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Top 10 Contract Electronics Manufacturer in France

I love finer things in life, and France is renowned for some of the finest things in life, including electronics. Electronics are vital in almost every industry and sector, and this stretches from manufacturing, processing to home use. If you want to get quality electronic manufacturing solutions, then it becomes crucial to get a top contract electronics manufacturer for your electronic manufacturing needs. It will not only help you get quality electronic products but enjoy the manufacturing experience besides having timely deliveries.

How to Pick Top Contract Electronics Manufacturer

Before understanding how to pick the best contract electronic manufacturer, it becomes essential to understand what it implies. An electronic contract manufacturer refers to a manufacturer who gets into a contract with another firm to manufacture electronic components, equipment, or devices for them. In other words, it implies the act of outsourcing.

France has an abundance of electronic contract manufacturers that come in diverse shapes and capabilities. Picking the right one, therefore, can prove an arduous task. However, you have to gauge the company’s rating online, available reviews, and any recommendations from friends, family, and peers for you to select the correct contract electronic company. But it does not stop there; you need to go deeper and look at the electronic contract manufacturer. So what are some of the attributes you must consider before picking an electronic contract manufacturer?

Attributes of a Top Contract Electronics Manufacturer


If you want a top contract electronics manufacturer, it becomes essential to settle for the best in the business. However, getting the best CEM needs you to consider specific attributes that should typify every top contract electronic manufacturer. The following should rank top in your thinking when selecting a top contract electronic manufacturer.

  • Industry experience and longevity
  • A contract electronics manufacturer with extensive experience and history in the sector can become an excellent choice in giving you an unprecedented advantage when contracted for your existing or startup business needs. Such experience and reputation guarantee quality manufacturing of your electronic needs. Therefore, consider this aspect when hunting for a potential electronic contract manufacturer.
  • Design capabilities and skills
  • A top contract electronics manufacturer should not prove restrictive and limited to solely manufacturing. The manufacturer needs to intervene with printed circuit board design modifications and tweaks. Regardless of their insights proving unwelcome or not, the insights become pivotal in providing diverse perspectives about the PCB. Consequently, it all becomes useful when it comes to the electronic end product. Therefore, a divergent review becomes essential in determining and enhancing the quality of the PCB or electronic device or equipment.
  • Technology advancement. The advent of technology implies availability when it comes to deployment. Therefore, contracted electronic manufacturing should possess these technologies, tools, and software to ensure a quality end product. You would not want a substandard process to manufacture your electronic products.  
  • Industry compliance. A top-tier contract electronics manufacturer needs to comply with and stay updated with current industry standards. Additionally, the contract electronic manufacturing company needs to demonstrate compliance with your company’s quality assurance conventions and standards.
  • Environment-friendliness. A contract electronic manufacturing company that emphasizes environment conservation demonstrates its legit stature and capability to offer legit manufacturing services using healthy materials. Therefore check manufacturers who demonstrate compliance with RoHS (restriction on hazardous substances) and other similar environmental-related restrictions.   
  • Product testing. The process often proves pivotal in the manufacturing and assembly process of electronic products and PCBs. Product testing gets carried out to ascertain and satisfy the consumers’ expectations. The process ensures that every product and design passes the quality standards set. It also determines and acts as a qualifier of the capacity of the CEMC in inspecting product design issues and flaws to prevent issues later on in the mass production process.
  • Post-production services. Plenty of contract electronic manufacturing companies limit their involvement up to the end of the electronic manufacturing process. However, a top CEMC will constantly engage you during the production process and engage and offer services post the production process. It can involve free troubleshooting of printed circuit boards that display faults or provide free marketing services.
  • Production line management. A top contract electronic manufacturing company possesses the correct industry connections to ensure that every production aspect gets covered. For instance, aspects such as electrical components, supplies, and commodities need to get accounted for by the CEMC.

When you consider these aspects when evaluating potential contract electronic manufacturing companies, you stand a better chance of picking the right and top electronic solutions provider for your manufacturing needs. So let us dive in and look at the top contract electronic manufacturers in France.

