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Top 10 Turnkey PCB Electronics Manufacturer in Switzerland

One of the crucial components of electronic equipment or device comes in the form and profile of a printed circuit board. The importance of PCBs in electronics has led to the emergence of turnkey PCB electronics companies in Switzerland and the rest of the globe.

Switzerland has a vibrant electronics industry that is continually growing. As a result, I find the emergence of turnkey PCB electronics in the country normal and line with the global trends. However, such industry growth represents a challenge when picking the best turnkey PCB electronic manufacturer in the country. So how can you go about this process?

How to Select a Top Turnkey PCB Electronic Manufacturer


Switzerland has many diverse turnkey PCB electronics manufacturers. Therefore, as a potential PCB manufacturing client, it can always become difficult to pick a top-tier operator from this group. However, to guarantee quality turnkey printed circuit board manufacturing products and services, you must pick the best top-tier manufacturer that will not only prove suitable but align with electronic needs.

Before delving into some of the critical aspects you must consider before picking a suitable top Turnkey PCB electronics manufacturer, it becomes essential to understand what a turnkey PCB means. It implies a ready-to-use printed circuit board immediately it comes out of the manufacturer. Therefore, this also means that the turnkey PCB electronics manufacturer will have to fabricate and assemble the printed circuit board besides other electronic components. So what aspects should you consider when picking a top turnkey PCB electronics manufacturer?

For you to pick the best turnkey PCB electronic manufacturer, consider the following.

  • What are the turnkey PCB electronics manufacturer ratings? Ratings often represent the standing of the turnkey PCB electronic manufacturer in the market, especially when it comes to the quality of the product, manufacturer’s capacity, certifications, available technologies, machinery, cost, etc. Therefore, if you find a company online with a high rating, then this often translates to top-rate services as ratings get built from the quality of all other contributing aspects.
  • Reviews about the turnkey PCB electronic manufacturer
  • Any company with a demonstrated industry experience will have present and past clients. Therefore the reviews from these clients prove instrumental in gauging the ability and capacity of the turnkey PCB electronic manufacturer to provide excellent printed circuit board service and product solutions.      
  • Recommendations. The ability to have someone to turn to and ask about turnkey PCB electronics can become useful in settling for the correct and top-tier turnkey PCB manufacturer. Here, you can always rely on the insights from close allies such as trusted family members, trusted pals, and other trusted industry players. Such information sources often have previous or present engagement with the company and can therefore attest to the turnkey PCB electronic manufacturer capacity to either deliver top-rate PCBs or otherwise.
  • Personal preferences. You can decide to either pick a turnkey PCB electronics manufacturer by considering personal aspects such as the pricing, the manufacturer’s location from your location, type of turnkey PCB required, etc. A top turnkey PCB electronic manufacturer should satisfy these preferences besides other considerations. Therefore, always consider this before settling on a potential turnkey PCB manufacturer.

Additionally, it would help if you considered the attributes that make up top turnkey PCB electronic manufacturers. Below are some of the aspects you must consider.

Features of a Top Turnkey PCB Electronic Manufacturer

A top turnkey PCB electronic manufacturer needs to have specific features to allow for quality printed circuit boards. However, to decide on the presence or absence of such crucial attributes, you must determine the following.

  • The quality of boards that the company offers
  • It represents a crucial aspect for consideration as the quality of the PCB board will determine the quality of your printed circuit board and the value of your electronic equipment and device. Therefore consider aspects like the boards trace widths, etc.
  • The manufacturers’ technological capabilities. The manufacturer’s capability to produce your design needs proves a crucial aspect in deciding the correct turnkey PCB electronics manufacturer. Different manufacturers have different capabilities; therefore, pick one that can serve your turnkey PCB needs.
  • Cost. The cost aspect proves a fundamental aspect to consider when picking a top turnkey PCB manufacturer. If a manufacturer’s pricing proves too steep, then this will, in turn, drive up your turnkey PCB cost. Therefore, define your electronic product’s price and look for a quality turnkey PCB manufacturer that prices their services within the acceptable price range to allow for profit-making when you sell your electronic device.  
  • Diverse options for customizability. Diverse turnkey PCB electronic manufacturers will have different customization options. However, a top-rate turnkey PCB electronic manufacturer will possess the available customizable services you want. Such attributes can involve the color of solder masks, pretesting of boards, etc.
  • Lead and delivery period. The delivery and lead periods become an essential factor to consider when picking a turnkey PCB manufacturer, especially when you have tight schedules.      

