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How to Choose the Best Chinese Electronics Manufacturing Companies

Electronics manufacturing in China has significantly contributed to its economy. In 2017, the technology wholesale market in China peaked. The electronics company comprises of companies that design, assemble, and manufacture electronic products. These products can discrete components, consumer electronics, medical equipment, and industrial equipment.

The electronics industry as a whole is driven by innovation. A lot of investment in form of time, money, and effort go into this industry. The electronics manufacturing is a competitive one as companies are in competition to deliver the best and introduce the most recent technology. Chinese electronic companies contribute a lot to the electronics industry.

The growth experienced in the electronics industry can be attributed to the efforts of electronics manufacturing services and contract manufacturing companies. In this article, we will be discussing some of the best Chinese electronics manufacturing companies.

Top 7 Chinese Electronics Manufacturing Companies


Huawei is one of the best Chinese electronics manufacturing companies. This company initially began phone switches manufacturing before it ventured into the production and supply of smartphone. Also, it is one of the leading electronic manufacturing companies in china. Huawei specializes in the production of smartphones and other consumer electronics.

Asides from the production of consumer electronics, Huawei provides services such as telecommunications network and consulting. This electronic manufacturing company is ranked as one of the  largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer across the globe. Due to its quality products, this company has expanded beyond China. Over time, Huawei has become a household name.  In 2012, it overtook Ericsson and became the largest electronics manufacturing company.

Now, Huawei specializes in the production of tablets, wearables, and modems.. However, this company played a crucial role in the development and production of smartphone. Therefore, this great performance makes Huawei ranked  among the 10 largest electronics companies.

Also, Huawei ensures all its electronic products comply with the rules and regulations of the electronics industry. This company announced the release of their first smartphone in 2014. The C300 was the first smartphone produced by Huawei.  In 2015, this Chinese electronics manufacturing company introduced the P series, which was a high-end series.  

After it released the Huawei MateBook series, this company invested hugely on the laptop market. Furthermore, Huawei is well known for producing high-quality tablets. Before Apple took over, Huawei was ranked as the best company in the Chinese tablet market for the next few years.

New Kinpo Group


When you talks about reliability, the New Kinpo Group tops the list. It is one of the leading electronics manufacturing companies in China. The EMS manufacturing company has several subsidiaries. The Kinpo Electronics and Cal-comp are some of these subsidiaries. This Chinese electronics manufacturing company offers top-quality electronic products. The company produces a wide range of electronic products used in several fields.

New Kinpo Group is a reliable company that offers high-quality products and services. This electronics manufacturing company was founded in the year 1973. With several operations in many countries like the US and Singapore, NKG has never failed in delivering quality. This company makes emphasis on promoting supply chain operations and new product development across several fields. This Chinese electronics manufacturing company is located in Taiwan. It is one of the largest employer of labor in China.

NKG has a network of located manufacturing sites. Also, all electronic products manufactured in New Kinpo Group must undergo stringent testing. This is how this company ensures high quality.


Hisense is a Chinese electronics manufacturing company that specializes in the production of consumer electronics like mobile phones, televisions, laptops, and set-top boxes. Also, it manufactures some telecommunication devices like  digital TV broadcasting equipment,, wireless modules, wireless PC cards and optical components.

Hisense Group has its headquarters in Qingdao, Shandong Province, in China. It is a Chinese multinational white goods and electronics manufacturing company that started with the production of radios. Hisense Group works with over 80,000 employees across the world. Also, it has 14 industrial parks. Some of these parks are in Czech Republic,  Qingdao, South Africa, Shunde, Mexico, and Huzhou.

Hisense as a brand is ranked among the best electronic manufacturer in the world. This company has a long standing experience in the production of electronics. Their electronic devices are manufactured with quality and high performance in mind

Hisense Group planned to expand beyond the production of consumer electronics and as such ventured into the production of communication devices and computers. It is a regional leader in household appliances, computers and communications.

Hisense invented transparent 3D television in 2013. This company made a purchase of a Mexico facility from Sharp. This facility was bought at $23.7 million. Also, it bought the rights to integrate the Sharp brand on televisions.

Panda Electronics


Panda electronics is one of the top rated Chinese electronics manufacturing company. This company specializes in the production of products like TV sets, mobile phones, data cards, electronic instruments and more.

Panda Group first started as a radio manufacturer. In 1936, this company was founded under the Nationalist government. However, when the Chinese Civil War began, this company moved to Taiwan However, the remaining plant was founded as Nanjing Wireless Electronics Plant. Also, the Panda Group controlled the Nanjing Panda Electronics Co Ltd which was ranked the Hong Kong and Shanghai stock exchanges.

Panda is an independent distributor of electronics. This brand is well known for producing high-quality and functional electronic devices. One of the objectives of this electronic manufacturing company is bringing new innovations to the electronics industry. Panda has continued to set a pace for emerging electronic manufacturing companies in China.

Midea Group

Midea Group is a Chinese electronics manufacturer. It has its headquarters in Beijiao town, Shunde District, Foshan. This company has over 60 branches across the world and 200 subsidiaries. Also, it is one of the companies with the largest employers in China. It has about 150,000 employees. Since 2013,  Midea Group has been on Shenzhen Stock Exchange list.