Ten Top Contract Electronics Manufacturers in France

contract electronics manufacturer in france

1. Schneider Electric

It got established in 1836, and the company comes as an industry leader in the development, manufacture, and provision of electronics solutions, but in energy and digital automation solutions. The company has multiple branches across the world and focuses on diverse fields. However, the company provides services for the grid, buildings, industrial automation, and data centers in the EMS sector.

It is located in RUEIL MALMAISON, ILE-DE-FRANCE, and acts as a segment of the ICPMI.

Company highlights

  • 6704 employees at the location in France
  • A subsidiary company in the over 1934 companies-strong Schneider Electric group
  • Services include field, digital and electronic, training, and consulting services.

Products offered

  • Low-voltage systems and electronic products
  • Medium-voltage distribution and grid automation product solutions
  • Industrial control and automation products
  • Critical, cooling, power, and racks

2. Bolloré

Established in 1822, the electronic contract manufacturer comes as among the largest companies in the globe. It has an interest in logistics and transportation, communications, and electricity systems and storage. However, the groups’ wing that deals with electricity systems and storage has majored in manufacturing and designing the innovative LMP (lithium metal polymer) and electric vehicle-related electronics and systems buses. Besides this, the company also focuses on the marketing of renewable energy-related storage solutions.

The company is located in Ile-de-France, France.

Company highlights

Products and services offered

  • Innovative renewable energy LMP
  • Electric vehicle components
  • Marketing of energy-storage solutions

3. Molex

The electronic contract manufacturer has over eighty years in designing and manufacturing innovative electronic devices and equipment. It is highly rated and specializes in the manufacture of IoT, data center, connected home and health, and 5G technology areas for the automotive, connected mobility solution commercial vehicle and aviation, defense, health, and industrial and electrical sectors, among other vital sectors.

The despite its numerous locations all over the globe has its France location in Bièvres

Company highlights

  • Presence in over forty countries
  • 45000 plus skilled employees
  • Multi-sector target markets
  • Diverse electronic product manufacturing

Products offered

4. LACROIX Electronics

The electronic contract company, founded over forty years ago, comes as an established industry leader in designing, manufacturing, and producing electronic subassemblies and assemblies. It prides itself in the highly equipped production sites and design offices to offer incredible and high-quality electronic products to clients.

The company has qualified personnel, the latest technologies, and machines, besides sufficient production space to ensure that your automation, automotive, industrial, health, civil defense, and avionics electronic needs are met. It is located Montrevault-sur-Èvre, France.    

Company highlights

  • Over 40 years of manufacturing and design experience
  • Diverse target industry markets, including the smart industry
  • Diverse electronic products and services

Services offered

  • Design
  • Industrial services
  • Production
  • Perpetuation
  • After-sales and other services

5. AVer Information Europe BV.

The contract electronics manufacturer has over twenty years of delivering development, research, and manufacturing electronic services. AVer prides itself in delivering quality and affordable, world-class technology solutions besides unparalleled warranty programs and customer care support. Such services become crucial in enabling your business to stay competitive in the market.

The company caters to diverse industries and is located Ferrières-en-Brie, France.  

Company highlights

  • Multiple certifications including ISO 14001, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, AEO and IECQ QC 080000, ISO 13485, RoHS 2011/65/EU, ErP 2009/125/E.C., WEEE 2002/96/E.C., and certification as SONY Green Partner
  • Diverse product manufacturing for different markets
  • Over twenty years of design and manufacturing operation
  • 700 employees in over 15 countries

Products offered

  • On-premise video conferencing systems
  • EIFP
  • USB video-conferencing
  • Visualizers
  • Charging solutions
  • Distance learning cameras
  • Professional PTZ cameras



The contract electronics manufacturer comes as a leading industry player with over thirty years of delivering quality manufacturing services to clients. It specializes in the designing, assembling, and testing of electronic products, especially when it comes to LCD and Led lighting technology solutions.

What’s more, it also provides technical support, training, and funding services to its clients. It is located in Vourles, France.

