focus on improving product performance and seeking deeper system vendor cooperation to expand their product line. Further, they should be more precise in their definition of chip products. Power management, RF chips, and EV are some areas that require a closer look.

RF chips

RF chips from the Shanghai Chipanalog Analog IC company are essential components of the digital world. These chips are the bridge between the physical and digital world. They perform various functions, including sending, receiving, converting, amplifying, filtering, and interface. The company produces a variety of RF chips, including linear, converter, and interface products. Its total revenue has a projection growth from $8.4 billion in 2016 to $11.8 billion by 2023, or a CAGR of 5% annually.

The EV Shanghai Chipanalog AnalogIC Company is a promising example of a Chinese startup in the emerging world of analog semiconductors.

IC design base

The design base of IC is a key element of the chip manufacturing process. Traditionally, we construct ICs using pre-existing building blocks. To create a custom IC, decompose high-level functional descriptions of circuit elements into lower-level ones using logic synthesis software. Once the design is complete, simulate a series of devices to ensure functionality. Analog and digital circuit simulators will test the design. Use custom circuit design techniques to modify the macro-level building blocks.

Product line

The Product Line of Shanghai Chipanalog Company includes many types of chips. The company produces RF transceivers, RF amplification, and digital isolation. These products enable satellites to transmit signals while increasing precision and security.

Anamix Microsystems

Despite the recent decline of the semiconductor industry worldwide, Chinese companies continue to push forward with the development of analog technology. While international companies dominate analog technology, Chinese startups have been trying to break into this industry for the past ten years. There are now numerous Chinese analog companies in the process of going public and preparing to make their first public offering. This is a clear sign of both technological development and the maturity of the semiconductor industry ecosystem in China.

The Chinese microsystems and semiconductor infrastructure have recently experienced unprecedented growth. China has become an important supplier to the global automotive and consumer markets, and its exports of microsystem enabled products have grown significantly.

CMOS MEMS foundries are becoming popular among semiconductor companies for their wide range of capabilities. For example, Anamix Microsystems, a China-based company, has developed a unique process for post-CMOS MEMS integrations. This technique can enable new levels of functionality and reliability. It also offers high flexibility and cost effectiveness. Here, we look at the key differences between CMOS and post-CMOS MEMS technology.




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