Also, the company  has earned a spot on the Fortune Global 500 list since July 2016. Midea manufactures refrigeration appliances,  lighting, kitchen appliances, water appliances, and large cooking appliances. This electronics company serves as an OEM for several bands. Midea is one of the largest microwave oven producers. Also, this company has a long standing history in manufacturing heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) appliances.

This company is one of the largest manufacturers of robots and appliances.  Midea primarily focuses on the production of commercial air conditioners and home appliances. Recently, Midea has been launching its brand in some foreign markets like Chile, Brazil, India, Argentina,  Egypt, and in some southeast Asian countries.

Midea has handled some high-profile projects during the past few years. One of most recent wins is the large project to install large-scale HVAC solutions 12 different stadiums in Brazil. These HVAC solutions were for the Olympic games that took place in Brazil.

Konka Group

This Chinese electronics manufacturing company was founded in Shenzhen in the year 1980. With its headquarters in Shenzhen, China, Konka Group is one of top rated electronic companies in the world. The company’s products are very popular in the China’s domestic market. These products are distributed overseas markets.

Konka Group had four major subsidiaries as of March 2018. The company was primarily involved in the manufacturing and distribution of home electronics. Also, it ventured into the production of large consumer electronics like refrigerators. Hogshead Spouter invested in the energy efficiency production lines of Konka as at 2009.

The Konka brand has become popular across the globe and is presently enjoying growing acknowledgement. This company focuses on producing several new generation electronics products with high competitiveness and market adaptability. It keeps producing a wide range of OLED Smart Displays, LED Televisions, 4K & 8K solutions. Konka attends international industry events like CES.

This Chinese electronics manufacturing company is inspired by innovation. Therefore, it is a diversified company with international influence. This powerful brand has continued to contribute to the growth of electronics industries in China.


Xiaomi is a Chinese-based electronics manufacturer. This manufacturer specializes in the production of consumer electronics. After SamSung, Xiaomi is the world’s second largest smartphones manufacturer. The majority of its smartphones run the MIUI operating system. Due to its excellent performance in the electronics industry, this is listed among the best electronics company in the world.

Lei Jun founded Xiaomi in 2010 in Beijing, alongside six senior associates. In 2004, Lei Jun founded Kingsoft which he later sold to Amazon. Xiaomi  launched its first smartphone in August 2011. After three years of launching its first smartphone, the company had the biggest market share of smartphones in China.

As at 2015, this electronics company had developed a wide variety of consumer electronics. Xiaomi made its expansion outside China known to the public in 2014. Lei announced the company’s plans to venture into high-end smartphone market in February, 2022. Xiaomi planned to surpass the Apple Inc. Xiaomi plans to invest 15.7 billion dollars in R&D for the next few years in order to achieve its plans.

This well-known electronics manufacturing company has continued to expand its production as the demand for its products keep growing. Xiaomi is one of the youngest electronics company in the world.

What to Consider when Choosing the Best Chinese Electronic Manufacturing Companies


China is home to a lot of electronic manufacturing companies. The electronic manufacturing industry contributes a good percentage of revenue to China’s economy. Electronic consumers are now more aware of availability of several electronic brands. Therefore, it is crucial to go for a reliable brand. When choosing an electronics manufacturer, it is crucial to keep some factors in mind. These factors help you evaluate an electronics manufacturer.  Below are what to look out for in EMS manufacturing companies:

Quality and inventory management policy

Inventory policies go a long way in the cost of an electronic products. Electronic manufacturing companies  implement  inventory policy to reduce cost. Furthermore, these companies should ensure they adhere to some strict policies and procedures to avoid any sourcing issues. Also, you make inquiry about how the electronic manufacturing company you have chosen manage their inventory.


Expertise is a good factor to consider when evaluating an electronics manufacturing company. An electronics manufacturer needs skills and knowledge to manufacture electronic products. Electronic products require attention and precision when being manufactured. Therefore, ensure your electronics manufacturer is vast. Also, your manufacturer must have a good knowledge of the electronics markets and trends.

Compliance with industry standards

It is important for electronics manufacturing companies to always observe the industry standards. Adherence to industry standards indicates the quality of electronic products. Electronic products with compliance to certain standards offer high performance and great functionality.. Furthermore, it is crucial for electronic manufacturers to comply with the RoHS regulations. RoHS compliance restricts electronic manufacturers from integrating specific harmful substances in electronic components.

Integration of advanced technologies

As technology keeps advancing, the electronics manufacturing company isn’t left out. The advancement in technology has contributed to the growth of the electronics industry. The increasing demand for complex electronic devices makes manufacturers integrate advanced technologies and processes in their production. As a result of this, manufacturers integrate more advanced technological solutions. Top electronic manufacturing companies now integrate technologies like AI and IoT .

Aftermarket service

Some electronic manufacturers offer aftermarket service to their customers. After market service may come in the form of warranty. Some electronic products like televisions, refrigerators, sound systems, and more come with warranty. When choosing an electronic brand, ensure you go for a product that offers warranty. Also, warranty can assure you of the quality of the product you are buying. An electronic manufacturer should focus on satisfying the interest of customers.


Technology will keep being a determining factor on how profitable the Chinese electronics manufacturing companies will be. Electronic companies need to invest in R&D. Also, electronics manufacturers need to integrate more automation and robotics to enhance productivity and efficiency. Some companies are presently integrating IoT and AI in their production processes.

We have discussed the best Chinese electronics manufacturing companies in this article. This will help you know the brands to go for when purchasing your electronic products.

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