Company highlights

  • Provides manufacturing, design, and assembly of diverse electronic products
  • Caters for different markets
  • Provides both services and assistance
  • Has over 30 years of experience in the industry

Products offered

  • Light panels
  • Legal information touch screens
  • WEB OTF software

7. Avnet EMG France

The highly-rated and regarded contract electronic manufacturing industry leader has over a century of industry experience delivering high-quality manufacturing of various electronic products. The company prides itself in not only providing world-class manufacturing services but establishing strong business relationships with clients.

Some crucial manufacturing services that you can enjoy from this company include IoT, research and design services, prototyping, manufacturing, logistics, post-sales, and supply-chain services. The company is located in Vénissieux, France.

Company highlights

  • A multi-certified operator
  • Over 100 years of experience in design, prototyping, manufacturing electronic products
  • Diverse operational location
  • Manufactures and produces electronic products for diverse markets

 Products offered

  • Amplifiers
  • Antennas
  • Analog switch multiplexers
  • Data conversion
  • Cables and wires
  • Capacitors
  • Chemicals and adhesives
  • Batteries
  • Circuit Protection
  • Communication and Networking
  • Connectors
  • Displays, among many other products.

8. Alpine Electronics France

The highly-rated contract electronics manufacturer has a demonstrated history of designing and manufacturing high-quality electronic products for the automotive industry.  The company prides itself in offering quality manufacturing and calibration services for electronic systems like navigation systems, system kits, amplifiers, etc.

The company is located in Villepinte, France, and will provide electronic solutions of diverse types for different vehicle makes. What’s more, you will dedicated customer support in case of any inquiries or issues.

Company highlights

  • Competent workforce
  • Latest equipment, technologies, machines to produce and customize electronic devices and systems
  • Focuses on automobile industry
  • Diverse electronic products

Product offered

  • Motorhome specific navigation system
  • Brand-specific solutions
  • Installation kits
  • Brand-specific sound systems
  • Specific accessories
  • Car radios and navigation
  • Freestyle
  • Amplifiers
  • Speakers
  • DAB
  • Camera
  • Ceiling screens
  • Marine products
  • Dash Cam

9.contract electronics manufacturer

With over seventy-five years in the electronic manufacturing industry, the highly-rated contract electronics manufacturer endeavors to partner and provide clients with quality RF solutions. It comes as one of the best contract electronic manufacturers within and outside of France. The company manufactures and supplies broadcast, communication, high energy, RF measurement, satellite communication, subsea and offshore, automation and industry, wind energy, space, and radar sectors.   

Company highlights

  • Multiple locations beyond the France plant
  • Over 75 years of experience
  • Supplies diverse sectors
  • Multiple products

Products offered

  • Jumper cables
  • Connectors
  • Loads and attenuators
  • In-building wireless solutions
  • Surge protectors
  • Combiners and systems for broadcast
  • Rigid line components
  • RF rotary joints
  • Communication and broadcast filters
  • Fiber optic rotary joints
  • Rotating contactless power and data transmission
  • Hybrid rotary joints
  • Measuring components
  • Rotating solutions showroom
  • Test and measurement showroom
  • Antenna monitoring system
  • Switches
  • Broadcast Showroom
  • Tools & Accessories

10. WINIA Electronics France

The highly-rated company has a demonstrated history of manufacturing quality electronic appliances for domestic use. The application includes cooking, laundry care, cold, and dishwasher areas.

It is located in Roissy-en-France, France, and will supply your electronic manufacturing needs, especially in the domestic sense.

Company highlights

  • Multiple electronic product manufacturing
  • Certified
  • Multiple manufacturing locations, besides France  

Services offered

  • Design
  • Manufacturing

Final Thoughts

Contract electronic manufacturing often has similarities to manufacturing, though subtle differences, especially in the outsourcing aspect. In France, you can get some of the best contract electronic manufacturers, especially if you understand how to select top-tier ones. If you want an excellent contract manufacturer, it will help if you considered the insights provided in the article. Additionally, consider one of the detailed French firms detailed among the top ten to get excellent electronic manufacturing services. Good luck.  




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