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10 Best Electronics Manufacturing Companies In The World

There are numerous manufacturing firms for electronics all throughout the world. Some businesses are starting off, while others have grown in experience. In our everyday lives, electronics serve important functions. Electronic devices may be found everywhere, from your Cellphones to our computers and televisions. Many electronic products have being produced as the market for electronic gadgets continues to expand.

Electronics come in many different brands. But it’s crucial to learn more about reputable electronics manufacturers, their wares, and those services they offer. The three countries that produce the most electronics worldwide are China, Japan, and the United States. The top international manufacturers of electronics would be covered in the article.

Best Electronics Manufacturing Companies

Samsung Electronics

This Company is known as a major manufacturer of electronics with headquarters situated in South Korea. Samsung made its electronic industry debut in 1960. This white and black television was the company’s first electronic product. Samsung has a wealth of expertise in the production of electronics. The electronics manufacturing business has over 60 years of experience and has consistently produced high-quality devices.

One dependable product is the company’s electronic line. This organization offers the best in everything from laptops to televisions and mobile phones. In the 1980s, Samsung made its first foray into the world of communications gear. Additionally, it started funding R&D in nations like Portugal, England, and Tokyo.

Samsung contribute significantly to South Korea’s economic growth. Even its enormous contribution to the growth of the politics and media in South Korea cannot be denied. Around one-fifth of South Korea’s exports are produced by the electronic manufacturing enterprise.

These days, semiconductors and mobile phones are the key revenue generators for this company. Despite the present fall in smartphone income, Samsung continues to be the leading smartphone producer globally.

Intel Corporation


Gordon Moore and Robert Noyce are the co-founders of the Intel Corporation. Intel Corporation maintained a very high standard for manufacturing electronics as the world’s largest semiconductor chips when it comes to sales. Most personal computers used today have access to different instruction sets.

Additionally, Intel is a notable supplier of microprocessors. For prestigious firms like HP, Lenovo, Acer, and Dell they provide microprocessors.

Additionally, this business manufactures a variety of electronic goods connected to communications and computing. Graphics chips, embedded CPUs, motherboard chipsets, flash memory, and network interface controllers are just a few of the products that Intel makes.

Intel made significant investments in the manufacture of microprocessors during the 1990s. The computer sector saw tremendous expansion as a result of this. This Intel Corporation made an attempt to enter the smartphone market in 2011. The business began work on a project in order to create Cellphones with Intel Atom processors. Their smartphone processor was too much of power for the smartphone use, therefore this didn’t turn out properly.

Google and Intel worked together in 2012. Google released Android 2.3 update. This partnership was brief because Intel departed the smartphone sector in 2014. This company, however, has been concentrating on low-power semiconductors. Laptops and tablets with extended battery lives are made possible by the low-power chips.


Before launching into the production of smartphones, Huawei, a corporation from China, first made phone switches. This multinational manufacturer of electronics creates Cellphones as well as other consumer electronics. Huawei also provides consultancy services as well as telecommunications networks.

In 2012, the electronics manufacturing company surpassed Ericsson to become the biggest producer of telecom equipment globally. Huawei now produces a variety of tablets, wearables, and modems. However, the reason this corporation is one of the top ten electronics manufacturers are due to its involvement in the creation of smartphones.

Additionally, Huawei is among the biggest producers of smartphones. After Samsung, it is considered to be the second-largest smartphone manufacturer. The C300, Huawei’s first smartphone, was released in 2004. This business introduced the high-end P series in 2015.

This company entered the laptop industry with the launching of this Huawei MateBook brand. Additionally, this business makes tablets. For the following few years, they dominated the tablet market of China before Apple overtook them in 2021 as a whole.


A well-known manufacturer of electronics in Japan is Sony. This Corporation is indeed a electronic business entity with other subsidiaries. Sony has dabbled in a variety of industries over these years, including videography, music, and computing. In addition, this company is known as a significant producer of cables, mobile phones, semiconductors, and televisions. This business emphasized gadgets and entertainment more in 2022. The largest profit was therefore anticipated for 2022.

Owing to the reorganization effort inside the electronics industry, this was, nonetheless, to be expected. With its improvements in the image sensors, the corporation also placed more of an emphasis on smartphone market. Furthermore, Sony is right now concentrating on the new 4K TV. As a leading supplier of electronics worldwide, Sony takes pride in its ability to deliver top-notch goods.

With its PlayStation sales, Sony is anticipated to reach 100 million products a year in 2022.

This America’s Sony Corporation made significant contributions to Japanese exports. This business is well renowned for developing high-quality standards and tools. They have the ability to introduce the recording formats such as floppy disks and compact discs.


Apple must be included in our list or it will be lacking. The largest corporation globally, Apple ranks as the fourth-largest PCB seller when it comes to sales. It was recognized as the 2nd-largest manufacturer of smartphones as well. Software development, consumer electronics manufacturing, and the provision of internet services are included among the areas of expertise for Apple Inc.

Ronald Wayne, Steve Wozniak, and Steve Jobs started Apple in 1976. The company’s initial item was a computer called Apple I. This computer was created by Wozniak himself. Apple published Wozniak’s Apple II in 1977.

Apple’s brand loyalty was built by a consistent stream of high-quality products, which has served as its major selling point throughout the years. The most-valuable brand in the world has continuously been regarded as this corporation. The electronics sector has been completely dominated by its flagship devices, including the Mac, IPad, and IPhone.