Top 10 Turnkey PCB Electronics Manufacturer in Switzerland

Turnkey PCB Electronics Manufacturer

#1. Cicor Group

The company comes as an industry leader in providing turnkey electronic manufacturing, assembly, and design services in the sphere of printed circuit boards. Established in 1966, the company comes with a rich pedigree in delivering quality and certifiable PCB product types for diverse markets. It is located in CH, Boudry, Switzerland.

Company highlights

  • Provides manufacturing, assembly, and design PCB services
  • Over 54 years of industry experience
  • Compliant with the established regulations and standards of the industry
  • Multiple locations all over the world
  • Diverse types of PCBs
  • Over 2000 employees
  • Focuses on the manufacture, assembly, and design of printed circuit boards

Products offered

  • Printed circuit boards
  • Electronic manufacturing services
  • Hybrid circuits
  • Printed electronics

#2. RayMing PCB and Assembly

Founded over 15 years ago, the industry leader specializes in the manufacturing, assembly, and fabrication of printed circuit boards. The company’s operations involve printed circuit boards of diverse types for diverse application areas across the world. What’s more, it comes as a certified box build assembly manufacturer.

The company has its headquarters in Shenzhen, China, though it possesses a global presence.     

Company highlights

  • Manufactures and assembles PCB and other allied products
  • Small to mass volume production
  • Over 15 years of PCB box build industry experience
  • Produces diverse PCB products for various markets and industries
  • Certified and compliant with international industry regulations and standards
  • Global presence

Products offered

#3. Asetronics AG

The medium-sized company comes as a capable turnkey PCB electronic manufacturer specializing in calibration, sourcing, logistics, and component catalogs. The company provides PCB and electronic manufacturing, LED medical lights, LED systems and modules, and LED industry lights.

The company comes certified as a quality turnkey PCB and electronic manufacturer serving diverse industries for their electronic PCB manufacturing needs. It is located in Switzerland, though with other overseas locations.  

Company highlights

  • Compliant with industry standards and regulations
  • Multiple locations
  • Provides turnkey PCB, and other electronic manufacturing, calibration, logistics, sourcing, and component catalog services

Products and services offered

  • Electronic manufacturing
  • Printed circuit boards
  • LED medical lights
  • LED modules and systems
  • LED industry lights

#4. DB Electronic

The highly-rated turnkey PCB electronic manufacturing company specializes in producing quality printed circuit products for its clients. It produces turnkey PCB prototypes, small batches, and large-scale production for different industries.

With all the relevant certifications, modern equipment, expert employees, and latest technologies, the company prides itself in delivering quality turnkey PCBs with the shortest delivery timelines and client-based and customized PCBs. It is located in Switzerland.   

Company highlights

  • Multiple locations
  • Compliance with industry regulations and standards
  • Provision of multiple turnkey PCB services
  • Serves diverse industries
  • Excellent around-the-clock customer support

Services and products offered

  • Competent, innovative, and personal advice
  • Production with Gerber / ODB++ data
  • Express services
  • Production from glued or films templates
  • Design rule verification
  • Rigid-flex and flexible PCB’s
  • Impedance tested multilayers
  • Fine line circuits and micro-vias
  • Thick-Copper-Technology
  • Special materials available, such as Arlon
  • PCB’s with aluminum core
  • Special treatments
  • Manufactured to all European standards and certifications
  • Solder mask in different colors
  • Blanket and on-call orders
  • Special terms for large quantities


The highly-rated company comes as a leading manufacturer specializing in PCB manufacturing, interconnect technology organic, Interconnect technology ceramic, advanced assembly, semiconductor packaging, and battery technology. It is certified and is based in Bassersdorf, Zurich, Switzerland.