Every year, the firm releases an improved version of the flagship products. The demand for these products is very high worldwide. These Apple MacBook computers are well-known for their excellent user-friendliness, low weight, extended battery life, as well as crystal clear displays. They have grown in popularity all over the world.

LG Electronics

Among the best electronics manufacturing companies is LG Electronics. The name of this South Korean business is GoldStar. Due to a Korean War, this company intended to offer South Koreans equipment made in their own country. As of 1976, LG was producing roughly a million televisions annually.

The initial digital mobile phones were created by LG Electronics firm in 1944. The initial plasma TV of 60-inch globally was created by this company. 2002 saw the division of LG Electronics to become a unique holding Company. Additionally, the new firm kept making a lot of consumer electronics whereas the previous LG Electronics manufacturer changed its brand, using LG EI.

In 2013, LG rose to the position of 2nd-largest LCD TV producer worldwide. This brand is well-known for its televisions and home audio equipment. But this manufacturer also creates other electrical products, such as computer displays, washing machines, wearable tech, and refrigerators.

Due to weak sales, the business shut down the manufacturing division of the smartphone in 2021. Due to fierce industry competition, their sales experience remained subpar. Despite this, LG has still been counted among the top 10 manufacturers of electronics. This could be credited to its TV products of high quality.


Foxconn, sometimes referred to the Hon Hai Group, is indeed a reputable manufacturer of electronics. They produce motherboards and smartphones, among other things. Terry Gou founded Foxconn as the producer of electrical components in 1974.

This business experienced its first significant success in 2001 after they were selected to produce Intel motherboards. In 2010, Foxconn rose to the third-biggest revenue-producing technology firm as well as the largest global provider of electronics manufacturing. By 2012, this business had a sizable output of different consumer electronics.

Additionally, Foxconn produces desktops, metal casings, thermal modules, notebook computers, including structural components. The corporation has dabbled in the creation of robotics, different electric vehicles, AI (artificial intelligence), as well as digital health throughout the years.

Among the biggest electronics manufacturing companies is Foxconn. The brand is well-known among buyers of electronic devices because of the high caliber of its products.


William Redington Hewlett and David Packard formed HP, one of the best electronics manufacturing companies. Hewlett Packard or HP initially only produced a small amount of equipment for electronic testing for different customers. During 2007 through 2013, this company rose to the position of top PC producer globally.

After some time, Lenovo replaced HP, though. Computing hardware, software, printers, and software services are HP’s main areas of interest. Additionally, the company has kept on producing premium electrical goods.

This audio oscillator is HP’s first commercially successful item. Bud Hawkins, the head sound designer at Walt Disney Studios, bought eight of all the 200B audio oscillator that were utilized in the Fantasia film. This was HP’s first significant deal.

The HP Corporation changed its name to HP Inc. upon separating its goods and services. The companies that sell printers and personal computers still go by this moniker. By 1951, the sales of HP were at $5.5 million. With around 85,000 workers, sales had risen to about $6.5 billion in 1985.

Along with their selection of printers, digital cameras, personal computers, calculators, digital cameras, and scanners, HP has grown in popularity for its commercial services.


Panasonic has dabbled in a number of goods and services through the years. The electronics company initially produced various electrical fittings as well as bulb attachments. With time, Panasonic grew its company and entered the market for electronic goods including cameras, batteries, air conditioners, projectors, etc.

Additionally, Panasonic began producing televisions while spending a significant sum on R&D. They have been able to create ground-breaking advancements thanks to this. Because it is included among the top manufacturers of different consumer electronics, Panasonic takes pride in producing top-notch goods.

They work together with the Tesla Motors for ordering batteries in the United States. Additionally, they bought ITC Global, who is a provider of satellite communications, in collaboration with the Photon Interactive. Panasonic is a Formula One team sponsor in the racing series organized by Toyota. The environmental records set by this electronics manufacturer are numerous. It currently holds a high spot among businesses when it involves producing greener electronics. The business incorporates some policies into its manufacturing process. Due to this,  it held the position among electronics producers. Also well recognized for their lengthy product lives is Panasonic.


The manufacture and distribution of computers is the primary focus of Dell as electronic manufacturing business. But this business also offers sales of items like servers, cameras, devices for data storage, TVs, and printers. Michael Dell established this company back in 1984.

In its early years, Dell primarily concentrated on selling computers that were compatible with IBM PCs. But this business began creating its very own computers. In 1985, Turbo PC became made available. Via computer magazines, the PC was sold. These laptops were less expensive than the retail brands. After earning more than $73 million during its initial trading year in sales, Dell announced its greatest accomplishment to date.

Dell employs more than 100,000 people worldwide, including them among the biggest employers globally. Prior to purchasing Perot Systems, Dell was initially a hardware business. After purchasing Perot Systems, the Company started offering IT services.


In the current global economy, there is a significant demand for different electronic devices. All over the world, the best electronics manufacturing companies keeps expanding. People who wish to invest some money in this firm now have more opportunities because to this growth. Additionally, the development of the best electronics manufacturing companies has aided in technological improvement.

The manufacture of electronics is among the industries that employs the most people worldwide. Globally, it employs so many people. In this post, we’ve covered the best electronics manufacturing companies.




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