Company highlights

  • Compliant with industry regulations and standards (ISO 13485, ISO 9001, and ISO 9100)
  • Diverse electronic product solutions
  • Expertise in all electronic areas
  • A solid and skilled 1100 strong workforce
  • Serves diverse industry sectors  
  • Dedication to quality and innovation

#6. EMFab GmbH

The one-stop solution company was founded in 2014 and came as a highly rated turnkey electronics manufacturing solution provider in printed circuit boards. It specializes in delivering prompt and quality custom design assemblies and parts, whether prototypes, largescale production, or small batches production.

The company is located in Lyss, Switzerland.

Company highlights

Products offered

  • PCB prototypes
  • Printed circuit boards
  • Design assembly parts and components


Established in 1993, the turnkey printed electronics manufacturer comes as a leader in the printed circuit board lifecycle services. However, the company also provides other EMS product solutions such as customer-specific battery assemblies, etc.

The company comes certified, complete with a skilled workforce, modern equipment, and cutting-edge technologies to ensure quality turnkey PCB products and other electronic product solutions. It is located in Lyss, Switzerland.

Company highlights

  • Provides turnkey printed circuit board manufacturing service
  • Over 27 years of industry experience
  • Provides diverse electronic product solutions for different industries
  • Compliant with industry regulations and standards

Products offered

#8. Green-Boards GmbH

Founded in 2013, the highly-rated turnkey PCB electronic manufacturer specializes in the manufacture of printed circuit boards. It distinguishes itself from competitors by embracing a customer-centric approach in offering quality PCB services and products.

It is located in Kanton, Zurich, Switzerland.

Company highlights

  • Customer-centric operations
  • Over seven years of industry experience
  • Compliant with the standards and regulations of the PCB full-cycle service industry
  • Offers diverse printed circuit boards for different industries

Products offered

  • Rigid-printed circuit boards
  • Flexible – printed circuit boards
  • Assemble prints
  • Additional products (SMD stencils and Copper plates)

#9. GS Swiss PCB AG

The Turnkey PCB manufacturer comes as a highly rated manufacturing option for electronic PCB clients. It specializes in producing highly miniaturized and reliable rigid, rigid-flex, and flexible printed circuit boards for diverse industries. Founded in 1981, the company also comes as a certified operator and is located at Schwyz, Switzerland.

Company highlights

  • Mainly deals with manufacturing of miniaturized PCBs
  • Offers diverse types of turnkey printed circuit boards
  • Over 39 years of industry experience
  • Supplies telecom, medical, and industrial electronics industries
  • Compliant with industry standards and regulations (ISO 9001, UL E79891)

Products offered

  • Flexible printed circuit boards
  • Rigid circuit boards
  • Rigid-flexible printed circuit boards

#10 Micro Systems Technologies

The highly-rated company comes as an industry leader in the provision of turnkey PCB electronics manufacturing. It has a demonstrated history and experience of delivering quality PCB fabrication, manufacturing, assembly, and PCBA testing service. It is located in Switzerland.

Company highlights

  • Over 1100 skilled employees worldwide
  • Compliant with industry regulations and standards when it comes to operations (ISO 13485, ISO 9001, and ISO 9100)
  • 100% traceability of processes
  • Quality turkey PCBs
  • Systemic and comprehensive methodologies

Products offered

  • Highly complex micro-via/HDI printed circuit boards in rigid-flex, rigid, and flexible technologies.
  • Chip and LCP-substrates solutions
  • LTCC-based ceramic substrates
  • Semiconductor packaging processes
  • Advanced assembly (chip and wire, SMT)
  • High-performance battery packs and batteries for active implants

Final Words

Top-rate turnkey printed circuit board products can prove vital to your electronic business operations or personal electronic needs. Therefore, if you are a company in Switzerland and need turnkey PCB solutions, it becomes prudent to find a top turnkey PCB electronic manufacturer. What better method than picking one among the top turnkey electronic manufacturers in Switzerland detailed in the review article above.